A Biblically Biased Look

The other night a participant in a reality show spent quite a bit of time relating the fact that he couldn’t perform well because of some injustice done to not even him, but some friends of his, several year ago.  I marvelled at the connection being made as to why he was so inadequate in his productivity.

We live in a culture obsessed with blaming others for our failures, the claims to entitlement, drowning in political correctness.  I’m sure just by writing this line, I will be labled by some as one of those ‘hateful conservatives’.

In the book of Psalms, David writes two different lines that are so critical to how we think, believe, and develop life pathways.  First he writes this famous phrase, “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.  They are corrupt and have committed abominable (detestable, disgusting, hateful) injustice, there is no one who does good.”  Then later on he writes another famous passage, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (also translates common sense).”

To connect the dots so to speak from a biblical perspective, truth and justice doesn’t happen much outside of acknowledging and fearing (awesome respect) God.  Blaming others for your own failures, living in a mindset of entitlement, always basing your life on the concept that ‘society owes me’, whatever the excuse is for not taking sole responsibility for your own life, this is all contrary to God’s plan and design for humanity.

So I want to say to those who need it, stop blaming your dreary life on society, parents, race bias, history, family genes, or those who ‘did me wrong’.  YOU and only you are responsible for your own life and the choices you make.  The bottom line is when you stand before God at the end of it all, no excuses are allowed.

Where is the common sense anyway?

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2 thoughts on “Truth & Justice Series, continued…

  1. That prety well sums it up. Now If I can get my boys to see that. life would be even better than it is allready.

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