Many things come to mind as I think about how history is unfolding before our eyes today.  I have only touched on a little of it in the last two posts.   I talk about preparation for the coming KING but most people have no idea that preparation is even necessary, yet the Bible tells us it is absolutely so.  I hope to at least stir some more thoughts with this post.

I know that many people in our world are beginning to have more and more fear of the future.  This is not without reason.  The threats of thermonuclear war, economic collapse, famine, pandemic diseases, and radical climate change provide plenty to worry about.  Adding to these, are the threats from scientific experimentation with gene splicing, trans-humanism, and singularity which threatens the very fabric of what is truly “human”.  Science is going beyond some boundaries that God established with His creation and the results can only be disastrous. 

Then there are the increasing cosmic threats that we are becoming more and more aware of.  When have we ever noted so many major asteroids passing in between the orbit of our moon and the earth?  How about the increase in comets that are hurtling into the Solar System?  Possibly the most troubling is the increasing evidence of Solar System changes that are in process of happening.  Many people write these off as conspiratorial, but mounting evidence says otherwise.  Scientists as well as NASA have been aware of Planet X for a long time and confirmed the fact that it is on its path back into our Solar System once again since early 1982 or so.  There were an abundance of major newspapers that covered the findings at the time.  What is more than a little disturbing is how the whole story was killed within no time.  It was written off as a mistaken finding.  Yet, it was as a result of the findings that underground cities and bunkers have been feverishly been built all over the world for the last decades.  I won’t go into the scientifics of this subject at this time because this is not the purpose of this post.  Let me say though, there are genuine born again Christian scientists who have nothing to gain by admitting that Planet X is real, that it is not only real, but also hurtling in the direction of the inner Solar System.  There is obviously a great deal of misinformation on this subject, but that does not mean that there is not real scientific evidence as well.  This large mass planet appears to possibly be what the Book of Revelation calls “Wormwood”.  In fact, that is one of the names that this planet has had throughout history.  In another post, I will attempt to put on paper the facts that can be verified of what is headed in the direction of planet earth.  It is more than just a little bit fascinating, and for the majority of the godless, a harbinger of great doom.

Most of us have come to realize that our world governments really don’t tell us the truth of what is really going on.  Those in power don’t want the populous to panic.   The thousands of underground cities and fortresses that have been built all over the world over the last decades are very real.  The knowledge that these exist is hardly disputed anymore.  Why have they been built?  It has been reported that Russia has feverishly been adding approximately 5,000 of these underground facilities in the last few years in and around Moscow.  Why is it that these facilities have everything in them from vast seed vaults to libraries stocked with every bit of knowledge mankind has accumulated?  These facilities also appear to have been stocked with everything possible so that mankind can come out of these holes and start all over again!  What else is in these facilities?  What about the military installations, some deeper than a mile under the ground?  What is the connection with Area 51?  What about all of the crop circles and the multiplication of seeming UFO activity?  Much of what one finds on YouTube is phony, but as with Planet X, there are things that have been so heavily documented it is impossible to discount them.  I do not believe that they are our “space brothers” though.  I believe that this is activity having to do with the fallen Lucifer and his minions.  This will become the source of the greatest delusion of all very, very soon.  This also is a subject for another post, however.

Then we hear that FEMA has purchased somewhere around 1.7 billion hollow point bullets and are seeing to it that they are located in locations all around our nation.  Why “hollow point” point bullets?  These are made for one thing, and one thing only.  To kill.  The Geneva convention even outlaws these type of bullets to be used in warfare!  What do they know that they are not telling?  I could go on and on, but will leave it there for now.

Ignoring the fact that these things are real is not the answer.  Bottom line of course, for most of us there is no way for us to change any of these things.  So what do we do?  Is this all leading to something?  None of us asked to be born into this world, yet here we are.  Does God really have a purpose in all this?  Is God about to intervene in the affairs of this planet by bringing all things to a great crescendo and put it all to an end?  The Bible says that this is exactly what He is about to do.

Approximately 1/3 of the Bible consists of prophecy, or foretelling of the future.  Of all the billions of books on this earth, this is the only Book that has foretold thousands of events and yet has never missed on one item.  This tells me that the Author is outside of time and has the past, present, and future before Him all at the same time.  The forty or so individual writers who contributed to this amazing book, were not just writing their own random thoughts.  They were writing what was downloaded to them by none other than the Almighty Himself.  Thousands of things have already come to pass just as it was laid out in its holy pages, but there is much yet to be fulfilled.  We have however come to time when everything happens very fast.

There are so very many more things that I have come aware of as of late, but I am going to resist going into any more along that line so that I can get to what these posts are really all about.

If there has ever been a time to do some soul searching, it is today!  Many today scoff at the existence of an Almighty God.  Many others, not only having been raised with the knowledge of Who He is, but also having had a relationship with Him at one time, have put the whole subject on the shelf and have kept it at arms-length.  Believing in God is not near as popular today as it was years ago.  We live in an age of skepticism.  I read a statistic a few days ago that shocked me.  I read that only one out of every ten teenagers who have been raised in the church will stay with their faith by the time that they get to college.  I also remember reading years ago that by the time a man reaches the age of 70, only one out of every 700,000 will change and reach out to God!  That is almost unfathomable.

I started this set of blogs because of the warning Jesus gave that we should make sure that we are not sucked into the deceptions that will come.  This has certainly been the case.  I have been doing a study on how the basic absolutes in Biblical Christian doctrine have been attacked over the last two thousand years.  I have read many of the original documents that were written by the Church fathers from the very beginning.  These writings were penned by people like Polycarp, Justin Martyr, Iraneus and others, who had been involved in the ministries of the original Apostles of Jesus himself.  There was no question that the church was being led by true God-fearing men because what they taught was identical to what is found in original Scripture.

There were always those that were off base and attempted to lead true believers astray.  Jude in the New Testament made reference to them when he encouraged believers to “earnestly contend for the faith, which had been once and for all delivered.”  It seems that basic Biblical teachings stayed true until the fourth century.  Starting around 300 AD, there was an onslaught of destructive and false teachings.  There is a name for an event that happened that brought much of this about.  It was called, “The Schism of Nepo”.  When this happened, a real wedge got shoved in the middle of the body of believers and a great many began to be led astray.

One of the most destructive things that happened is that teachers of Christianity began using an allegorical method of interpreting the Bible.  This really opened Pandora’s box for a never-ending onslaught of false teaching of what God’s Word really said.  It is way too easy to take a passage of scripture and because we may be uncomfortable with what it is literally saying, and “interpret” it as being symbolic of something else.  One of the basic rules of thumb with Biblical interpretation has always been to take everything literal, unless the text or context requires otherwise.  This alone eliminates the lion’s share of man’s personal thoughts being taught instead of what God was saying to begin with.  This is where most heresy originates.

I am convinced that the most damaging of all deception comes through the religious world.  Having pastored for a number of years as well as filling numerous staff positions has given me a bit of insight into the “religious” world—or at least my small corner of it.  I have a pretty good handle on Church history though as well.  I have done extensive reading and research work that included many more organizations than the ones I happen to have been involved with.

My studies of Church history generally left me with a great distaste for “religion”.  In fact, I am convinced that God hates religion!  Religion generally comes right out of man’s head, but is more than likely to have originated with the evil one himself.  Religion serves his purposes quite well because it keeps him from having the relationship with God that has been provided for man by God.  A good example of this is found when one reads what happened to the church after Charlamagne began to protect it.  It eventually lead to the thousand years of the Dark Ages.

The Middle Ages and the Dark Ages are basically the same time slot in history—roughly from about 500-1500 AD.  There is a reason why the Middle Ages were also known as the Dark Ages.  What the original apostles had set in motion after the day of Pentecost in Acts 2 had turned into something totally unrecognizable from its original design.  The apostleship of the original disciples had for the most part turned into a religious system with a powerful papacy that had lost all sight of what Jesus had charged the church with at the beginning.  This religious system also got itself caught up with empires, state governments and its kings, rulers, and nobles.  The two things that describe religion during this period of time is the greed for power and wealth.

Unfortunately, that is also a major factor that drives much of religion today.  Way too often, it is a lust for influence and the power it brings, as well as wealth.  The Dark Ages were known for absolute religious corruption.  There was always still a voice that spoke the true voice of God, but it was rare.  Through the centuries millions of people were murdered because they crossed the religious system of their day.  At least 50 million people were martyred during the Spanish Inquisition alone.

Today’s world is just as dangerous for most of the world.  There have been more Christian people murdered for their belief in Jesus Christ in this last decade than in any decade in history—and it is getting worse.  Much of it is by Islamists, but they are not the only religion doing so.  They just appear to be the very worst today.  There is a very evil bloodlust that takes over people who have given themselves to kill in the name of their religion—or prophet.

As the world hurtles towards its Biblically prophesied cataclysmic end, the delusion that will take over man’s mind will be much worse than even during the Dark Ages.  It is very hard to imagine, yet this is what the Bible makes quite clear.  The description of the last seven years of world history just before the return of Messiah Jesus is described as the worst time that this world has ever experienced, or ever will experience again.  There are huge passages in both the Old and New Testaments that describe what is ahead.  There is also abundant proof that we are standing on the precipice of this period of time today.  The last true generation is on the earth today!  You find that hard to believe?  Jesus said so Himself.  He said that the generation that witnesses the return of the Jewish people to their homeland will also see the culmination of everything else.  Believe me, I have no desire to be on this earth for what is ahead.  This is one of the main reasons for this article.  God has made provision!

God promised that there is a way of escape!  This comes through a person bowing their knee before the God of all creation and accepting the free gift of forgiveness—not only for the individual sins that we are all guilty of, but more importantly the “sin nature” that we are all born with because of the fall of Adam and Eve.  Every human being from the fall in the Garden of Eden on has been born with a fallen nature.  God had told Adam and Eve not to partake of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Yet, they both did.  Eve was deceived and Adam voluntarily followed in disobeying the will of their Creator.  Because of the length of this article I will not go into an explanation of why this is so significant, but I would at least like to present God’s proposition.  He said in Deuteronomy 30: 19 that He has given us the choice of life or death, blessing or cursing.  Then He said, “Choose life and blessing so that you and your seed can live.”  It takes an individual choice by every human being.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with church!  Nothing!  It has to do with you and Almighty God.  Any person that bows their knee praying, “Father, I come to you in the mighty Name of Jesus.  I recognize my need for a Savior.  The Bible says that I will live forever, either in heaven or hell.  I choose to desire an eternity in Your Presence in Heaven.  Please forgive me for the sin and rebellion in my own life and heart, and give me life forever more.  I accept the free gift of forgiveness that has been provided by Jesus when He died on that cruel cross 2,000 years ago.  I thank you that He also rose again from the dead after having paid the price for my sins as well as the sins of the whole world.  I now not only ask you to forgive me, but to also become the LORD of my life—totally.  Thank you.  Amen.”

When a person prays a prayer along that line, God WILL hear them and their name is immediately written in the Book of Life in Heaven.  This is what we were really created for.

In the continuation of this article I would like to spend some time dealing with what it really means to “escape” what is coming very soon.  There is an escape, but not everyone will be qualified to escape.  The Word of God has much to say about this.  Many that think they are religious and maybe okay are not ready for the return of Christ.  This is the reason for the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25:1-13.  All ten thought they would go with the Bridegroom (which is of course speaking of Jesus) to the wedding feast, but only five of them truly were ready!  What was wrong with the five that missed the open door to what the Bible describes as the escape?  What did it mean that their lamps were out of oil so that they had to go and see about doing something about them?  Why were they turned down when they later came back, found the other five virgins gone, and knocked on the door for someone to let them in to the wedding feast?  They were told that the Bridegroom does not know them!  THIS is the tragedy that is going to hit millions that are holding God at arm’s length.  Way too many are too strong willed to allow anyone input into their lives—even GOD.  Many of these will fall on their faces before God when they finally realize that the “Bridegroom” came as a ‘thief in the night’, and they got left.  God will answer them, but the world they will find themselves in is not a world that I want to see—ever.  Most will have to pay with their own lives if they decide that their eternity is more important than anything, because there will be very few other options.  Not many true believers in Jesus will survive.

Jesus made some other strong statements along that line in the “Sermon on the Mount.”  He said that not everyone that comes to Him saying “Lord, Lord” would enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  Many would come to Him saying that they have done all these great things in His Name, even casting out demons and showing miraculous signs!  That should shake people up a bit.  Way too many people are asleep, living a life of religious ritual, but lacking pure intimacy with the God who created us.  We go to church and do our “religious” thing week after week.  Some are involved in everything their church has available, and they stay really busy with all the activity.  But, do they know the Master?  Others make sure never to be inconvenienced because it does not fit into their lifestyles.  Yet, they claim to know God.  I know many will say, “that is pretty judgmental”, but my purpose is just to get us to do some honest soul searching.  ONLY God knows the heart of any individual, and He is never mistaken.  He knows where we stand with Him regardless of any man or religious organization.

It is important to make sure!  Time is almost out.  The end-time clock that started ticking when Israel became a nation in 1948 will not stop until Jesus returns.  This is not the crazy talk of an old white-haired opinionated man bloviating his thoughts.  This is how the God of creation has laid it out and then warned us ahead ahead of time.

Jesus however comes in two ways.  The first is like the ‘thief in the night’ I mentioned above.  He first snatches what the Bible calls the “Bride”.  Who is the Bride?  This includes every single one of us that has a living, walking relationship with Jesus and lives a life of communion with Him.  I’m not necessarily talking about the communion of the bread and grape juice—although that is important.  I’m talking about the inner communion with the lover of our soul!  I am not describing a person who is mature in his walk, nor a person who just accepted Christ as his or her Lord.  Both qualify if they are in tune with their God.  These are the ones that will hear the Great Trumpet call of the lover of their souls.  Not something to miss!

To Be Continued…                                  *** Jake***

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