My Middle East update today will not be a long one but there are many that have asked the latest I’ve learned. I received a phone call early Friday morning from Pastor R**** and he gave me his status.

As of his call he was still in the hospital due to a persistent high temperature and his heart needing to be slowed down. The 11 hour surgery seems to have been pretty successful. The high fever and overly fast heartbeat of course would be a concern to the hospital.

Pastor R**** is anxious to be released so that he can get back to what God has called him to do. He is of course also quite concerned about an escalating hospital bill and wants to limit it as much as he possibly can. I understand his concern, but the surgery was a very serious one and one needs to be very careful not to do anything that would reverse the good outcome so far.

Please continue to pray for this man and of course, HOB. The ministry continues full steam regardless. Time is very, very short now and your prayers and support are greatly appreciated. We’re racing to the finish line!

God Bless,
Jake Geier

H.O.B. City Of Jesus Ministry
3206 SW 45th Street
Redmond, OR 97756

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