I was pleased to receive my weekly phone call from Pastor R**** out of Syria once again. He let me know that the work of the ministry is going well and there is a continuous flow of new volunteer missionaries being raised up.

I asked a few questions this time so that I could get a better picture of how the set up in the refugee camp works. I already knew that Pastor R**** spends the bulk of his day teaching from his wheelchair, but did not understand how they had things arranged.

I found out that there is an enlarged tent used for the group meetings. They are able to fit 80 people at a time into the tent on little chairs and Pastor R**** sits in the middle of them and teaches. Because God has given him a voice that carries well, there is no need to use a microphone. There would be no way of doing this anyway.

The way I understand it, the first group of 80 comes in and they spend the next 5-6 hours learning. After this group is finished, they take a break to eat a snack lunch of some kind and the second group of 80 comes in and is taught. Pastor R**** then spends 2 or 3 hours praying with people depending on the needs represented. Everyone eventually goes back to their own tents and the whole schedule starts again the next morning. This is done day after day. I found out with Friday’s phone call that there are at least 800 people waiting in line to take the teaching courses offered. The people are very anxious to get right out and reach as many of their family members and friends as they can while there is still time to do so.

Another thing that they are working on doing is to get two or three more large expanded tents set up so that some of the well trained missionaries can do the same as Pastor R**** is doing. This will multiply how many can be trained. HOB is praying to send these missionaries all over the Middle East in what little time is left before the Lord calls us all home. We know there is a very large number of new believers, not only in Syria, but also Jordan, and Iraq, that the Lord has enabled HOB to reach. They are numbering in the many hundreds of thousands now and multiplying very quickly. The evil one has killed a great many of these new believers, but he can’t kill them nearly as fast as they multiply. Since the Lord promised me two years ago when we started with this project that He would cause every single Bible provided to bring a great amount of fruit, I have been asking Him to raise up 100-1,000 new believers for every one that is cut down by the evil one. It sure seems that is what is happening! There are now so very many of them! We serve an amazing and powerful God!

I have been told that the number of sheikhs being reached is growing. I have also found out that more and more of higher ranking sheikhs, men who have been teaching Islam for 50 years, are being reached. I learned that they are greatly interested in what the Bible has to say about the end times. They already know that we are the last generation but they are fascinated with the detail the Bible gives, things that are not found in the Koran. The foretelling in the Koran is a very twisted version of how God has laid out end-time events. The Koran has already missed greatly on some of the things it foretold were to happen, whereas the Bible has not missed once. These men are now very interested in knowing what they should be watching for. This is exciting because here in America, most Christians have an aversion to the whole subject. Yet, Jesus was the One to tell us we should watch; we should be aware; we should be aware of prophecy as it is being fulfilled because it tells us where we are at on God’s timeline. God intends for us to know!

There is more to tell, but I will save it for now. I do want you to know of today’s need. There are another 5,000 Bibles which have been printed in Arabic and are needing to be paid for and picked up so that they can be distributed. The people there have nothing, but would trade a month’s worth of food to have a Bible of their own to study. I am praying that the Lord of the harvest will see to the need. I also am told that there are another 80 trained volunteer missionaries that feel the call to go into Iraq to join the last group of 20 that went about two weeks ago. Pastor R**** however would like to send them with a load of Bibles and so they are stalling as they pray and trust the Lord.

Thanks so much for your prayers and your support. The call you’re hearing and obeying is a last minute harvest call. We are sprinting for the finish line and we have a chance to make a mark on Church history like maybe no other generation has ever had!

God Bless and Keep Looking Up!

Jake Geier

H.O.B. City Of Jesus Ministry; 3206 SW 45th Street; Redmond, OR. 97756

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