I received a short email this morning with an urgent prayer request. It appears that Pastor R and his two companions had been monitored for an unknown period of time by Hezbollah militants. They had been especially angered with the fact that followers of Muhammed were being reached and turned to Jesus Christ.

This past day, Pastor R, and his assistants, Rahdi, and Youssef were attacked by twenty Hezbollah terrorists and viciously beaten. Additionally, both Rahdi and Youssef were shot in the legs. Why Pastor R was not shot, I don’t know. Maybe, because he was already in a wheelchair. He has in fact been paralyzed from the waist down since being badly beated by ten Hezbollah militants in 2013 and has been in a wheelchair ever since.

According to the limited information I received, Sister Mufiedah was able to come and treat the men. She was able to remove the bullets from Rahdi and Youssef’s legs and cauterize their wounds to hopefully avoid infection or eventually, gangrene.

I will share more information as I receive it. For now, the need for prayer is great. Let’s pray for healing, encouragement, strength, and wisdom for HOB to know how to continue the work they have been called to, especially when the three men are well enough to do so.

As many will know, Pastor R has been badly beaten a number of times—often left for dead. After two of these previous beatings within a period of only three weeks, he had had to have a very risky surgery in which doctors had to remove bacteria that had gotten inside his skull. He had called me for prayer just ten minutes before his surgery. This operation took somewhere between 11 and 13 hours. I don’t recall the exact length of time the surgery took. While on the operating table, Pastor R had had to be revived three separate times.

I am mentioning these past injuries because to this day he has still been suffering pains from what has happened to him in the past. Please pray for him and his trusted assistants, Rahdi and Youssef. They all three, as well as all of the House of Blessing community of believers, know that we are at the end of the age and what drives them 24 hours of the day is the harvest of souls that is still needing to be brought in. I pray that this very reality that drives all of us who claim to be followers and believers in Jesus Christ, our soon coming Messiah. As always, thank you for your prayers and your generous support for what God is doing through the House of Blessing!

Forever in His Service,



1 thought on “SPECIAL MIDEAST REPORT….5/17/2021

  1. Praying for these precious men of God. May Jesus’ healing be theirs. Love them and thank Jesus for their faithfulness to Him to share the love of Jesus to all. May no infection set in, may the resurrected Jesus show up again for all of them.

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