A little farther down in this post, you will find a letter sent out not long ago by one of the pastors that works with R*****, the founder of House Of Blessing, Jerusalem, Israel.  I did want to include fresh information from my last phone call, this last Friday morning.

R***** shared some of the miracles that God is providing in the areas that they have been going into.  As anyone already knows that have read my “Jerusalem Updates” over the months, there has been an enormous amount of activity in Jordan, Iraq, and Syria, as well as Israel, of course.

Tens of thousands of very desperate Muslim people have found Jesus to be their true Messiah.  They have found forgiveness, love, and great hope for eternity–as God has promised those that accept His free gift, and then become true Jesus followers.  These people are so excited about even the smallest thing they learn from the Bibles H.O.B. has been distributing, that they cannot help but share these wonderful truths with their families, friends, and even strangers.  Most Muslim people are very hopeless, and have never heard of, or experienced love from anyone claiming to be God.  Allah is not God; therefore has no love for anyone, not even his own followers.  Allah is a hellish entity and the Muslim people don’t know it.  It takes someone putting their life on the line to tell them about the only true God.  Once they hear this message, they have no concern giving their lives for their new found faith, and their Messiah Jesus.

H.O.B. has been very, very busy, but happily so.  God has miraculously made two large ship containers of desperately needed supplies available to these people through the UN, and word is, there are more coming that will be allocated to the people that H.O.B. is ministering to.

Many miracles are happening, large and small.  Huge amounts of people are being reached every single day, and no matter how many of them are murdered for turning their backs on Islam, there is nothing that can stop the avalanche that started last year, early April.

Many more Bible are being distributed, but many more have been ordered.  The need is HUGE!  A widow lady who happened to have a modest home insisted on selling it so that the money could be used to purchase more Bibles.  This home was sold and more Bibles bought and paid for.  She wanted nothing but a tent, like so many of the refugees are living in.  She also made it clear that she has no desire whatsoever for anything anymore that this world may have to offer.  She is looking forward to only one event; going HOME to her new-found Messiah, Jesus.

As I said, this helped to purchase more Bibles.  R***** just got through selling his own home in East Jerusalem for the same reason.  He needed Bibles so badly, and money was not coming quick enough.  He felt this was what God was asking of him.  He and I prayed about both the sale of his own home, as well as the one that the widow had. Believe me, this was a very difficult thing for me to do.  Even though Anne and I have been completely obedient to what the Lord asked of us,  and we responded in a much greater way than ever in our lives, we still did not have to sell our own home!

I do believe though folks, that we have entered a time when God is pulling out all the stops in order for as many people to be reached as possible, because the doors are closing quickly.  War is imminent, so is our removal from this soon to be judged world–if our relationship with God is intact.  Everything is moving fast, and prophecy is being fulfilled every single day.  The speed of crucial parts falling into place that will complete all the things foretold in the Bible have moved up a couple notches, even within the last couple weeks.  You and I have been put into this generation of human history on purposely by Almighty God Himself.  God does everything strategically!  Pray that you might know what it is that He wants out of you.  I would not dare presume that God will ask of you, what He asks of me.  Nor, do I believe that God will ask of me the same that He asks of you.

Folks, we have been blessed beyond what most of the world can imagine.  It is time that we let Him tell us how we can be of the most use to the Kingdom of God.  Once we are in His presence, it will be too late to fulfill what He put us here for.  I am no good at raising money, but I KNOW what is happening with every dollar that gets sent to H.O.B. God has blessed me with confirmation after confirmation–things that no man could have done.

At this late hour of the end of this age, let’s not shortchange God’s purposes on this earth. Each and every Bible has born much fruit, and will continue to do so until the Lord calls us out of here.  Our money will be absolutely worthless then.  The only thing of value then will be what of our own lives we have invested in heaven, where moth and rust do not corrupt, and thieves cannot steal!

For those that can’t give, that’s okay too.  God knows your situation.  Whether any donations are sent, please always pray for H.O.B. and their entire team.  None have a salary, they live by faith as volunteers.  Whatever money gets sent, goes for nothing but Bibles–at $15 per Bible.

Thank You so very much, from both Anne and I, as well as R***** and the volunteers of House of Blessing, Jerusalem Israel.

Stateside mailing address:

H.O.B. CITY OF JESUS MINISTRY                                                                                                   3206 SW 45th Street                                                                                                                           Redmond, OR. 97756


Dear Brother Jake & Sister Anne Shalom, and thank you for your quick response.

I would like to start my letter sending you greetings of the New Year, wishing all of you a good health and a more prosperous life. and of course to say thank you for all you have done to make our way and His mission of spreading the Bibles to a people never heard about the Messiah and experience the love of Christian people.

This year has witnessed the re-election of both President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu for second terms. It has also witnessed the continuity of the Arab Spring revolutions in the Middle East, in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen. These nations started practicing the game of democracy with the Islamic parties being more organized than the moderate parties, which led the Islamic parties to overcome all other yokes, and to keep for themselves the highest number of seats in all political councils.

Meanwhile, in Syria, it is a bit different. We see the people fighting for freedom with hundreds of martyrs and injured falling every day, and with thousands of people migrating to the borders of neighboring countries living in camps that are exposed to the blowing wind and to the snow of the cold winter. There, in these camps, the old and the young shivering of hunger and disease. The cold and the flu, both are a true threat waiting to take their lives away. The body temperature of the refugees rises and amidst the shortage in medications for these diseases, many of the children and the elderly leave this life. Women work hard to take care of whoever is left from their family members. The women gather the food from whatever is given to them, they gather the warm covers, and feed their own families to protect them from the cold of the winter. From time to time, the rain and the torrents carry away the tents and the bedding, and then friends reach out and help each other move to another location, which could be threatened again by the cruelty of extreme rainfall.

Pastor R***** had received a great number of Blankets food and warm clothes and were given to the needy displaced people. Praise God he continue to move on with Gods works and gives Bible to everyone God put him in his way , he keeps moving on to spread the good news

Pastor R***** have seen many cases suffering under these conditions, and many children and women dying because of this. However, there is one situation that has astonished me, which I would like to share with you:
In one cold winter night and while the heavy rain was falling down, Pastor R***** stood beside a woman suffering of diabetes. This woman was having an extreme rise in her temperature, with her body shivering from the cold. he went ahead and covered her body with warm blankets, and he prayed for her healing and asked the women to continue praying for her healing. In the next day, he visited her again, and found her in a very bad condition as her left foot big toe has started to swell like a balloon, and she started losing conscious.

Immediately, with the help of the women, she was transferred to the clinic, where it was shown that she was having bladder and blood inflections and she needed medications and medical equipment to stabilize her medical condition. In the next morning, her medical condition improved, but her left big toe has swallowed even more than the day before. Then, the women gathered around her, prayed, and asked the Lord to heal her. Suddenly, something exploded from her left big toe with large amounts of foul-smelling yellow discharge coming out. Later afterwards, he was told by the doctor that her left foot had gangrene, and that blood could not reach the left big toe which caused the all the problem.

In the second morning, the doctor asked from the sisters to take an X-Ray of the left foot. they prayed that the infection would not reach to the bone of this woman’s foot, and thank God there was not any infection. Thus, the doctor decided to do a cleanup operation to allow the blood to pass to the big toe, which started to change in color from dark blue to black.

After three days of taking the medications through the veins, the color of the toe did not change, and thus the doctor decided to amputate the toe to prevent further damage to the foot’s tissue. Later on, the toe was amputated, and the patient continued taking medications while her bladder and blood infections were improving gradually. Please pray for her. Please pray for the children and their mothers whom need your prayers and your love during this hard time in their lives.

please pray for Pastor R***** Safety , and for more Bibles to be provided so other new people can touch your love and read Gods word.

I love you all and I am very sure our Lord will honor your powerful prayer.

Moshe & Miriam

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