Three or four years ago, I watched an interview with Pastor John Kilpatrick, as well as a short YouTube video depicting what he felt God had spoken to him. Pastor Kilpatrick, who presently has a church in Alabama, was interviewed a number of times on various Christian television shows. Knowing quite well how many readers have one thing or another against various ministers or their ministries, it would be wise to set these things aside for a moment and digest what the Holy Spirit said to Pastor John and the thoughts it brought to his mind. The urgency in the message from the Spirit of God and the urgency in this pastor’s message is felt today by many, myself included. Please take the words below before the Lord in earnest personal prayer. Time is now too short to ignore the urgency God is asking for within the true followers of Yeshua in this generation, especially leaders…



This is what the Holy Spirit said:

“I have many ministers and they are speaking on my behalf but what is missing is the URGENCY in their voice. These mega-churches are really cognizant not to offend and they’re really careful as they get up to preach to people. Everybody leaves there feeling really good! Preachers refuse to preach on the coming of Jesus Christ. Where is the URGENCY?”

John Kilpatrick goes on to say:

I have never seen America in the place where we are right now. If you think all the persecution is going to stay in Iraq against Christians, you’d best think again! It’s already coming into this country right now. If we don’t tell people what they need to hear, God is going to hold us accountable and their BLOOD will be on our hands. Whenever we preach, we have got to preach with an urgency in our voice, that we need to be right with God if anything should happen to us. There are things right now in motion that may change our nation almost overnight, and for me to stand here like everything is alright, I CAN’T DO THAT! The politicians in Washington maybe can do that and lead you to believe that everything is going to be okay, but in the house of God there has to arise a siren that says, BLAST, BLAST, BLAST, Attention, Attention, Attention! Things are changing, and they’re changing quickly! We have to have preachers in the pulpit that are saying, “Watch Out! Warning! Warning! Red Light! Warning! People know something is going on in the Middle East, they know something is going on in Iraq, Iran and Damascus. People who aren’t even scripturally literate are trying to answer these things and they’re missing it a million miles and God is saying to the preachers, “Get Up and Tell TELL THEM!” It’s time to talk about what God’s doing! People are seeking the LORD! People are seeking CHRIST, and if they don’t find Him in the church, where are they gonna find Him? I have a question:

Where is the URGENCY?


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