This is just a short request for prayer concerning the massive 7.8 earthquake in southern Turkey 2/5/2023. I have no information yet from Pastor R or the House of Blessing missionaries, but from the earliest news I’ve seen, the quake has affected the entire Middle East. The epicenter was in Gaziantep, Turkey, which is not all that far above the Turkish border with Syria. Aleppo, which is where Pastor R is in a hospital is only 30 miles below the border. Preliminary news reports have said that cities like Aleppo, Homs, Idlib, and others were seriously damaged by the initial quake and aftershocks. It has already been said that the quake will have been a nightmare for the millions in the refugee camps, all across northern Syria and beyond. Initial reports already report hundreds of dead in Syria, let alone Turkey.

Please pray for Pastor R and the entire HOB community of believers. I just spoke with Pastor R earlier today and the refugees in the refugee camps are already in a very desperate situation due to the snow storms, cold weather, and the lack of a means for any heat, food, or fresh water. Please pray…

I will give more information as I receive it.

Forever in His Service,



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