Revelation 12:11 reads:

They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.

As I write this update today, it is Independency day in The United States of America, July 4. The details of this update were gathered from a couple overseas phone calls I have received within the last ten days from House of Blessing, Jerusalem, Israel. My update call once again originated not far from Damascus, Syria and had both tragic and good news for me to pass on to those of you who have grown an interest–in fact, a love for the people who make up “House of Blessing.”

As I have mentioned in the last couple updates, June 27th was the start of the month of Ramadan for Muslims all over the world. During this month, the followers of Mohammed fast and pray for the entire month. Millions also go on pilgrimage to Mecca, called the Hajj. During this special month and due to the extreme lateness of the hour on God’s prophetic clock, Jesus Christ the Messiah has appeared to Muslims all over the world, either in dreams or visions. As a result, there has been a huge harvest of souls–Muslim people who have finally found the answer to life and eternity, Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, who was also every bit God in the flesh.

The tragic news is when we hear of those that have been violently cut down. There have been at least 45 deaths among the HOB volunteer missionaries trained by Pastor R**** in the last few days. This was after 14 others died the week before, and more yet before this. Yet the number of those being reached who have decided to give their lives to Jesus the Messiah has been uncountable in the last 27 months. Those that have found Jesus have spread all across the Middle East and number in the hundreds of thousands–just through this one underground ministry. The real number of salvations in the Middle East is so very much higher, because there are many ministries doing the very same thing as House of Blessing–reaching Muslims with the love of Jeshua.

The report coming out of the Middle East last night is that in the first few days of Ramadan 2014, HOB has reached at least 700 family groups that have accepted the Lordship of Jesus Christ. One must recognize that in the world of Islam, people have many, many children in their families. It is quite common for families to have twelve or more children! The extended families are very large. About 400 of these family groups reached within the last few days are in Iraq–most from the very area that is being overrun by ISIS, or “The Islamic State” as they now call themselves. Another 200 of the family groups are from civil war scarred Syria, and the final 100 family groups are in Iran. The original 12 missionaries who had felt called to go to Iran became 18, but then the number multiplied. What an amazing thing God is doing! The 700 family groups amount to about 5,000 people!

As I write this update, I receive another call from the Damascus area. R**** relayed the information that another 50 family groups have been reached since the call yesterday. It is truly mind-boggling how quickly the harvest is coming in. This alone should tell us something!

Along with the good news however, there was more tragic news to report. Five of the male missionaries in Iraq (within the new Islamic State) were caught by 40 jihadists. These forty men then proceeded to rape these five men repeatedly. After using them up to the point of death, they murdered them. It reminds us of the days of Lot when all of the men of the city of Sodom demanded to have the two angels turned over to them so they could all rape them. It is really hard for me to wrap my head around events like this! The missionaries of course were totally innocent and had to endure the torture of this mob until they were dead. They however are now in the Presence of Jeshua, their Creator. There will now be no more pain, sorrow, or persecution! They are at complete peace.

Along with the report of the five men who were murdered, R**** told me of the many heads of families who were now murdering their families when they could no longer meet all of their physical needs. Along with this come the multitude of reports of fathers and brothers who are raping the daughters. It is too much for many of us to even accept because it is so horrid. For us spoiled and blessed Americans, this is beyond our ability to take in. The devil is showing his true colors. He is also showing his absolute desperation because he knows his time is now extremely short! We need to reach as many as possible in these last moments of this dispensation!

The ministry of reaching the lost has nothing to do with a head-count. It has to do with people who were literally pulled out of the fire! A question that has been asked many times must be asked again here: “What is the value of a soul?” To God, every single individual soul was worth the death of the Son of God. It is hard to fully understand such a deep and inclusive love!

The need of the hour is for the power of the Holy Spirit to flow freely through each and every one of these dedicated volunteers. They literally are on the front lines and are being shot at every day. The ones that are shot outright are the fortunate ones. Those that are slowly tortured and eventually beheaded, crucified, stoned or beaten to death don’t have it so easy. Yet, God’s grace is always sufficient for them. When human strength and endurance runs out, God’s intervention is there. This is why people facing the worst and most gruesome deaths can do it with a song in their hearts and on their lips!

There is also a continuing need for more Bibles. Please folks, let’s not turn a deaf ear to the need presented to us. I completely understand the many needs being presented to us today, but my heart literally breaks when I hear what these people are going through! I wish the Lord would allow me to trade places with R**** for a month, but He has not allowed it. We have so much and we have such great plans for our vacations, sports events to go to, movies to watch, etc. Yet, it is so important for the people to have a real Bible to use as a reference for what they have been taught and are going to teach others! Here in America we take it all for granted, but for most everyone else in the world, it is not taken for granted. It is their prize possession and they will protect their Bibles with their very lives. We, in the land of plenty, are going to be judged for how we have responded to God’s call to help those so much less fortunate than ourselves! Very soon we will be standing before the Lord of Glory and give account for what we have done with what He has blessed us with. Let’s not let the opportunity God is giving us pass us by. The multitudes are dying today; we do not dare stall and let them wait when they need help…yesterday!

Personally, R**** and I are praying for a miracle in the next one to three days. The need is very great today, but every single dollar helps! Trained missionaries are being sent out to the field day by day, and it does not seem right to send them out without “The Operator’s Handbook To Life and Eternity!” Please join with me in believing God (and obeying God ourselves) for a continuation of the amazing series of miracles He has been performing for the last 27 months. It is too easy for us to become lazy and apathetic with the remembrance that God fed the Israelites with manna in the desert so many centuries ago and expecting to do what He is asking US to do today! Jesus also fed the multitudes while ministering to the Jewish people for 3 ½ years during His ministry on earth. But, God has always expected His people to extend themselves into the fight to reach humanity. The need in the next day or two for HOB is the greatest since this project was started a little over two years ago. Please hear the Lord as He directs and I trust you to obey what He says. People’s souls are at stake–literally, by the hundreds of thousands in the next short period of time! Thank you for your help!!

God Bless You All!

Jake Geier


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