As the world keeps changing, we all find ourselves having to adapt to new circumstances. For many of us around the world, the thought of having to live through civil war, or even the threat of it, has been hard to imagine. All that has changed in many locations around the world. There have of course been demonstrations and riots in several nations in the last few years, but now that America is experiencing major uprisings in many of its population centers, with demonstrations and marches turning into full-blown riots with wholesale destruction of business and residential property, government buildings with historical monuments and statues being defaced or turn down, insurrections seemingly have increased all around the world. 

The House of Blessing missionaries have of course endured civil war, starvation, and disease while embedded within refugee camps all across the Mideast since 2012. On top of that, there has been the reality of brutal persecution because they are a Christian missionary organization operating within nations that are predominantly Islamic. But, souls have been reached by the multitude! 

Living through the ravages of civil war and the threat of even greater wars in the imminent future has become a reality of life. The power struggles between national governments and the rebels who oppose them continues to the time of this writing. Major State sponsored military forces also continue their jockeying for strategic positions of control in preparation for what is inevitable—war. 

A passage of Scripture that comes to mind often these days is found in Joel 3:14. It says:

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.

This Scripture is more applicable today than ever before in history. The Day of the LORD is now very, very near and the enemy of our souls is angry because he knows his time is now also very short! People all around the globe have a sense of some world-changing events about to unfold. The sad thing is that more of the unchurched are aware of the cataclysmic times we are entering than those within the Church—those that really should know! 

As the Covid-19 continues to ravage the refugee camps and threats of conflict continue to get worse, the HOB missionaries just deal with one day at a time. Jesus Himself left us instructions to take each day,  one at a time. Each day has enough problems to deal with without worrying about the unknowns of tomorrow. Every day is an opportunity to deliver a word of truth to one of those souls wandering in the valley of decision. 

With the virus having hit the camps so hard, many of the HOB missionaries decided it was time to go and check on their families. Many of them have not seen their families for many weeks, some even even longer. With the numbers of infections still on the rise and the death toll continuing to escalate, there is naturally a concern that some family members may have become infected or even lost without word having gotten back to the missionaries. We pray that they get good news.

Regular readers of these updates will remember that large numbers of people were reached with the Good News of the Gospel during the month of Ramadan—in spite of the spreading virus. As soon as the dangers of infection lessen, study groups will be arranged to help the new believers get established in the faith. 

While many gatherings are being limited, communion services continue, and hundreds wait in long lines to be prayed for by Pastor R, Pastor Farid, and many others HOB missionaries. God continues touching people regardless of the circumstances.

This update is short today but this does not mean the work of the ministry is not thriving. Times are difficult and HOB is coping as best they can. The needs are great and the House of Blessing has long ago gained the reputation of being loving and generous people in every way. This is how the first century church gained favor with the people. God is good!

Please keep lifting the missionaries of the House of Blessing in prayer, and for those that are able, help them financially. See instructions on this website.

Forever in His Service,

Jake Geier    


2 thoughts on “MIDEAST UPDATE…6/22/2020

  1. My prayer is that HOB missionaries remain faithful, persevere through the injustices, make
    disciples, teach all he has commanded and build functioning churches. Maranatha, Lord come
    soon to restore all things.

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