Throughout the last 2,000 years, which is approximately how long the “Church Age” has now lasted, there have been countless people that God has called upon to tell the story of the Gospel of Christ in all its gruesome truth; knowing that in the end it was going to cost them their lives due to the fury it likely would cause amongst at least some of the listeners.  This was the story of Stephen in Acts 6 & 7.

Stephen’s story can be told over and over, by the millions now.  Do you know that there were over 200,000 murdered around the globe who had the nerve to profess the true gospel of Jesus Christ?  The numbers are escalating every single year now that goes by, and will continue to do so until the call is made from the Messiah for His children to be gathered and brought into His presence—a place to where there will never ever be the evil this world is quickly being controlled by.  God so loves the people of this world though that He will send innumerable members of His own true followers to share the true love of God, even if it is only that one reached who has an acceptance just waiting for the right moment in time—even at the gruesome price of that one true follower of the KING willing to pay any price asked of him or her.  Here is a short passage of what happened with this man Stephen, who was committed to his LORD, even if it cost him his death—which it did.

“When they heard this (Stephen’s recounting of what the Gospel of Jesus was all about), they were furious and gnashed their teeth at him.  But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, looked up to heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God.  ‘Look’, he said, ‘I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.’  At this they covered their ears, and yelling at the top of their voices, they all rushed at him, dragged him out of the city and began to stone him.  Meanwhile, the witnesses laid their clothes at the feet of a young man named Saul.  While they were stoning him, Stephen prayed, ‘Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.”  Then he fell on his knees and cried out, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.’  When he had said this, he fell asleep. (Acts 7: 54-60 NIV)

I recently wrote an article called, “And The World Was Not Worthy Of Them”, based out of Hebrews 11.  Some of the things I wrote were also influenced by “Foxes Book Of Martyrs”, which was required reading while in college.  I have since read it several times so as to keep me from forgetting what my commitment to Jesus is really all about.  For most, this is most uncomfortable reading, but I believe it is a life-changer because it shows what our “family” has gone through over the years.  We owe it to them—and to our LORD to connect to who we really are—IF we really are who we claim to be.

I am the first one to admit that I have failed Jesus, who according to the New Testament is the “mirror image of the Father”, but like millions others have been forgiven to the point of my sins of the past being eradicated—which removes them from existence at all; and, encouraged many times over to get back into the fight for souls.  Even the apostles were forgiven when they were guilty of great failure, so I guess I am in great company—as are YOU!  God paid the ultimate price for you and I to take advantage of this, so DO IT!

Another book that I have made it a point to read every year or two in order to keep my own perspective in line is one written by Randy Alcorn called “Safely Home”.  If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it because you will never be the same after reading it.  It is much different than any of the other books this author has written.  Do yourself a great favor and God the honor of reading it because it has much to do with a walk with God that most of us are not familiar with and also because it has so much to do with the journey our friend R* is taking as he leads House Of Blessing, Jerusalem.  Don’t be fooled by the set-up for the storyline, and by all means, don’t skip it because you’ll miss much of what is necessary to understand the heavier parts of the book.

I did get my weekly call from R* (unless he is in an impossible situation) and once again found myself joined with him in spirit, as has happened all these months now since our trip to Jerusalem the last week of March last year.  This time though, I found something happen that went beyond anything I’ve experienced with calls these past months.  As is our habit, we always pray for each other before hanging up.

Totally unexpected and without warning, I had the Spirit of God interrupt in such a strong way in the middle of this prayer that I was nearly floored—in fact, I had to sit down!  I’m not sure it was so much the specific words prayed as it was the power God put into the prayer.  To say it was amazing sounds very inadequate.  The power God interrupted us with was way beyond description.  I know that God did something extraordinary with this prayer.  Something coming up in R*’s ministry is going to require a special anointing that is going to require God’s power; His intervention; His sovereignty—in some unique way, and only God knows what else.

I believe that the fruit of these Bibles that are being supplied is going to multiply beyond what it has already.  The power that God will fill the ministry of R*, as well as his wonderful volunteer group of missionaries is also going to multiply—many times over.  I know this because God put this in my spirit as I prayed for him.  God is honoring him, and will honor him even beyond what He has because he has given his all—to the point of selling his own humble home, just to buy some more Bibles.

The two men who were nearly killed at the time R* and they were caught by Hezbollah fighters have been lit with fire that only the Holy Spirit can accomplish.  One of these men, as I explained in a past posting, is a sheik.  This man has now also come alive due to the forgiveness he received from the only real Messiah, Jesus.  He has been able to reach sheik after sheik after sheik with the Gospel of the love of God.  He has a list of at least 50 sheiks that he has been given a burden to reach, and he has 50 of the Bibles which you all bought, that are going to be put into their hands after they have humbled themselves before the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords.  Will he reach all 50 before being martyred himself?  Only God knows, but hell CANNOT stop what the Spirit of God is doing.

Time is now SO very short that God is expediting the process of evangelism.  This is where R* comes in.  God has seen fit to keep him in his wheelchair for these weeks now so that people come in all hours of the day in order to hear the story of the love of God and be instructed in His ways.  He also teaches them sound doctrine, the absolutes that cannot be sacrificed for any reason.  Jude in his little book before the Book of Revelation says that we need to “stand up for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints.”  Read those words carefully, because what God has set in stone in His Word is being attacked all around the globe today.  Way too many Americans are included in the masses that have decided to take the easy route; accepting a “feel good” gospel, and avoiding anything that makes us uncomfortable.

God’s Word is absolutely uncompromising in what it teaches.  It is not negotiable.  If we compromise with God’s Word, we will become like the five foolish virgins in Matthew 25 that let their oil (the Spirit of God) run out in their lives and so missed the great event of the Bridegroom coming to steal the Bride away in the middle of the night—just before God unleashes His judgment on a rebellious world.  The Bridegroom will shut the door and all not ready will not have any recourse but to recommit their lives during the worst time this world has ever seen.  Most of those will not survive; yet provision was made for a much better way…

Now back to R* and the update of his ministry through H.O.B.  He is still in Syria as he is still confined to a wheelchair.  I asked him how his health is, and like usual he was reluctant to draw attention to himself.  He said that the infections are gradually going away, and he can stand when holding onto someone, but he has serious damages to his nervous system and can’t feel anything.  This makes it impossible to walk.  Yet, he has no complaints.  He said it doesn’t matter so much that he can’t move much because he can still use his mind and he can talk—which means he can teach the people about the ways of God.  I wonder if I would be able to have such a good attitude and trust in God like R*

What God has entrusted me with here, halfway around the world is this.  I need to pray for him MUCH, and I need to ask a great many people to pray for him.  My wife and I have also been asked to sacrifice to this ministry financially, and we have found it to be a great privilege!  We are not young, and to have this opportunity is beyond belief!!  What an honor God has given us to have the privilege of seeing tens of thousands find the REAL Messiah, just as the hour glass is running out.  We have also seen Scripture being fulfilled with God’s promise that He would never be outdone by our giving!  God cannot be outdone!

God has also given a special promise to those that love Israel.  How better to love Israel than to be a part of their enemies find Israel’s eternal Benefactor?  Israel is the “apple of His eye”!

God has also given another promise of a special reward for our expectation of His imminent return for His family.  That’s why I called my blog “Keep Looking Up”.  By the way, I named it this before I had any idea that others have used the same phrase in their productions.  No matter.  It was a God-thing!

If you have ever had any desire to help H.O.B., this is THE TIME.  Although I have yet to hear him ask anything of me, his American contact, I hear the desperation in his voice because there are so very many that desire a Bible more than they want food, water, or a place to live.  Even health doesn’t matter to them as much as God’s Word.  We MUST help them.  God has not blessed us as westerners so that we have the ability to fill our garages, shops, storage units, and who knows what else with the newest of “toys”, technology, and the most expensive SUV’s.  God does not condemn wealth by the way, He condemns us allowing it to become our god.  We have been put into a position to help those that cannot do it—yet are willing to offer their own heads as a testimony of their commitment to God.  It is something to think about, and obey our KING in the very last moments of time available—not only for us, but especially for those that don’t even know they are lost.

With this I close for today.  Any gift, small or great, will be honored by God.  Obedience is what matters.  God bless you all, and THANK YOU for reading.

In a very short time, the blog-site will be set up for Pay-pal donations; not for me or this ministry, but only for H.O.B.  It is all tax deductible as it is recognized as a legitimate non-profit organization.  I have the proof in my files, and I have the account number to use here in the U.S., right here locally in Redmond, Oregon.

H.O.B. CITY OF JESUS MINISTRY;    3206 SW 45th Street;     Redmond OR. 97756

Thank You, and KEEP LOOKING UP!


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