By Jake Geier

I got a call this morning from our friend in Israel who founded “House of Blessing” in Jerusalem. I was very grateful to hear from him as it had been over two weeks since I heard from him this time, and I of course had my concerns because I knew of the death-defying situations he finds himself in so often. As I spoke with him, I thought of the verse of Scripture found in Zechariah 3:14 that says, “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision!”

Since April, it has been an interesting path laid out by our Master that H.O.B. and I both serve. It has been to people that are facing disastrous times like you or I have never experienced. H.O.B. is based out of East Jerusalem, but in the last weeks has been taken into three separate countries bordering Israel. The people that he has been sharing the message of Grace provided by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Messiah, has caused these people to experience this very verse like never before.

H.O.B. shared with me that he has found that the fear factor in the lives of the people he is sharing God’s Word of Great Grace and Great Hope, has put the people into this valley of decision especially with the message he has had to share with them. Here they are; they have been taught from birth that Islam is the only way—in fact, if one were to consider another way, they are worthy of instant brutal death. This is what the “prophet” Mohammed taught. It is specifically taught in quite a number of passages of the Koran. In fact, Mohammed taught that all infidels (anyone that does not agree with what he taught in the Koran) is worthy of death.

These people have no hope whatsoever of any blessing or peace in their lives. NONE. For someone to come along, laying their own life on the line to proclaim the Gospel of the true living God, which not only provides complete and total forgiveness, but also giving promise of a glorious existence as an immortal child of God for eternity, with blessings beyond our ability to even imagine, they find this so contrary to the hopeless teachings of Islam, they are confronted with a reality impossible to ignore!

H.O.B. tells me that the Muslim people he has spoken with know that the whole world knows the true nature of Islam at its core. If they don’t kill other peoples who they consider infidels, they murder each other, and by the millions. Really something to look forward to, isn’t it? They have become ashamed of their own religion and, as has been proven out, are so overjoyed to find a loving, forgiving God, that 8 out of 10 hearing God’s Word make a commitment to serve the real Messiah. When finding this tremendous truth, they will not let go of it—to the point of death! I have said this before in telling this amazing unfolding story, but I have a reason to bring it up once again. For every new believer that is martyred for his or her faith in the truths of the Bible, which is the only true Word of God, many immediately jump up and beg to take their place! Can you imagine that kind of commitment??

H.O.B. has been in Syria for the bulk of the last three weeks and because of this has not been able to call me with his normal weekly update. He has been located in two different locations where quite a number of the newly well trained disciples have been sent to share the love of Jesus. This time, only 17 of the volunteer missionaries were martyred. I say only 17 because of the rash of many more killings in the two or three weeks before this.

One thing he asked of me is that we PLEASE do not forget to pray for him and those that he has trained. They are in extreme circumstances and face death every minute of the day. We still enjoy the comfort of our freedom to practice our religious faith, and cannot imagine the extreme nature of the blood-lust that controls the Muslim extremists who are always present to fulfill Mohammed’s command to butcher the infidels, especially those that turn their back on Islam. This hatred is from the pit of hell itself. Yet, even those that have participated in these murders are being reached, and by the hundreds!

With the teaching help that has come in the past weeks due to those that have completed their intensive Bible training in Jordan, there are now two major locations where H.O.B. has been enabled by the Spirit of God to reach thousands in some of the worst locations in Syria. There are also the continuing two locations in Jordan, which are doing extremely well, with the former mosque detailed in former posts about to become a church, teaching the Word of God instead of the Koran, and people being added daily to the ranks of the believers! The third location is in Iraq and is only two or three weeks old. Eighteen other nations are open for the very same thing to happen as in these first three nations, through contacts that the new believers have. Think how amazing this is!!

Up above I mentioned that 8 out of 10 of the people that hear the Gospel of the Cross of Jesus pray the sinner’s prayer and turn their lives over totally to His control. What shocked me this morning is the results that have been confirmed in the last few weeks. 20,000 former Muslims have given their heart and lives into the total control of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You have been a part of this! Think about this for a moment. 20,000 souls that you and I are going to meet someday soon when we are all called into the Presence of our God! They will walk up to you and I, introducing themselves as one of those that you helped provide the Bibles to—who had no hope until they heard the greatest story ever told—the story of the love of God which took away their sins and paid the highest price possible in order to make this available to anyone on earth who will submit to Him.

I mentioned the real need for continued solemn prayer for R***** and his recently well trained volunteer missionaries. Many are being killed, but so many more could have been. R***** himself came under fire by quite a volley of machine gun fire during this last trip! As the testimony goes, there was no way he could have been missed by the strafing. They wanted him DEAD! God wanted him ALIVE yet! God supernaturally kept any of the bullets from hitting him. He said they got very, very close, but the paths of at least some of the bullets must have been bent so that they did not hit him. THANK GOD! His work is not done. He has been in great danger the last weeks but has made very little of it. The needs have also been very great but only the need for many more Bibles has been mentioned. H.O.B. has said that none of the new believers ever ask for food or anything else for that matter—except more Bibles. The Bible is their machine gun, and they have been using it quite effectively.

This brings me to a request for you the reader. I have been telling you this story because it is really not the story of my wife and I going to Israel and making a connection with a ministry that God asked us to come along side of. It is not our story. It is GOD’s story from the beginning to however far this goes! We, including H.O.B., my wife and I, and all of you are being granted a wonderful opportunity to participate in one of the greatest outpourings of God’s love on a hopeless people happening today. There are stories like this happening all over the world now, but this is the one God connected us with. I feel honored to tears that I have been granted an opportunity to have even a small part of. After all, I am not the one putting my life on the line. There are people ready and willing to do so, all they need is Bibles, and the more the better. The border of Syria is so porous that there is no problem getting the Bibles in. Syria is a real mess and it is only getting worse—much worse.

I want to share a thought with you in closing this post. Most of you know that I have not been shy in saying that we are the generation that is going to see the fulfillment of the end of the times of the Gentiles. The true church is about to get pulled from the earth. It is imminent. All of the warnings signs that Jesus gave are now happening–all at the same time. I have much more to say along that line but will not do it with this post which is becoming a bit long. I do want to share a prophecy with you which when I read it, immediately registered in my own spirit. I knew it to be true. Allow me to make a couple preliminary statements before I type it out for you.

Through the years God has told me some things ahead of time that were going to happen. These things often take a number of years to unfold, but now I am seeing some of the things that God showed me back in the early and mid-90’s come to pass, and it is happening in spades. Here is something that was given to me a couple years ago or so though. I felt the Spirit of God say that Billy Graham, having the history with America and particularly with America’s leaders was purposely being kept alive for a reason. One purpose had to be that there were still those with a need for his wise and sage advice, but it was more than that. His ministry really defined the grace and blessing that God had poured on this nation since its inception. His ministry touched the lives of at least a billion people around the world if not a whole lot more, but he really was America’s evangelist. He was not the only American Evangelist, but he was given a unique place in the history of this nation. He was called the Pastor of the Presidents, and for very good reason. He was pretty much rejected by Truman, the first president he came into contact with, but was well received by every other one—until now. Our current president does not appear to have the same respect for Billy Graham as the others did. Please don’t take that as a political statement because it is not.

A couple years ago or so, the Lord showed me that He was going to leave him on this earth until just before He pulled the true church out of the world. His death would be a signal that the beginning of the “Day of the Lord” was now about to be unleashed. Well, this was a pretty outrageous statement for a nobody like me to make, and so I didn’t say it too often. But, in time I ran into one or two more that had expressed hearing the same thing from the LORD. This was also included in what was shared by Maurice Sklar, a born-again world class violinist. I recently became interested in tracking him due to an hour long interview I heard him give. In this interview he confirmed many things that had been impressed on my own spirit over the past years. So, I signed up for his e-mail notices. One of the e-mails I received was a heavy prophecy. Please allow me to print out for you what was sent out from his desk.

Thus saith the LORD: “The grace of peace is about to be removed from the nations. The grace of financial security and st Tability is about to be removed from the wealthy nations that have hoarded their money and resources from the poor of My people. I will remove the shields of protection and allow the enemies of the West to bring destruction through acts of terror. War is coming in Israel, the Middle east and to the West.

Once the Red Horse of War is loosed, it will not cease on the earth for seven years until I return to set up My Kingdom upon the earth.

The time of Tribulation is almost upon you, O earth, earth, earth – hear the Word of the LORD! Look to when I take my servant Billy Graham home. When I do, it shall be a prophetic sign that the Age of grace will end soon after.

Wake up and be ready for My appearing in this Midnight Hour, O backslidden church – I am coming for My Bride who has made herself ready. Repent and prepare to meet thy God, or to be left behind to endure My wrath upon the wicked of the earth who have hardened their hearts against Me. O EARTH, EARTH, EARTH, HEAR YE THE WORLD OF THE LORD.” August 16, 2012

There is a reason why I am ending my post the way I am today. Personally, the LORD has encouraged me to END WELL! This is what He is telling many around the world. We are to be repentant, holy living, examples of the love and lifestyle of a true believer in the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Are you fulfilling that? Only you and God really know. Many Christians in our nation have gotten stuck in first gear and have never progressed. In fact, way too many have slipped from where they were at one time and are just going through the motions—and are bored by them.

None of us know the day or hour of Jesus’ return for His true church. We do however know the season, and we are in it. He told us we would know this. Unfortunately, too many would rather keep their heads in the sand. The Lord is faithful enough to us to give us warning that our time is running out. R***** of H.O.B. has been feeling this very strong. Massive war is imminent and there are so many needing to hear the good news. He is doing everything he can to accomplish whatever the LORD has laid out for him. I have the desire to back him in any way possible. Besides, it is important for us to realize that we have been handpicked by the LORD to be alive on this earth at this time. He has blessed us all in many ways and it’s important for us to make the most of what He has blessed us with. Letting the LORD lead us into things of eternal value is very important–especially now. I want the eternal record books to show that I did my very best with whatever is left of my lifespan, if the LORD doesn’t come before that happens to end. How about you?

There is not a one of us that has a guarantee of tomorrow! Whatever you want to do with your last days in honor to the One that gave His life for you, do it now! Don’t put something of such eternal significance off until another day that may not come. The Bible tells the story of people that made excuses for not responding to the call of the KING, and it brought the KING’s anger. Serving Him is a privilege, not an obligation. It’s an honor to be able to have part in what He is doing on this earth, don’t you think? We are not living in a time that we should be giving God our left-overs! Give Him of your BEST! Take a chance by doing something extraordinary! My wife and I don’t blab around what we do with what God has given us stewardship of, but we have learned to put Him first. You know what? He ALWAYS takes care of us! We get our attacks by the fallen one just like others, and it’s pretty frustrating for sure, but God always comes through! TAKE A CHANCE ON GOD!

I refuse to beg for money for this ministry, or any other one for that matter. It does not honor the LORD to beg for this. Neither do I or H.O.B. have gifts to send for whatever God asks of people. All of the money goes straight into Bibles. Overhead hardly exists! So, I desire for you to hear from the LORD what you should do, not from me. If the LORD doesn’t ask for anything, that’s between you and Him, and it’s okay. I know many people support other ministries as we do, but if He lays something on your heart, whether it is the widow’s mite or something more extravagant than you have ever done before, for the sake of the Kingdom of God, DO IT! It is not for the glory of the ministry of H.O.B. and certainly not me because I represent him here in America. It is for the glory of God only. He may just ask you to add H.O.B. as an extra project in your life by faith, or maybe He won’t. Here’s something to keep in mind though. We in America are the wealthiest people on earth, even the poorest of us are. To those that much has been given, much is required. This is what God has said. I know God pulled on our own heart strings again at my house, and so we will obey immediately. I pray that there will be a great many others as well. I don’t ask something of others that I don’t do myself. This need is HUGE! The opportunity though is much greater. We are believing God for 100,000 believers, and I believe it will happen. It is well on the way.

Israel may not recognize what H.O.B. is doing as a blessing, but it really is. This is 100,000 of the descendants of Ishmael and Esau that will treat the son of Jacob as brothers and sisters. THAT is a miracle today!!

My next post is well on the way and it has to do with the balance of faith and works. It will not be boring. There are some points well worth looking at that we may have overlooked.
For those wanting to contribute to the ministry of the House of Blessing, this is the full ministry name and mailing address. It is tax deductible.

H.O.B. CITY OF JESUS MINISTRY 3206 SW 45th Street Redmond, OR 97756

Thanks in advance, and KEEP LOOKING UP!


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  1. Hi Jake,

    I sent a donation over a month ago and I just got it back as “not deliverable.” I see there is a new address, it will go back in tomorrow’s mail. Just a suggestion, you might want to put the address at the top where it’s easy to find, I just now saw the new address. I’ve been out of town and not able to log on often. I am in total awe of these wonderful Believers, it humbles me.

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