JakeI wanted to take just a minute and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  For me, and hopefully you as well, it is a time to remember what the real reason for the season is.  It has to do with Almighty God doing the most incredible thing imaginable.  He reached down to a very troubled planet and provided the only possible means of help–Himself, in the form of a man.  It was predicted way back at the fall in the Garden of Eden, and in spite of 4,000 years or so of interference from the fallen Lucifer, God put Himself into the womb of a timid teenager named Mary.  By doing it this way, sin and death could be defeated forever because Jesus, although nurtured in the womb of a human mother, did not have the tainted blood of the human race.  This comes through the bloodline of the male, exclusively.  Because of this He could be totally human, but yet still keep His Godhood.  All God has required of man is that he recognizes that only God has the true remedy for man’s fallen condition.  The birth of God in the body of a man was the answer.  Please don’t miss the true meaning of what Christmas is all about.  I don’t believe that we have many more, for all I know, maybe this is the last one.  Whether it is or not, you and I would be very wise to be prepared TODAY, and not put it off.

God Bless You All, and do…Keep Looking Up!


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