I received a call this morning from Pastor R. He called, asking for special prayer and he would appreciate the prayers of all that have a heart for House of Blessing, their missionaries, and of course, himself. About two hours after he and I spoke on the phone this last Friday, he and two missionary men that were with him were attacked by Islamic jihadists. Both of Pastor R’s missionary friends were brutally beaten and then murdered in front of his eyes. They then beat R. They also did unspeakable things to him including putting holes into his body; his back, belly and chest, and his legs. They also beat his face and head so badly that he is hardly recognizable due to the swelling, etc. They then commanded that he quit preaching about Jesus. They promised to kill him if he did not quit. R does not know why they did not kill him along with his two companions. He is already confined to a wheelchair; in fact, has been for several years now after a previous beatings. He thought this is why they may not have killed him outright, but he really does not know.

Pastor R has been moved to a hospital near Damascus. Most of his bleeding has stopped, but he has lost a great deal of blood and there is little blood available even in the hospital. He has many deep open wounds that are becoming infected. He has not been able to take in any fluids. Today is the first time he has been able to move his mouth enough to call me, but his speech is notably affected.

I did not see the need to ask for any further descriptions of what happened, and it was very difficult for him to speak to tell me all this. I could hear explosions and gunfire in the background as he spoke.  He does not think he will survive this…unless God intervenes supernaturally. This is why I am sending out this urgent request for prayer…earnest prayer.

Would you please join me? I’m sure you will want to add much to this short prayer on your own.

Father God, we come before you in the mighty Name of Jesus. We bring Pastor R before your throne at this critical time. You know exactly what has happened to him and the condition his body is now in. You have moved on his behalf many times, and we ask You to do so again. We plead the power of the mighty Blood of Jesus over his entire body now, from the top of his head to the bottoms of his feet. Only You know when it is his time to be brought home into Your presence— if this is not his time, heal him, we pray. We think of the Apostle Paul and the many afflictions he suffered as he proclaimed the Good News of the Gospel to the Gentile world. Our brother R has suffered much as well, and for the same reason. Your Word tells us that Paul even climbed out from under a pile of rocks after he had been stoned and left for dead! We, as Pastor R’s family, ask You Abba Father, to raise him up as well. Our faith, O LORD, is in You; our complete trust is in You; our future as Your people is completely in Your hands, and Your sovereign will is absolutely perfect! So, because You have instructed us to come boldly before Your throne, we come boldly! Raise our brother up once again! We will continue to give You all the praise and glory, forever,  AMEN.

Jake Geier


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    1. The last I’ve heard Christine is that he was in fact brought to a medical facility near Damascus. He is needing donations of blood of his type. One can imagine that finding blood in that war-torn part of the world is a challenge, but then we serve a Big GOD. I will update his condition as soon as I hear more. Thanks for caring, asking, and praying.


  1. We are praying in Wisconsin. Another small group of us last night. KNOWING that, if this is NOT his time to get to be with Jesus face to face, that the Lord will heal him. Selfishly I want to see him raised back up to care for his flock and woo others to Life.

    Also praying consistently that the fear of the Lord would fall on ISIS and all who are deceived into thinking that torturing and killing Christians is somehow pleasing to God. May the dark veil be lifted! And may the angels of the Lord be sent to surround our brother and his missionaries and their converts.

    Thank you for keeping us posted.

  2. I received a message from HOB’s Sister Norah in Jerusalem just a few minutes ago which I would like to share with you.

    “Dear Brother Jake & Sister Anne Praise God, praise God, Praise God I just heard now that Pastor R has waked up and he recognize his friends that they were guarding him at the door of the intensive unit care.

    Oh, Brother Jake, your powerful prayer and your wonderful team prayer have been honored by God and certainly Pastor R was raised up from dead
    Lots of thanks.


    I would like to add quickly that it was the prayers of thousands of people around the world that has touched the heart of God, not just a few of us. Pastor R went into the hospital in very bad condition, and was not expected to live. He was not aware of anything for about 24 hours after arriving. He had little blood left in his system and had not had any fluids for three days. He is however now awake and fully aware of his surroundings and those that have kept a vigil around him.

    Pastor R profusely asked me to thank all who have prayed for him. He had no idea so many thousands of people love him and it brought him to tears as he was speaking with me. Because he is not suppose to be talking at all yet, he had to cut his conversation short. I prayed for him quickly and hung my phone up.

    Once again, thank you everyone! We serve a mighty, mighty, and good loving God! And…Father is not finished with our brother yet, it seems!

    Lots of love,
    Jake Geier

  3. The time is now for Pastor R. to be removed from that area and returned to a neutral country. The Christians were warned at Thessalonica and moved to Berea, at the admonition of the Holy Spirit. Acts 17:1-15. Hear what the Holy Spirit is saying…. Craig Miller, Servant and Apostle of Jesus Christ. http://www.doyledavidson.com/

    1. Knowing his history and heart as I do, I’m really doubt that is going to happen. His very life has been given in service to the Lord. I do believe if he was told by the Spirit of God to leave, he would do so. It is something a person needs to hear for themselves. I do understand what you are saying, and why. Pastor R sees us as very near to the Kingdom of God taking over this planet, and this means there is little time left for evangelism before the Apocalypse begins. I happen to agree with him…

      I do appreciate all comments made, regardless if I agree or not. I am servant of the Lord and don’t know everything…


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