It is always a blessing to be able to share some good news! I spoke with Pastor R and he happily let me know that he, and many of the House of Blessing leadership who had come down with the Covid-19 virus are now over it and are back to taking part in the great harvest that is being brought in in these critical times. Pastor R and all of the HOB missionaries are grateful for your prayers and support during these very difficult times. God does answer prayer!

Evangelism during the Muslim month of Ramadan is much different this year due to the virus. Instead of being able to share the gospel with large groups of people, many of them on the way to Saudi Arabia for the hajj, the missionaries are going from tent to tent, sharing with anyone that will listen. Of course, with as many people as are squeezed into the tents, especially in northern Syria, there are many who can’t help but hear what is being shared. 

According to reports that have come in earlier in the week, Omar, Sami, Mussa, and 320 of the missionaries were able to pray with 720 who accepted the free gift of salvation and prayed the sinner’s prayer. Mufiedah, Fadwa, and Sarah, and 120 women working with them were able to reach 350 women with the Good News of the Gospel. 

Communion services are still being held with a maximum of 15-20 people at a time, depending on their location. These are being held at least five times a day so that no one is left out. As it has been for years now, communion services are seen as great times of refreshing as the believers spend time to praise and worship the Lord. 

As has been the case for the entire time that the House of Blessing has been sharing the Gospel in the Mideast, people line up day after day for personal prayer time with the HOB missionaries. This usually goes on for many hours per day. And, God answers! 

From one mideast nation to another, there are continuing numbers of the dead that need to be buried. Many of these are due to the virus, others, this year’s version of the flu. Then there are those who have died of starvation, exposure, or as casualties of the continual hostilities between the different warring factions. The missionaries know that anyone they see one day could be dead the next day, or the next hour, and so there is always an urgency to share with anyone they can.

For those who keep track of weather anomalies, it is clear that the Mideast has had its share of inclement weather. Odd weather, strange storms, out of season rains, wind, etc., have become more frequent. These weather issues have only added to the problem of tents coming down or even being damaged or destroyed. The HOB missionaries have become very good at resetting tents and rebuilding them–if there is anything left to repair or reset. 

Starvation is a continual problem. If there is anything worth eating growing on the ground, it is found–even edible grasses or grains. All of the HOB missionaries live by faith and so they have become quite accustomed to having to share what little they have or go without if need be. We pray however that the Lord will have mercy on them and multiply what they have. And, that has happened many times. God is good!

The HOB community in Iran continues to face very difficult times, but, as in other locations, they trust God in all things. The Lord has healed a number of those in the HOB community of believers but then there are others that get sick. Regardless of the circumstances, they have learned to trust God in all things. 

As we believers see what God is doing in the Middle East, we are well aware that God is doing things all around the world. The times of the Gentiles have not yet ended but it is now very near. We know that there is a specific number that will be reached before the door of the ark closes. As we watch the world descend into greater chaos each and every day. Although the world situation is much, much worse than most people are aware, we know that our God is in total control of all things and will soon bring all to the fulfillment He has foretold. Bible prophecy is unfolding at a swift pace and it is important that God’s people are aware of how God’s Word is being fulfilled today. Jesus taught His followers to be aware, watch, and pray. It has never been more important to do this than today!

In conclusion, although this update is rather short, please continue to pray for the House of Blessing. They depend on the earnest prayers of their brethren around the world, and they depend on our support. Time is now extremely short and the task given to us as the Church of the Firstborn, is nearly finished. This is a great time of harvest and it is the Truth of God’s Word that sets the captives free. The hunger is great, and so is the response! Praise God!

Forever in His Service,

Jake Geier


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