I received a call from Pastor R asking for special prayer. You will remember that two of the HOB leaders, Abed and Adel, had been shot recently while sharing Jesus with a crowd of people. Pastor R said that Abed succumbed to his injuries. A bullet had been too close to his heart and he could not be saved. As of Pastor R’s call, Adel was in the hospital and still in critical condition but still alive. He has asked for special prayer for him. Adel has been a faithful HOB missionary for several years now.

Pastor R also told me of another tragedy that just unfolded. Bombings have started up again in different locations within Syria, with both the Russian and Syrian air forces attempting to root out the rebels across the country. One of the locations hit within the last couple days is Daraa, not far from the Israeli border. Unfortunately two men who had been picked to take the places of Adel and Abed were in the location of one of the bombings. These men, Monzer and Maruff were killed along with five women who they were in the process of ministering to.

Please pray both for Adel and those close to Monzer and Maruff. I don’t know at this time if they were married or not. One moment they were ministering the love of Jesus to the lost and the next moment they were in the presence of the One they were sharing about. Praise God, they will never hunger or suffer again.

Thank you all for your prayers and support for the House of Blessing.

Forever in His Service,



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