This morning’s update is a very short one to let readers know of a couple new developments on the front lines with the House of Blessing missionaries.

As you know, the emphasis on evangelism during the observance of the Muslim Eid al-Adha was very successful this year again. The miracle of the blind man being being opened before the eyes of a large group of sheikhs and Imams served to open the spiritual eyes of, not only the Muslim leaders into who the real Jesus is, but also a very large multitude of people.

As Suleiman and four others were leaving a celebration of the wonderful things God has done, they were ambushed by ISIS militants and shot. Although the intent was to kill the men, they survived, although all gravely injured. The injuries were much more serious that Sister Mufiedah could deal with because of the size of the caliber of bullets and the fact that most had been hit in the chest, some close to the men’s hearts, they had to be taken to a hospital.

It appears that all will survive but their injuries were quite severe. Two of the men are still in ICU and the others have been told that they should stay in the hospital for two weeks. If they actually do so depends on how quickly they heal. It is a miracle they survived, but they need our prayers, and of course, the hospital is not free. There will be a cost. But, our God is never caught off guard by anything.

The men’s names are: Hassan, Hisham, Yassef, Tehrar, and Suleiman.

I will update as I have more information. Right now I need to send this out to beat my internet mail service deadline.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the House of Blessing!

Forever in His Service,



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