By Jake

It is very difficult to put into words how crucial the next few days really are.  As I look at my watch, it says today is the 20th of September, 2011.  The Palestinian petition to the United Nations for full status as a sovereign State will be formally presented this week.  I had originally heard that it would happen on the 20th, but I am finding that the actual date might be as late as the 23rd.  Regardless of what the actual date will be, what has been talked about for a long time is now upon us.

We know that the vast majority of the nations of the world are going to back the Palestinian Authority with this petition.  One nation after another has put itself on record in support of the formation of a sovereign State of Palestine.  In my last post or two, I have pointed out that Israel is more than willing to welcome a full-fledged Palestinian State, but Israel needs to be recognized as the sovereign State of the Jewish people as part of the process.  This has been refused.  In fact, this recognition has been denied them once again today, and with the attention of the entire world that is paying attention.  Why should Israel put itself in the position of having one more immediate neighbor who has sworn to obliterate the nation of Israel and kill every last Jewish person on the globe?  This is what the charters of both Hamas and Hezbollah have in writing.  Hamas is in control of the government of the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah is essentially the power-broker in Lebanon.  Hezbollah, by the way, is a world-wide organization and is much more capable of mass-terror than even Al-Qaida is.  The Pentagon knows that Hezbollah has a large amount of their own “soldiers”  just below our southern border.  They also know that Hezbollah has sleeper cells all over America—as well as those that belong to several other terrorist groups, as well as the nations that back them—like Iran.  But, back to Israel…

As of the recent revolution in Egypt, Israel now has a powerful and very unpredictable enemy on their southern border.   Mubarak, as distasteful he was for many reasons, did honor the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt for about 30 years.  Now Israel is having to deal with escalating hostilities from Egypt.  A recent example is the Israeli embassy which was brutally attacked and pretty much destroyed.  The dignitaries were spirited out of the country just in time but the Israeli guards, which were the last line of defense were nearly lynched.  There will be more and more of that in the days ahead.

Israel’s neighbor to the north, Lebanon, as I’ve already mentioned, is essentially run by Hezbollah, although no one is going to officially admit this.  Hezbollah (and Hamas) take their orders directly from Iran.  Hezbollah has somewhere between 50,000 – 60,000 rockets aimed at Israel at the time of this writing.  Israel is well aware of this and knows that when war breaks out this time, and they know it will, the Israeli Defense Forces will have to hit very hard and very fast if they will have any hope of surviving.  The terrorist rockets have graduated from the relatively small rockets that were more like mortar shells, to a much larger and destructive weapon.  Many of these are now likely outfitted with WMD’s from Syria’s stockpile.

Syria’s dictatorship is on its last leg.  Assad is not going to hold onto his iron grip, and he knows it.  Many military experts expect that Assad will attack Israel as a diversion from his own problems.  He is banking on the Islamic hatred for Israel.  I suspect he has it figured that as soon as he attacks Israel, every other Arab and Islamic regime will jump into the fire with him.  What he doesn’t realize is that Damascus will be obliterated.  Isaiah 17:1 says that Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruin.

As I’ve mentioned before, this war which Israel will not be able to avoid, will be won by them quite decisively, although not without great price.  This is not the Gog / Magog war of Ezekiel 38 & 39.  It is a war that basically deals with all of Israel’s immediate border enemies—including Jordan, who is turning against Israel very quickly.

I have said much about this in previous posts and so will leave it be for now.  It is important however to take a good long look at what is happening at the UN this week though.  Abbas of the Palestinian Authority is going through with his petition regardless of anyone or anything that is advising him not to.  I can’t imagine the vote going against Abbas, but if it did, we have no idea the chaos that will erupt in the Mideast as a result.  B ut…it will be little different when the vote goes in the P.A.’s favor.  It is then in the hands of the UN Security Council, which of course includes the US.  In spite of all the problems between this administration and Israel’s leadership, the US says it will use its power of the veto to stop the process—or at least slow it down.

There is a whole lot of back-room arm twisting being done throughout this whole process.  The power struggles between nations, ethnic groups, as well as the religious groups involved, none of us ever really hears the true story.  As much as I hate to say it, the media really is controlled and the masses get the news that is “cleared” for public consumption.  This however is not what I want to get into today.

I do believe that we are at the brink of war, and when it breaks out, it will spread everywhere.  Here is one thing to think about:  GOD has said that the land of Israel is His own, and He gave it as a permanent possession to the Jewish people.  The Jews have gone through the most horrific two millennia of persecution, and the world using them as the source of every evil befalling mankind.  GOD however said that He would bring them back into their own land again—and when He did, they would never lose it again.  The Bible also speaks harshly against the nations that attempt to divide the land up that is the Jewish inheritance.  This includes any nation that has anything to do with the two-state solution.

I believe that this has now come to a head, and in a way that it never had before.  The threats against Israel have taken on a level of hatred not seen since the Nazi’s decided to rid the world of the Jewish people.  The Bible predicted this for the last days though.  GOD said in Zechariah 12 that He would make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding nations reeling.  He also said He would make it an immovable rock for all the nations…All those that try and move it will injure themselves…On that day Judah will be like a firepot in a woodpile; like a flaming torch among sheaves.  They will consume right and left all of the peoples, but Jerusalem will stay in tact in her place.

Today we see the nations coming against Israel with a fury.  America itself, who has always been its ally, has dealt arrogantly with GOD’s people, the Jews.  Do we think that we can mistreat them and GOD not notice?  Our own nation has been pushing for Israel to give up more land for this illusive peace.  Each president hopes to add the brokered peace between the Israelite nation and all the nations around her, to his legacy.  It won’t happen.

Right now there are millions of Muslims who can think of nothing greater than to become a martyr for Allah in Jerusalem.  The third intifada has already been threatened.  Israel has been training for the likely explosion of violence set off by the meetings at the UN this week.  The US itself will pay a heavy price for its part in dividing GOD’s land.  Would America agree to the same thing if we were in their shoes?

Here’s another little wrinkle.  Did you know that September 21 is International Peace Day?  What if all of a sudden an agreement were reached?  Could it all explode on this special “peace” day?  The Bible does say that when the world thinks they now have peace and safety that all hell breaks loose with sudden destruction coming down on the heads of mankind!  I don’t know that this is going to happen, and neither does anyone else.  It’s just an interesting thought in light of all that is going on.

All this is happening at the time of some Jewish feasts that are rather significant.  “Rosh Hoshanah”  begins sundown of September 28.  This is a time of repentance for 10 days leading up to the “Day of Atonement” or “Yom Kippur”, which this year is on October 8, 2011.  Rosh Hoshanah is also known as the Feast of Trumpets and like everything in Jewish culture is very symbolic.  Everything in Jewish tradition has a spiritual significance that is not only fascinating, but speaks of our future as well.  One thing that I found interesting is that the Shofar is blown 100 times during the Feast of Trumpets.  The last time it is blown, it has always been called, “The Last Trump”.  I’ll let your mind wander a bit with that tid-bit!  I do have a post coming up tying this together with the parable of the virgins in Matthew 25: 1-13.  I will also give a detailed and Scripture based study on why I believe that the pre-tribulation rapture is not a westernized method of escaping all the bad stuff, but rather a fulfillment of what GOD taught throughout the Old and New Testaments.  I have no intention to ridicule or condemn anyone that believes differently on this.  Please hear me on this.  This is not a matter of heresy, and I’ll explain that as well.  Religious people (including Christians) are often the most arrogant, prideful people in the world.  They are capable of attacking each other on the difference in their belief systems with such vitriol that no non-Christian around would want anything to do with us—or the LORD we claim to serve!  True doctrinal issues having to do with the basic tenants of salvation and who GOD is, is one thing, but some of these other items do not qualify as points of heresy.

Getting back to what all is happening this fall—in fact, this coming week even…I see a great possibility that GOD may show His hand if the world puts Israel into a corner during the proceedings at the UN during this month end.  Here is what I believe we are looking at, and rather imminently:

  • The delusion of mankind is going to go to another whole level from where it is at today.  This is because the White horse and Rider of Revelation 6 was released some years ago in order to prepare those that would choose to deny GOD’s truth and exchange it for a lie.  People will accept out and out lies as truth, while real truth will be vehemently rejected-especially anything that holds to the once and for all delivered truths in the Bible, that the little book of Jude speaks of in the New Testament.
  • Mankind has been prepped for some time now into accepting the monstrosities in process of being “created” in labs all around the world, including the US.  This includes clones, cyborgs, blending genes of animals with humans, and much, much more.  You may be shocked at this, but it is already going on and some of these creatures are already amongst us.  This gives a new importance to spiritual discernment!
  • UFO’s will now appear for the “benefit” of mankind.  The human race will buy into it because they will appear as benevolent beings of an obviously much higher intellect.  Actually, they will be fallen angels and the minions of demons that serve them.  This will also include a third invasion of mankind of the Nephilim, who I believe have been prepared for such a time as this; not by GOD, but by the adversary, the devil.
  • I believe that war—major war is going to be the order of the day for this world from this day forward.  This is because the Red Horse and Rider have also been released.  This rider has been furiously circling the globe preparing the nations, tribes, and religions for his dirty work.  In my next post I will provide you a detailed list of the wars already going on that you may or may not be aware of.  I will also show you how other things are brewing that are absolutely monstrous.
  • The world economy took a huge hit late in 2008, and it had nothing to do with the election in the US.  What happened to us here in the US hit the rest of the world and quite hard.  There has never really been a recovery, although all of the propping up through different economic programs made it look like things were getting better.  Let me say it again:  THEY ARE NOT!  Nor will they.  That was only a precursor to the main event.  We are on the precipice of a collapse of the major money institutions of the whole world.  This is not my vivid imagination speaking.  Once again, my belief is that the Black Horse and Rider were released to begin their ride about three years ago.  This ride has been to set the world up for a complete economic collapse so that the anti-christ will have full reign in setting his draconian system up.  The problems associated with financial collapse have been showing up.  Things are ratcheting up, effectively stifling most anything that would be an aid to mankind.
  • In my opinion the fourth Horse and His hellish Rider were released in 2010.  In fact, although many thought it was a photographic anomaly, I believe that GOD saw to it that the whole world saw the green (or pale) phantom horse and rider were seen leaving the scene in Cairo, Egypt during the massive demonstrations when Mubarak was overthrown.  This rider will bring a culmination of the work of all three previous riders, bringing the combined death of about ¼ of the world’s population through war, famine, pestilence, wild animals, biological outbreaks, chemical weaponry, etc., and mass starvation.  That is why hell is said to be following close behind him.  He will be collecting a gruesome harvest.
  • We are also going to see great turn-overs, collapses, and changes in the systems of power on earth.  It will be a time of turmoil like none other.
  • The people of the world will also be facing an onslaught from the heavens.  Whether Elenin is real or not, remains to be seen.  There is a great deal of conflicting information.  There does appear to be some information that may possibly have been buried so that the general population of the world does not panic.  If nothing else, I believe that it will serve as a harbinger.  I happen to believe that it is the leader of an entourage.  If it is not Elenin, something has been the cause of major earthquakes and volcanoes going off at this time.  Comets do not have enough mass to do what is happening.  It also seems that the outer planets have already had some serious interaction with this “comet”.  It appears that Saturn, the second largest planet in our Solar System was turned clear on its side as Elenin went by.  Each planet, including Saturn has experienced global warming as well.   Hmmmm…not even any SUV’s there!
  • Earthquakes have taken a dramatic up-tick, both in severity and frequency.  It’s not just a little bit, either.
  • There are about 33 volcanoes in some stage of eruption, whether steam ejections, or actual projectiles being shot into the atmosphere.  Scientists are upgrading the danger level of dozens and dozens of them all over the world now.
  • I do expect us to see some very big things come down this fall.  Only GOD’s grace can stop what is already in motion.  Our nation America is not on a good footing at all.  We have seen to it that GOD is tossed out of almost everything, yet we are punishing anyone that speaks against the very things that GOD calls abominations in His sight.  We don’t even dare speak against abortion.  We are not sacrificing our young to the god Molech or Baal, but we are sacrificing them.  Our own convenience, or maybe our career has become our god.  GOD’s hand of protection has already begun lifting off of our country a while ago.  What is about to be unleashed is beyond our ability to imagine, I believe.  What adds to this are the warnings from every agency in the government to their own employees.  They are saying to be prepared for the very worst.  Word that comes from inside sources say that this is not just empty talk or general advice for any infrastructure outage.  Something to think about, for sure.  Do you know that one of the definitions for Rosh Hoshanah has to do with judgment?  Also, do you know that one of the definitions for “rapture” is to snatch out of the way of danger by the hair?  Could it be at the sixth seal?  Could be!  Most everything else is unfolding as we are here to watch it.

There are many other things that I could bring up I need to get this article on line.  Due to time, I will not edit it until later this evening.  I hope this is not a mistake!  It usually is.

So, am I saying that the Rapture is going to happen today?  No!  But, it certainly could!  Am I saying that the Tribulation has started?  Again, NO!  But…mankind is at the door!  What should we do in light of what is quickly unfolding?  LOOK UP!!!  For those that have made things right with Almighty GOD, our destiny is in His great hands.  For those that have been coasting through life mostly asleep, it’s time to get hold of GOD, and in a very serious way!  Your eternity is at stake.

Then there are those that go through all the motions but have no substance!  You’re in danger.  Don’t play Russian Roulette with GOD’s Word or His requirements.  The consequences are eternal.  Even if you figure you’ll get all things right during the Tribulation, do you really want to go through all that?  I heard the account of a man that saw the world during the Great Tribulation and all he could say was, YOU DON’T WANT TO BE HERE!!!

So, settle things today—in fact NOW.  There is no better time.

Just a quick addition to what I’ve already written:  The constellations are lining up in a way that they have never done before.  I’ll explain more another time, but if you read the Apostle John’s writings about what he saw in Revelation 12, the constellations are forming that very picture.  The sun-clothed woman, tears flowing due to pain of labor, Venus the child in the womb (Morning Star), 12 stars crowning her head along with a tiara formed by Elenin, the moon at her feet, and then something that has apparently never happened before—a great red dragon right at the womb ready to devour the Manchild as He is born.  It seems that Revelation 12 is one of the great signs in the heavens that GOD has provided for us to know that we have arrived at “that” time.  More to come on that…

God Bless You All and PLEASE…Keep Looking Up!


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  1. Jake:
    This analysis has got to be heard!!! Even if half of what you are saying is truth ( and I believe its way more than that) it should have us all expectantly looking up!!! One must conclude His coming is VERY SOON~~~so many things are in alignment at one time in history and that being within the next several months. Very prophetic….

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