Greetings All:

It seems before the most recent Mideast Update had officially been made available, a great need for prayer has come about. As you will have read in the update, there have been two large mass meetings in Iraq. One of these was in Mosul and the other in Fallujah. Thousands of people gathered to hear the Word of God, and through the powerful spirit-filled preaching of some of the House of Blessing missionaries, many, many hundreds made decisions to become followers of Messiah Yeshua. Both meetings experienced a great ongoing blessing.

A most unexpected turn of events however came about. The Iraqi military decided to arrest nearly two hundred from the two gatherings. 115 were arrested in Mosul and 75 in Fallujah. These were both HOB missionaries and new believers. There is no news of why, nor what was going to happen next. They have just been arrested and taken into custody. We are assuming they are in confinement somewhere.

We are sending out a special plea for prayer. We know that God is never caught off guard, no matter what it is that happens, but we, as true believers in Yeshua have been given the instruction in God’s Word to pray, coming before the Throne of God in all boldness. The veil before the Holy of Holies has been removed and Abba Father is waiting for His people to approach Him with their needs and requests.

Only our Father knows what purpose there may be in what has happened. It is not for us to guess. We can be assured though that God knows exactly where these folks are and what is happening. Let’s pray in earnest, bringing this problem to our Father and trust Him with the outcome. As the Apostle James said, “The earnest effectual prayer of a righteous man (or woman) avails much!”

Forever in His Service,

House Of Blessing


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