Considering the size of the series of miracles in the last few weeks, including today’s addition, this update will be rather short. The reason for the brevity of today’s update is because the Muslim, Eid al-Adha, a time of special evangelism by the House of Blessing missionaries is only days away and I’d like you to know what has happened in the last few days.

I received an excited call from Pastor R, to tell me more of what has transpired since the 180 sheikhs and Imams bowed their knees before Jesus Christ. In a previous update I told how these men learned that, by recognizing Jesus Christ for who He really is, and repenting of their sins, they would never need another animal sacrifice as long as they lived. As you might remember, quite a number of animals which had been purchased for the Eid al-Adha sacrifice and feast, had been sold and the proceeds given to HOB for purchasing truckloads of food for the refugees in many camps. This, as you might remember, came about after twenty HOB missionaries and volunteers had been caught by Islamic militants and severely beaten for a day and a half. At that point, a blind man had been brought to Suleiman. He was challenged and told that if the Gospel he was preaching everywhere was really true, then he should be able to heal this man. We have told how this man was in fact totally healed and so I won’t repeat all the details again. 

The conversion of the 180 sheikhs and Imams of course led to the salvation of their families as well. This has however continued and the Good News message is spreading everywhere. The story of the blind man healed and the subsequent repentance of the Muslim leaders is spreading like wildfire. Not only are large numbers of people recognizing the true identity of Jesus Christ, but many are selling their sacrificial animals and donating to the House of Blessing missionaries for the work of evangelism. Pastor R told me that another 100 animals were sold, making it possible to purchase another ten truckloads of food sacks, including wheat, Okra, Tomato Puree, rice and other items. 

Not all of the sacrificial animals were sold. HOB sent missionaries to many refugee camps, taking two animals to each camp for a special feast for the poor and needy. The meat of the animals was roasted and prepared together with rice, wheat (for bread), okra, tomato puree, and rice. The people had a great time feasting on what the Lord provided in such a miraculous way. Pastor R said that he has no idea how many hundreds of thousands of people have been fed across the many refugee camps that the supplies were taken to. And…as has happened so often before, the food continued to multiply until the people were satisfied! Not only were great numbers of people fed but they were also given the Good News of the Gospel and an astounding harvest of souls is being brought in! 

As is always the case, entire families are reached when the patriarch has recognized who Jesus really is and has prayed the sinner’s prayer. Reports are coming in to Pastor R from across the Mideast of many hundreds of entire families joining the House of Blessing family of believers. 

Brother Suleiman has become a very strong, committed preacher of the Gospel. He is spiritually charged and powerfully anointed by the Holy Spirit. Prayer for him, and all of the missionaries is very important. The outpouring of God’s Spirit and the harvest of souls it is bringing into the Kingdom of God is, I am sure, not a happy subject when hell’s fallen ones meet for their planning sessions! 

In reflecting on what is happening today, Pastor R said that this is another strong sign that the end of the age is truly upon us. He also said that the deception of Islam is suffering a powerful setback today. Multitudes of Muslim people are being educated on how the teachings of Muhammad have enslaved many millions throughout the centuries. Those who have found Jesus Christ have found new life and also now have assurance of an eternity in God’s Heaven.

Bibles are of course in great need. They of course always are. I did receive news that someone from Canada donated funds for 650 Bibles. Praise God! HOB’s short term goal is a total of 2,000 Bibles. Thank you all for your prayers for HOB and the help you have continued to send!  Soon, we’ll hear that great trumpet sound calling us home! What an assembly that will be!

Forever in His Service,



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