Since it has been longer than I like since I uploaded new information about our Jerusalem contact H.O.B., I decided to write some short comments which I hope and pray will touch the hearts of a great many of you.  I am in process of writing another blog to retell the story of how my wife and I happened to get involved in this project which has proven to become so miraculous and also a great blessing to many hopeless people.

House of Blessing is continuing the work that has been started, and continuing efforts are being made whether there are more Bibles to present to these folks or not.  I am SO thankful for all those that have shared in an underground ministry that you yourself had never heard of, nor had any way of vetting.  You don’t know how much this has meant not only to me, but the founder of H.O.B., with whom I purposely avoid using this name on line.  With a very high price on his head, I have no interest in bringing more danger to his life than there already is.

Thousands of Bibles have been distributed in Jordan, Iraq, Syria, as well as even at the wailing wall to 200 orthodox Jewish people, of whom there have been those who have found their Messiah Jesus.

This need for Bibles is however greater than anyone can imagine.  With tens of thousands having found Jesus of the Muslim people in these nations, the need is so very great.  One Bible is shared with 20, 60, or even 100 or more people.  To these people the Bible is their most valued possession, and has become the only accurate roadmap for their most desperate situations.

I do want to reaffirm once again that our contact with this ministry was no accident.  It was by appointment of the God that has provided salvation—not only to the western world, but also to those that have been raised in cultures and religions which have a death penalty on anyone that leaves the faith they were born into.  You can’t imagine the privilege that Anne and I feel in having been called to be even a small part of what H.O.B. is doing.

I also want to confirm again that in answer to fervent prayer, God has added confirmations of this ministry—even though He arranged for us to meet people that were quite familiar and who without question confirmed that H.O.B. and this Messianic Jewish pastor was the real deal.  God miraculously arranged a believer from North Carolina to meet him and then e-mail me excitedly because of meeting this man in answer to his own prayers.  I also received an e-mail from a wonderful lady who has been a believer for about four years that has taken several trips to Israel, but lives in Finland.  I have been in touch with her by e-mail ever since, and she is going to be there again very soon.

I also want to mention something which I feel is very important at this point, but H.O.B. would be reluctant for people to know about.  He had had a widow woman in Jordan offer to sell her home in order to turn the money into Bibles, but H.O.B. could not see her doing so, and in order to get more Bibles paid for, sold his own home.  He does not have a family as God never allowed him to get married because of the ministry he would be thrust into, and so figures that God will provide whatever he needs between now and the soon return of the Lord.

Please allow this to soak in for a few minutes.  This is not a man that begs for money from anyone, not does he ever draw attention to himself.  He runs from it!  I’ve prayed with him nearly every week since we came back from our trip.  I have no way to describe to you the strong connection I have experienced every single time because of the power of God’s Spirit obviously present.  Only those that have met H.O.B. could describe the experience.

None of us, no matter how out in the open or underground; no matter how effective, have a thing to brag about when it comes to God’s work.  It is His work, and He empowers it.  We hust have the opportunity to honor to be allowed a part.  All of us need to keep ourselves in check by Godly humility and integrity, but His Word does say that we have been made kings and priests of the Kingdom of God.  What a privilege!

There isn’t a man alive that can fake God’s indwelling and anointing in the presence of someone else that knows God and has an intimate relationship with Him.  This was promised in the Word of God.  I have enjoyed a fellowship with H.O.B. for about nine months now, and hope to do so until we hear that great horn calling us home.

As mentioned above, I have been asked numerous times to retell the story of how this connection all came about, and I will do so.  I have actually rewritten much of the story in another article that is in my files, but wanted to get this uploaded at the start of this new year.  Be watching for it.  For those that have a desire to partner with us and H.O.B., find the mailing address below.  I am believing God to multiply what He has done in the past months!  His call to the Bride is imminent!  WATCH AND PRAY!


3206 SW 45th Street

Redmond, OR.  97756

By the way, if the Master allows us to, we intend to go back to Jerusalem this year, maybe around June or so.  If God allows and He provides us a way of being useful there, no matter how menial the task is, we would like to stay about 6 weeks, just to help somewhere.   We are also quite aware that a major Biblically predicted war may have broken out by then.  Pray that God

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