Seldom do I write three back-to-back updates this close together but the situation that has developed in the past week in regard to the attack on the HOB School of Ministry has brought an urgent need to bear.

Without belaboring the point, as readers already know, 3 teachers and 25 male Bible students were slaughtered a few days ago as they were meeting for study. The horror of what happened in the attack was bad enough but the fallout is also tragic. This left 28 widows and, although Pastor R does not have an accurate count yet, there are likely at least 85 children who have lost their fathers. 

Attacks like this have happened before and the House of Blessing has always taken care of the widows and children left behind. They will do the same this time around but the need is great and HOB needs your help if the Lord so leads. Your prayers are also very much needed for all those concerned. It was once again a great shock to the House of Blessing and this time it has rocked many of our missionaries.

Part of the fallout from the tragedy is that many of the missionaries are now seriously contemplating going back to some semblance of normal life, at least, as much as one can do in a refugee camp. These brothers and sisters really need encouragement from the Lord and need to experience a touch of God to help them overcome what has happened. Like I said, it has happened numerous times before, and I have been writing about them for ten years. It has been a terrible tragedy every time, but this attack seems to have rocked some of our courageous brethren more than ever before. 

In conclusion, please take this matter and our hurting brethren before the Lord and together we’ll ask Him to intervene. Pastor R has been hit very hard this time as well. None of us on the outside can really imagine the toll such events take on him, I’m afraid. I have heard his tears and groans of grief, but I am halfway around the world and he is right in the thick of it all. We, however, serve a faithful God and He hasn’t missed a thing. He is quite aware and still in control of all things. 

Forever in His Service,



4 thoughts on “URGENT MIDEAST UPDATE….5/29/2022

  1. My heart grieves for the HOB. I cannot imagine what they are experiencing for their service to God. I pray strength and healing for all. Jesus come quickly!
    Thank you for keeping us posted.

    1. Thank you so much Victoria. It is nearly impossible for us here in the West to comprehend such things but they are quite real. Tragic but God is still in control and Jesus’ coming is very, very SOON. Praise GOD! Thank you for your prayers for HOB!

  2. Praying that the Holy Spirit comes in such a supernatural way and brings comfort as only He can. Praying for finances to help take care of the women and children. Praying for multiplication of funds for all. Praying for encouragement that only God can give and ministering to the wives and children as never before in deep, deep ways. He has promised He will be a Father to the fatherless and a Husband to the widows.

    1. Thank you Linda. That is my prayer as well. God has always been on top of things and always will be. Nothing catches Him by surprise. He knew this was coming and has made provision way ahead of time. We just rarely see it until it arrives. The Word also many times shows us His view of taking care of the widows and the children. He is making provision I’m sure. My faith is totally in Him. God will also encourage those who are so discouraged at this time—in fact, already is. I heard from Pastor Rashid for a few minutes this morning and he, as well as most missionaries are doing better today. God answers prayer. Thanks for being one of those who has taken this task to heart, Linda!


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