It has been a while since I have written an article for this blog.  I have started several, in fact nearly finished them, but set them aside in my files or tossed the ones I ended up not liking.  I decided instead to just to write about some things that are heavy on my mind, without an outline—writing as it comes to me, and not worrying too much about how it comes across, or even how it may be received.  I am hoping that my heart is heard more than physical fingers typing onto a keyboard.   If anything comes across as a kick in the shins, I apologize—sort of!  I do thank you for reading, and I trust that you balance everything out with what the Word of GOD teaches us.

I hope to write a series of shorter articles—at least for the most part, rather than my typical longer ones.  I would like to cover a number of things that are coming at us in our world today, some of them being issues our world is having to face, but unfortunately many in the church choose to avoid because they are too uncomfortable to think about, regardless of the preponderance of evidence piling up with many of them.

As I look at current events today and how quickly things in our world are digressing into chaos, I know that whatever is to be said, needs to be said quickly.  I feel I need to step my own efforts up beyond what I am used to.  This age is quickly coming to a close and we all as people, need to take a good look at where we stand with GOD, to make sure all really is well.  We also need to see to it that our minds are well set to stay true to Him and His Word—no matter the cost.  The need for a deepening in our communion with the LORD is a crucial issue today.  The days just ahead are going to be tumultuous in a way most of us cannot even imagine.  We will need more than just a convenient relationship with GOD if we intend, not only to survive some of these things, but even to thrive.

As I have mentioned in past writings, there is a great contrast given between two representative churches in the third chapter of Revelation.  There are actually three churches described in this chapter, but I want to briefly make some short comments about the last two.  Because I have written about them before, and probably will again, I will cut it short.

I have had an ominous weight on me for some time now, but it has never been stronger than it is today.  Over the many decades I have tried to live out my calling with GOD, I have had Him put things into my heart quite often, but it is beginning to come in much more volume and more often than before.  I have written much about the need for preparation to meet our GOD; in fact, for some it may even have become an irritant by now.  Yet, GOD is speaking through so many others around the globe, and what He is saying is along the same line.  It is not from the devil we are hearing these things, nor does they come out of our own mentality.  I will admit though that there are a great deal of “messages” from heaven as well as visions and dreams that do not fit with what the Word of GOD teaches.  We should however not throw out the baby with the bath water.

We do need to prepare to meet Him.  Many are not nearly as ready as they may think.  In the New Testament we are told to “redeem the time, because the days are evil.”  Are they more evil in our day than all the “evil” demonstrated throughout the centuries that have gone by?  It may not seem so, but they most emphatically are, and I will show you why in this series of articles.  I will however also provide ample ways for us all to deal with the times we are living in—ways that are provided right out of GOD’s Word.   Isaiah 60: 1-2 is a Scripture that presents an accurate picture of today’s world.  The passage reads like this:

“Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.  See, the darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and His glory appears over you.”

If there has ever been a time for GOD’s light to shine through us, it is today.  The world around us is increasingly becoming covered with darkness.  There is a blackness coming, and at hyper speed– like nothing this world has ever yet seen.  But, in the midst of the darkness, GOD raises up a standard and will touch multitudes of people.  They will find Him to be an anchor like none other.

Isaac Newton’s first law of motion reads like this:  “An object at rest will stay at rest until acted upon by an external force.”  This is obviously a scientific principle that is not all that hard to decipher.  Newton however was also a believer in Jesus Christ and I can’t help believe that there was also a spiritual principle being hinted at in this scientific law he formulated.  Whether or not Newton wrote this with two things in mind or not may be debatable to many, but here is what I see as the spiritual side of his scientific principle.

Throughout history GOD’s people have had a reoccurring cycle we need to see if we don’t already.  It is a cycle of being blessed by GOD when they walked in fellowship and obedience to their Creator, to the other extreme described in Deuteronomy 29 and 30 of the Old Testament. They found that GOD kept His promise in response to their rebellion with discipline in increasing measure as they slipped from their commitment that brought the blessings of GOD about.  As GOD’s discipline got more and more severe, more and more of the people realized the source of their problem.  It was not “karma”, nor was it the cycles of life that most everyone in the human race experiences.  Eventually, the “cup of wickedness” fills up before GOD’s face, and He has to pronounce judgment, because He is the Almighty, and has a standard which is a “holy” standard.  Man is only allowed to go so far and then GOD in His great mercy allows things to come about that rock our boat; maybe even to the point of upending our “boat”, so that we begin to cry out to Him.  Since He is the ONLY answer to man’s problems, we need to live a life of submission to Him, and Him alone.  Today, the world is in dire straits.  America is in dire straits, as is much of the professing Church.  GOD in His great mercy will do what it takes to shake us out of our slumber—or the deceptions we have fallen for, in order to draw as many as possible back under His covering before all hell breaks loose on this earth—which we are right today on the precipice of.  Wise is the man that gladly bends to the disciplines of his Creator GOD, and foolish is the one that chooses to challenge Him.  He is GOD.  He will fulfill His Word as He is not like a man that will lie.  History has been laid out for us in advance and we are wise to recognize where we are at within unfolding history.  In fact, Jesus harshly upbraided those who do not recognize the signs that have been provided for us by the GOD that lives outside of time and sees the past, present, and future all at the same time.  He is the ONLY One that is capable of this—and the proof is overwhelming.

It is important for us, as those who claim to be “God-followers”, to be people who in all reality, really do walk with GOD, enjoying the communion that Jesus’ Blood paid for, along with the spiritual blessings that come in tandem.  The Philadelphia Church that I mentioned above was one of only two that GOD had no criticism for in the list of seven examples given in Revelation 2 and 3.  Jesus said that this church did not have much strength, but what they had they stuck to, and they were true to their calling as well as to their GOD.  I believe that the Church of Philadelphia is still represented here on this earth today, but as said in earlier writings, this church is a minority to the dominant religious representation on earth today.  Jesus had a strong recommendation for this church.  He said, “Do not let anyone steal your crown!”  I’ll let you think on that statement because I will address it again in this series, likely very soon due to the time constraints I believe we now live under.

The Laodicean Church is today already the dominant church representation on earth, but will become much more so in quick order.  It is up to us which of the two we will be part of.  Both can even be represented within the same church.  Today it seems that too many Christians have lost sight of the fact that this world is not really our home.  We are only passing through.  For way too many, the Christian life has become so comfortable that we resist any thought of GOD interrupting our careers, our plans and agendas, the enjoyment of our earthly riches, entertainment, and all the material goods we have accumulated.  The thought of Him pulling us out of here and into His presence is almost a foreign thought.  Unbelievable as it is, many don’t expect this age to come to an end during their life; in fact, many pray that the LORD waits a few more decades until they are too old to enjoy the finer things of this earthly life.

Many others have been duped into thinking that what Jesus intended us to be comfortable with in our Christian lives is just “living”, and enjoying the ride.  There happens to be a lot of truth to this because our connection with GOD was intended to be so powerful that it literally comes out of our spiritual pores when we interact with the world around us.  The problem is (and this is not an attack; I’m speaking a bit generically), too many of us do not have the power of GOD being evidenced in our lives, as we might think.  This takes a pursuit of Him that most of us really aren’t willing to take the time or effort until we receive GOD’s promised answer.  We have become comfortable.  We are too busy!  We are way to unconcerned about the things that GOD is REALLY concerned about, which means we really don’t hear the heartbeat of GOD.  Where are the exploits that GOD promised those empowered by Him?  Hmmm…that is worth some thought…lots of it, as well as some humble prayer with an unlimited time limit put on it.

Today we have TVs—monstrous sized models as well as sound systems that are nearly theatre quality; computers and so much technology that it steals nearly all of our time.  It is designed to do so!  We have nice houses, vehicles—incredible SUV’s that take us wherever we want to go, entertainment in the western world like nowhere else, and even the “god” of sports.  We have allowed our priorities to be corroded to the point of very little effectiveness.   I could go on but won’t here.

Where is our fire to reach the lost around us who don’t have a clue that they are facing an eternity without GOD?  Has it really connected with us that they are headed to a place that is ruled by malevolent evil, an evil like nothing humanity has ever experienced?  I know not everyone is called to be an evangelist—yet in a very real way, we all are.  How many of us are burying our “talent” or our calling that GOD entrusted to us, while thinking we are okay?  I am not questioning anyone’s salvation experience, nor am I saying that we should work to earn it.  No one can earn it.  I am however questioning what we are doing with the call of GOD for continuing our Christian life into a life of righteous living, holiness, and the army of GOD that truly trusts GOD and obeys His every command—no matter the cost.  Believe me, at first it will not be convenient, and GOD will cross us in many of our agendas and the things we accept as scriptural teachings.  He is the Author and has the right to bring us up to speed so we can serve on His front lines.  This is why He chose for us to live in this generation!  Some have a greater call, some a lesser one—if you can label it so, but we have ALL been called and GOD’s expectation of us is that we see to it that we use the influence GOD gives us.

Others have gotten so stuck in a life driven by complaints about the church that it has us incapacitated– many times for years.  When has the true Christian life ever been all about us?  Could it be that we have become so “deep” or maybe even so critical that it has handcuffed us to the point to where we are not able to be a positive Godly influence to the very ones that we are critical of?  Are we not able to set aside our own grievances in order to help those that have “wronged” us—or those that have become so oblivious to how the Spirit of GOD defines the life’s call that leads us through the narrow gate to GOD’s eternal glory and blessing?

Who really rules how we live?  If we can’t set aside our own grievances and control our recognition of the great lacks in the Body of Christ in order to be of use to their restoration by our KING, we must be the ones on the throne, not the GOD we talk about so much, even when think it is so mature!  The time will arrive soon enough when we won’t have the freedom to gather “in mass”, and may have to go underground, but we are not there yet.  Actually, it will turn out to be to our spiritual advantage—and we will thrive, multiplying as never before, because we had to set “self” aside.

Today we can meet in corporate gatherings and have the choice of being a blessing—no matter how our feelings have been hurt, how we’ve been handled contrary to specific instructions from GOD’s Word, and also whether it is recognized or not!  Along with our enjoying the Presence of our Sovereign GOD and worshipping Him en-mass, we can also get together in the intimate gatherings GOD leads us to with our intimate family of believers.  Who says it has to be part of the machinery of a church?  We are part of the Body of Christ!!  Many times this is where we really get to the “meat and potatoes” from GOD’s Word.  I believe it is a great mistake to discard those that—whether we are right about or not—have not found the “depth” that we feel we have in Christ.  It is easy to become separated, and if we are not careful we go around in never-ending circles in our knowledge of the corporate lacks.  I am not denying the lacks in churches!  Most have become so seeker-friendly that very little real spiritual meat is gotten into.  WE NEED THAT!  I am also not advocating sacrificing our drive to “know” Him.  Never!  The lacks in the desire for true depth in our walk with GOD in most churches is more real than ever, and the majority of so-called believers hardly even realize it.  We depend on the church factory providing everything that we need—EVERYTHING!  Where is our own desire to seek out the LORD for ourselves??  The church has become too much like big government, which more and more provides from birth to the grave.  We’ve lost our incentive to PURSUE God for ourselves!

I will end this writing here, but will get into many things, and in short order—and with shorter articles, for the most part.  I hope and pray that you have read this far, and accept the challenge to continue to do so.  I also pray that I have not offended too many, although we are past the time to where we should worry about that.  Check out what is written with the Word of GOD.  Don’t forget to pray for H.O.B. and support the best you can.  The results are tremendous and out of this world.  I have another update to upload and had a potent time of prayer with R.

KEEP LOOKING UP!  Much concerning the coming events of 2013 starting with the next article…


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