Many have expressed their interest in how things are progressing with the “House of Blessing, City of Jesus”Ministry we became involved with while in Jerusalem.  As has already been mentioned, seven of the volunteers that were taking Bibles over the border into Jordan were killed.  I also shared the story of the Mullah who became a Christian and when sharing his experience with his mosque which was under his responsibility, was beaten to death for turning his back on Islam.

This morning I got a call from R_____.  He said he called because he knew I had been trying to get hold of him.  He was in Jordan all week long, teaching two large groups.  While giving me a report on how things were going, he sadly had to say that three more volunteers had been killed.  That makes 10 in one week, plus the Mullah.

He did say that this Mullah’s whole family is being reached with the love of Jesus due to his death.  His brother, who was his assistant at the mosque, is now a Christian.  So is the Mullah’s son, his wife, and many of the children.

Both groups of people meeting every day are brand new Christians, and they seem to be telling everyone.  Much more is happening, but this is only meant to be a short update.  I am continually amazed at how fearless these people are, once they have made their commitment to the Lord.  The possibility of being murdered for their new-found faith does not seem to deter them in the least.

This ministry is praying for more Bibles to give to people.  If anyone has a desire to help, send me an e-mail and I’ll detail the easiest way to do so.

Keep Looking Up!!


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