This last week has been very eventful. I received a report from Syria with photos taken in Northern Syria near the border with Turkey. Mofidah, and her group of widows in Syria, who have had so many astounding experiences in the past few months, was able to get to Pastor R****’s location and visit with him in person. She brought the photos with her so they could be sent to Jerusalem and then on to me here in the States.

While giving R**** an update, she expressed a great desire to set up a group tent like the one that R**** uses in order to be able to teach groups out from under the cold, snowy winter weather that northern Syria often has. This group of widows is being used mightily in an area of several hundred thousand refugees at this time. I have received several accounts of how these women have been going through the areas where so many dead are lying unburied. Many hundreds have been found mortally wounded and dying. The women have yet to be turned down when they ask if they can pray with these dying. They also always ask if they can pray with them to accept the one and true Messiah Jesus Christ and allow Him to give them the free gift of forgiveness from sin as well as an assured eternity with Him in heaven–something that only the real Almighty God can offer.

The women break up into small groups and go from place to place, whether tents or homes where people are trying to survive.  Wherever they get an opportunity to share the love of God, they do so. The photos are recent examples showing the women sharing and also show some of the Bibles that have been provided through gifts of support from around the world. God’s miraculous interventions follow these dedicated widows when they pray. There is such a large harvest being brought in now that it is hard for many to comprehend. But, it is not without a great price being paid.

One of the calls I received this week was of a serious attack that had been carried out on a group of new missionaries that were being taught God’s Word and trained to share with others. Without warning, ISIS terrorists attacked the 60 or so that were gathered and splayed them with machine gun fire. Twenty-three were killed on the spot, with five more badly shot up and left for dead. The rest managed to flee, but it is not yet known how many of them had also been injured or how badly. The five critically injured men included Omar who has been faithfully overseeing and sharing the Word of God in Iraq for about two years. Omar and his wife have been mentioned in previous Mideast Updates.

I received a plea for prayer from Pastor R**** and sent out a quick e-mail for special prayer for these five men who desperately needed a miracle if they were going to survive. All five were taken to a hospital and had necessary surgeries. Each was found to have extensive internal injuries with torn livers, stomachs, etc. God intervened however and even though each had multiple bullets removed, they survived the surgeries. They had not been awake yet at Pastor R****’s last call but they were reported to be stable.

I ask that we continue to pray earnestly for these five men. Let’s ask the Lord to grant them a much quicker recovery in the hospital than the two weeks that is expected. We serve a miracle working God. Also, the last I heard, the twenty three who had been killed had not yet been buried due to the extreme danger in the area. I have been told that the only way they may be able to get them buried quickly is in a mass grave.

Folks, I realize it is hard for many of us to fully comprehend some of these real life stories because it is not a reality that most of us face.  In all reality, we can’t possibly know, but that is not what God expects out of us. There is no shame in not being able to fathom the totality of the hardships others go through. There is only guilt if we do not concern ourselves with what our brethren are going through. Hebrews 13:3 words it like this in the NKJV:

Remember the prisoners as if chained with them–those who are mistreated–since you yourselves are in the body also.

The Bible also teaches us to rejoice with those that rejoice and mourn with those that mourn. For too many of us, it is easier to ignore what others are going through because it is not our own reality. But every true Christian should be concerned about other Christians who are facing struggles and hardships. It is a part of being the true Body of Christ. We are not just commanded to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, but also our neighbor as ourself! The Bible also speaks of the law of reaping what we sow. The time may come when we desperately need the prayers of others because of our own circumstances, and we won’t care where they are located on this planet. We are all part of the same family, the family of God.

Anyone that has questions, feel free to make contact with me.

God bless each of you abundantly,

Jake Geier



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