In light of the approaching Muslim pilgrimage known as the Hajj, and the Muslim day of sacrifice on the third day, Eid al-Adha, this is a timely update. Pastor R mentioned the upcoming date in a call this week.  Most readers are aware of the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. This year, about 2 million Muslims are expected to journey to Mecca from all over the world. Every Muslim is required to make this pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime. From what Pastor R told me, most of the pilgrims, at least this year, will be coming from Indonesia, the most populated Muslim nation in the world. The dates of the Hajj this year are from June 26 – July 1.

For readers that may not be aware, or do not remember, Eid al-Adha is the second and largest holiday of the year celebrated by Muslims and will be celebrated June 28. This is the annual day of sacrifice in which Muslims sacrifice an animal in celebration of the fact that (according to Islamic teaching) Abraham, when taking his son Ishmael to sacrifice him, was instead provided a large ram by the angel Gabriel to sacrifice in Ishmael’s place. 

This is one of the times each year when the House of Blessing puts special effort into sharing the Good News of the Gospel. Very few Muslims have heard the true story of Jesus and His sacrifice for the sins of the world, as the perfect Lamb of God. Over the years, there has been an abundance of stories of entire groups of sheikhs traveling on their way to the Hajj who have happened across groups of HOB believers gathered together for a teaching by one of the leaders. They have been known to stand in the back and listen to the teaching. One year, a group of about 100 sheikhs listened in one evening and afterward asked permission to listen in again the next evening. At the end of the second evening of teaching and testimonies, each one of the 100 sheikhs asked the HOB missionaries to pray for them so that they could become followers of Jesus as the missionaries were. They then donated the goats that they had purchased for the Eid al-Adha sacrifice to the HOB missionaries so that they could sell them and raise funds to purchase Bibles. (Note: The photo is from several years ago.)

This year, ahead of the observance of Eid al-Adha, Pastor R already had a miracle to report. Previously I shared the story of the men who had attacked the mosque where the Gospel was being shared by testimony and teaching. Eventually 20 of these men came to the point of humbling themselves before Jesus and accepting Him as their Lord and Savior. You remember that the mosque was badly damaged, causing part of the roof to cave in, killing some inside. Following this, Pastor R was given the report that 15 radical Muslim men who had been responsible for the attack found themselves in great misery, unable to sleep.  They searched for and found the HOB missionaries and asked them for prayer. These men then became believers and followers in Jesus Christ, the true Messiah. Each of these men also had purchased a goat for themselves and their families to sacrifice for Eid al-Adha. After they prayed the sinner’s prayer and spent some time being introduced to the very basics of the truths found in the Bible, these men, as so many before them, decided to donate their goats as well to the missionary work of the House of Blessing. Only the Spirit of God can change people’s hearts as has happened with these men. Praise God!

Another continuing miracle has to do with the seven women who had abducted Mufiedah and another of the HOB sisters. As you will remember, these women, after horribly beating and abusing the missionary women for days, humbled themselves before the Lord and asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. It seems these women have really caught fire spiritually, and are reaching many other women and their families with their testimony of what Jesus has done for them. God is good!

In other news, reports came in from the city of Idlib, where Russian planes had apparently bombed a neighborhood, presumably to root out rebel factions. Unfortunately, as usually happens, some of the victims of the bombings are always innocent civilians. In this case some of them were part of the House of Blessing missionaries and community of believers. Three are reported dead and about 42 injured. HOB is doing all they can to help them through this tragedy. Pastor R asked for prayers for these folks and their families.     

HOB was able to purchase 4 truckloads of wheat a few days ago to distribute among the people as they evangelize during this special time. As usual, there are multiple teams going from one family tent to another, sharing some wheat, Oregano tea mix, and of course the Good News of the Gospel. All who request prayer are prayed over and blessed in the Name of Jesus. There are many new believers from these family visits. Nearly 2,500 family tents have again been visited since the last Mideast Update, and the work continues from day to day. The missionary teams also helped bury at least 83 who had succumbed either to Covid, the flu, cholera, or other diseases. Most of those who passed away were the elderly. 

Pastor R has continued praying for many of the House of Blessing leadership and missionaries. The Holy Spirit is asked to speed them on and provide them His wisdom, understanding, and anointing as they share the Gospel.  Your prayers and help are appreciated as Pastor R and the HOB leadership are asking and trusting God for His provision to purchase at least another 2,000 Bibles. HOB is expecting a great harvest of souls during the days ahead.

In conclusion, please pray for Israel and its population. There has been an increase in attacks against innocent Jewish civilians. We know quite well what Scriptures foretell about what Israel will go through in the last days of the age. The Jewish nation has a special covenant with God and He will see them through, but we, the Church, are instructed to pray for them. There are very difficult days ahead.

Forever in His Service,



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