After not receiving a call from Pastor R**** of the House Of Blessing, Jerusalem, for over two weeks, I was quite happy to receive not one call, but two: on Good Friday and then another on Easter Sunday. I had learned that there had been an attempt on Pastor R****’s life, but didn’t have any details other than that he was seriously injured, in need of prayer because his condition was not stable.

On Friday’s call, I heard Pastor R****’s familiar low, raspy, voice and was greatly relieved! House Of Blessing (HOB) has had many attacks on their pastors and volunteer missionaries since we’ve been involved with them in the past 2 years. I’ve lost count of the many men and women who have given their lives for their commitment to the KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords, Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Pastor R**** himself has endured more than his own share of beatings, stonings, imprisonments, and attempts on his life. One of these has left him confined to a wheelchair since many months ago.

Pastor R**** shared what happened a little over two weeks ago when he and two others were attacked at 2:00 am as they slept. Approximately 15 men came into their tent intending to beat them to death. If it were not for God’s intervention, these three men would be dead. But for reasons beyond human reasoning or answer, the attackers were stopped and the three men’s lives were spared! Of the three, Pastor R**** was the oldest and also the most vulnerable physically due to past injuries and being confined to a wheelchair. He also received the worst of the injuries. But, in spite of this, God stepped in, applied the Mighty Power of the Blood of Jesus, and his healing began. Pastor R**** had received severe head injuries which not only caused brain swelling, but also resulted in severe blood loss from the lacerations. God however has His own timing in the the passing of one of His saints, and this was not the time for any of these three men! Thank God!

Other members of the ministerial staff from HOB traveled to the refugee camp and took the reins of leadership, doing the teaching while Pastor R**** was recovering. As a result, another 80 will graduate from House Of Blessing’s school of ministry and will go into the missionary field in the Middle East. These 80 have a great desire to go into Iraq. They are waiting for more Bibles to be available so that they can go into Iraq fully equipped, not only with their own Bibles, but with a load of Bibles to distribute to all of the new believers. They will be joining brother Omar, who is overseeing the work in Iraq. I also learned that a number of these new volunteer missionaries speak not only Arabic, but also Farsi, and so they have a great desire to go into Iran. They know full well that they could lose their lives in Iran, but they could lose their lives anywhere in the Middle East for admitting their belief in Jesus Christ as Messiah. After the graduation of these 80 newly trained missionaries, there will be another 80 not far behind them, as R**** trains two groups of 80 each single day, until they are ready for the field.

I also learned on Sunday that five more of the trained volunteers were killed in the last few days. It is overwhelming when one thinks about the sacrifice these folks make, especially for those of us in the west who are not facing these things–at least not yet. Our time may come as well. Only God knows.

I want to share one more detail concerning Pastor R****. He told me that Nabil’s widow (the one who experienced being protected by a wall of fire as the entire mosque she was in, burned to the ground, as well as 400 people who were there to witness her execution for becoming a believer in Jesus), came to pray for him. R**** said that she has a gift from the Holy Spirit and when she prayed for him, he could feel the power in her fingers. Knowing the story of Nabil and his widow, this is exciting. For those that do not know the story, please find the update for February 25, 2014, and then the rest of the story in the Mideast Update for February 28, 2014. Fantastic story!

I received an e-mail a few days ago from an author friend, who wanted me to know that a very good friend of his was going to be in Jerusalem for a few days and had the desire to see first hand what was happening in Syria. His friend was part of a Christian television network based in Hong Kong. He is one of several hundred people who are working to reach the Far East, but also have outreaches in different locations in the world. This man, named Paul, thought I was in Jerusalem and had the desire to go into Syria and visit with Pastor R**** with me. This of course was not possible because I live in Oregon, but I was able to get him in touch with House Of Blessing by e-mail. Because of the attempt on R****’s life, it was not possible to go into Syria but one of HOB’s men that was personally trained by Pastor R**** was able to meet with Bro. Paul. I received an e-mail from Paul telling me that he met with Bro. Adel, and the fellowship was like spending time with someone right out of the Book of Acts. I also heard on Sunday from Pastor R**** that Adel made some of the same comments based on his own experience with Paul.

Hearing these things was quite exciting. We can’t help but but think of the great reunion it will be real soon when we are all worshipping at the feet of our Messiah, Jesus! We are all part of the same family–the family of GOD. It is a privilege to live in this day and time. God was the One that put us all here today! It is also an honor to have a small part in the great things God is doing on this earth as the harvest of souls is being brought in by the millions around the world today. Hundreds of thousands are being reached just by this one small underground ministry called House Of Blessing. In God’s eyes, they are not insignificant, nor small! It is a privilege to have a small part with HOB!

For any that may be wondering, none of the missionaries raised up by HOB are paid a salary. HOB is a non-profit entity recognized by the IRS here in the United States. HOB spends every dime that comes in on purchasing Bibles and getting the Bibles to the masses. There is no administrative overhead. Everyone lives 100% by faith! If the Lord lays this ministry on your heart, there is no greater investment. Donations can be sent to:

HOB, City Of Jesus Ministry
3206 SW 45th Street
Redmond, OR 97756

Thank You and God Bless All Abundantly! Keep Looking Up! Our KING is coming SOON!

Jake Geier

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