From day to day I find myself thinking of our Jewish pastor friend that we came in contact with due to our trip to Jerusalem at the end of March, 2012.  Because so many of the volunteers had been killed for sharing the love of God with others in their individual towns, I dreaded receiving news that this pastor himself may have been one too.  He of course doesn’t consider himself of more value than anyone else, but God has enabled him to get into these difficult areas and bring Light into such blackness.

The love of God is such a miracle!  It reaches into the blackest of blackness and shines such a bright light, which in turn brings real life to a people who have no hope whatsoever.  How else can one explain the fact that a hater of anything or anyone that does not proclaim Allah as god has the love of God penetrate their souls in such a dramatic fashion that they make an instant 180 degree turn around–and then have no fear whatsoever of a horrible death inflicted on them if caught by an extremist!  This is what has been happening.  If you have read any of the previous updates on this blog, you will have read about the mullah who became a believer after hearing our pastor friend present “the greatest story ever told” to him while drinking tea in a local outside cafe of sorts.  He got on his knees, prayed the sinner’s prayer (right there) and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Master.  He then stood in front of his own mosque and the people he had taught for 40 years and gave testimony to the true God and true Messiah.  He died for giving this testimony, but his brother the assistant sheik made the same commitment to the Lord–as did the son, their families, and extended families.  The mosque is now shut down permanently, but family after family that used to attend is sheepishly coming to find out why their mullah made such a change.  They knew him and he had a reputation of being an honest man.  God is using his death as a seed planted in very fertile soil.

The only reasons I retold this story is because many of you may not have heard it.  A greater reason though is that there were 14 more that gave their lives in similar ways. Besides these 14 (+ the mullah), R_____ testifies to the fact that nearly every single one of the rest that asked Jesus to graft them into the vine (as we find told in the book of Romans), are willing to give their lives the very same way.

I spoke with our friend last night and again this morning.  I find it a privilege to be able to pray for and with a man that has been called by our Sovereign God to take the Good News into such a black area.  He is in the thick of it all.  He serves on the front lines and why I was given the honor to partner with him clear around on the other side of the world, is beyond me.  It was a God-thing from the very beginning, and continues to be so.

I am so thankful for the many of you that are praying for this man’s safety, as well as strength to continue.  I also want to thank those that have felt a nudge from God to help him with funds to buy more Bibles.  One of my own grandsons handed me a $5 bill and asked me to make sure it gets into the Bible fund.  It did!  And I did it with joy because God is going to bless him in ways he has no idea of.  There are so many promises of special blessings for those that bless Israel, but not just Israel.  Funds that are directed to viable ministries based in Israel have God’s full attention and will receive a blessing that surpasses anything we might think.  These are God’s chosen people that are being brought back home–in OUR generation!!

What is so fascinating to me is the fact that, just like the 1st century church, an army of believers is being raised up in Jerusalem–the center of the earth, and this army is going into the surrounding nations to reach them with the Good News of God’s Love.  They are introducing millions of Muslims to the One and only GOD, and they are finding that the Messiah is not a deputy to the Mahdi, who is said to kill millions upon millions of “infidels” (anyone not a Muslim).  They have been taught that Jesus is going to be a part of this!!  They are being shown by the millions that Jesus is no one’s deputy.  He is God Himself who took on the flesh of a physical man in order to die and thereby destroy sin, destroy the curse, and death itself.  He also carries with Him an inheritance for the remnant committed to be part of His family.  One of the most troubling statements in the Bible is that because the road is narrow and not particularly dazzling while we live this life, the amount of people finding it is pretty small.  That troubles me a great deal, but is subject matter for another post.  PLEASE, just make sure that your connection with God is a good one, and not just hap-hazard.  Only the real deal will cut the mustard now.  His coming for His own is much closer than we think.

I had the Lord impress me with a thought that I need to put into this post. Whatever you have intended to do in the Lord’s Name during this short passage on this earth that this life offers, don’t put it off.  LIVE TODAY AS IF IT WERE THE LAST DAY YOU WERE TO BE ON THIS EARTH.

Even though I have thought about this many times, it hit me like a sledge hammer when God spoke it to me a couple days ago.  This is the way we need to live in this generation.  For those that feel that this is a bit extreme, I’m sorry, but it’s the truth.  People all over the world are dying without having a Bible to turn to for answers, yet most of us have multiple copies.  We Americans are blessed like no other peoples on earth.  In God’s eyes, that comes with a great responsibility.  He never intended for us to spend it all on ourselves!  Yet, too many can only think of what they can buy next with their next paycheck.  This is not meant as an insult, but it is the truth.  What if the reality the rest of the world experiences every day were to become our reality overnight, what would we do? We’d probably get serious in our prayer to God for help–and in a big hurry.  It might just become a rude awakening.  This would be a very good time to re-read Revelation 3: 14-22. This is a description of our time-slot in church history which is summarized in the second and third chapters.

I am going to end this post with the need at hand.  For those that know me, you might remember that I never passed an offering plate in my churches.  I always had a tithe and offering box in the back for people to use–and it was effective!  There were times when a need had to be made known, but it was an exception to the rule.

Here again, I detest asking others for money, but it is not for me, and the cause couldn’t be a better one.  I am really burdened for this man.  Another thing, I had to obey what God required out of me personally before approaching anyone else.  I did what God asked, and continue doing so.

People previously without any hope now have nothing but hope!  And this hope comes with the promise from the Almighty God.  He does not lie!  EVER!

2,000 Bibles have been bought by people, and distributed–not by paid employees but volunteers.  These Bibles have now been taught from–resulting in a great harvest of souls that now have one desire, and only one:  They want to go out into many directions and do the very same thing that reached them.  They are all–from the youngest to the oldest, willing to give their lives.  Their way of accepting Jesus as Savior translates into a true death to themselves and their personal life agendas!  Can we truly say the same?  There is no condemnation intended in what I am saying, but God is requiring us who have had it so easy to step it up a few notches from the comfortable life-styles that we have gotten used to, and sacrifice a bit for something that has eternal benefits for us and those who are helped.  I suppose this will offend some, although I hope and pray not.  The true messengers of God have always offended many though.  Their message was considered too extreme.  Their message sometimes seemed to run people off.  For that matter, Jesus greatly offended almost everyone in John 6: 60 through the end of the chapter.  He spoke some heavy things, and they weren’t well received!  But, that is a subject for another post yet.  Now, if I could just get them done!  That is one area I myself have failed and need to correct.

The need is now critical.  The people that have become believers, and there are a whole lot of them, have been intensly discipled.  They have met daily, most often many hours of the day in order to get as much material into them as possible in as short a time as possible.  These folks are 100% tuned in to what they are being taught, and so learn and retain very well.

There are now over 100 that belong to the top layer of those that have become believers. They are ready to go out.  They intend to go out in many directions so as to reach the maximum possible.  They all have contacts.  The problem is, they have no more Bibles to take with them for distribution–nor do they have money.  They are all poor.

Folks, I’m believing God for an astounding miracle, or series of them.  Each Bible ordered costs about $15, which seems expensive but is exactly what they need there.  You do the math.

If there were ever a time to invest in the Kingdom of God, this is it.  There are of course many other very good ministries, and they are being blessed by God.  We are involved with several ourselves.  This one however is the one that God has especially emphasized to me, and I am believing for miracles.  Within two weeks they will be well enough taught to go out on their own.

One old woman has offered her house to be sold so that Bibles can be bought, but that is her only possession.  Imagine that!  She would give her property, which is where she lives!  These people are very serious and dedicated.  Here we have so much. If God lays anything on your heart, don’t turn Him down.  Think of those you’ll meet on the other side who would not be there if you had not followed through!  This is absolutely real!

I also know it’s difficult sending money to a ministry that does not have a web-site, nor pictures even for a person to look at.  This is the information age, yet the information is what would leave them in a place to where they would be caught in no time at all.  I have a lot of photos here but am worried about putting them on line because they go all over the world.  It is dangerous…way too dangerous to take that chance.  I will try to find a way to get some photos for you to view, but the people over there are afraid to expose themselves and their families unnecessarily.

I’m just going to pray & pray & pray.  God answers prayer.

Keep Looking Up!  Jesus is coming very, very soon now.  One can see the “Day of the Lord” about to be ushered in.


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