In the last update, dated 3/23/2023, I shared the story of “The Dead Branch.” As is usually the case, the effects of God’s miracles and interventions continue after the initial miracle has happened. The story of Ayaet Rahmani’s challenge to Omar and what God did to meet his challenge, is spreading far and wide. Hundreds of people have already found Jesus as a result, but the story continues…

Omar received a request from Ayaet’s father, who is a 98-year-old Imam, that Omar come to see him.  Omar gathered a couple of the brothers to go with him, and they met Ayaet’s father, by the name of Ahmad.  Ahmad told Omar that he had never liked what his son did to make a living as an assassin, and he was very thankful that his son now has a new way of living. He then said that he had always felt that he would somehow know real peace before he died. Now that he recognized the source of that peace, would Omar and the brothers teach him and his 92-year-old wife, Alah, about God and how to serve Him. Omar and the brother spent quite some time sharing the love of God with the old Imam and his wife, guiding them into an understanding of salvation, and how it was provided as a free gift of God, just for the asking. Omar and the brothers prayed with Ahmad and Alah, and both committed their life and eternity into the hands of the One who died to set them free! What an amazing experience to pray with this old married couple who had never known anything other than Islam! How awesome!

After they had prayed, Ahmad showed Omar one of his arms which was frozen in place and had no movement. He asked Omar if he and the brothers would pray that God would heal his arm. They laid their hands on Omar and prayed both in Arabic and also in the spirit. As they prayed, right in front of everyone present, God completely healed Ahmad’s arm. It is now as normal as his other arm! 

The story of the old Imam and his wife becoming followers of Jesus, and the healing of his arm in the presence of many witnesses, is now spreading like wildfire. Within a day or two, another 100 people became followers of Jesus as well. Now the story is spreading so quickly that people already know about it before the missionaries manage to get there. This is adding to the quick harvest of souls….the fields becoming ripe ahead of workers arriving to harvest! 

Once again, we can only say PRAISE GOD!

In other news, the missionary teams continue ministering to many as they have time. Some are still retrieving bodies from the rubble of the earthquakes. Two more children, three women, and seven men were successfully removed and buried. The digging process is very hard work because they are doing everything by hand. Heavy chunks of concrete need to be broken and removed in order to get to where the bodies are. The HOB missionaries continue to work 18-20 hours a day. Many bodies of the HOB missionaries have not been located yet.

In the tent cities, the missionary teams do what they can to help, even though they don’t have much material to share with the people. The temperatures are still dropping to freezing at night and many thousands in each refugee camp are barely surviving. People are still dying of cholera and others of the typical winter flu. The missionaries help people get their loved ones buried.

The teams ministered to nearly 2,000 families again. Omar’s mixture of Oregano tea is being distributed to as many as they are able. This has helped many people with their winter sicknesses. As they minister to the people, many continue to respond to the Good News of the Gospel. 

Pastor R has continued praying for one and all that come to see him. He prays that the Lord would encourage them and give them wisdom to deal with the difficult circumstances they are all facing. The refugees have a great need for wheat, water, and other necessities. Pastor R says that there is a great need for Bibles as well. This year, Easter falls during the Muslim month of Ramadan and Pastor R is praying that there will be a great harvest of souls this year again. We will also pray!

Thank you all for your prayers and those that have been able to support the work of the House of Blessing. Jesus is coming SOON!

Forever in His Service,



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