This is a very short request for prayer. The House of Blessing leadership and its missionaries have an urgent need for prayer. A number of HOB missionary leaders were caught in a surprise attack by a number of Muslim extremists who shot and killed 27 of them, including brothers Akram and Mustafa. An additional 15 were injured in the attack and need healing from the Lord.

I have now received the details through a call from Pastor R and will share these details in the regular Mideast Update which is due to be uploaded within a day or two.

Please pray for the House of Blessing. Most all of the people involved in this horrendous attack left families behind. Even though we as believers don’t grieve in the same way as others do, it is still very, very painful, and even though HOB has experienced such losses so often, it is still a terrible shock. It is a great loss to lose such wonderful leaders, men of God who have touched the lives of tens of thousands. Regrouping of the leadership will not be easy, but Abba Father will give the wisdom necessary to continue the work of reaching the lost.

Please watch for the regular Mideast Update which will be available shortly.

Forever in His Service,

Jake Geier


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