By Jake

For me it has been quite a busy summer and as a result it seemed that I could not put enough hours into this blog back to back to actually get much written.  But, it was nice visiting with kids, grandkids, and friends.  GOD did create us to be family oriented beings and they are an integral part of our lives.

As I look back at the past few months, especially the last few weeks, it does not take a whole lot of looking around to realize that our world is on fast track to some epic events.  Some will immediately say, “Oh no!  Here we go again!!”  Don’t discount it all too quickly.  I can prove what I am going to be sharing.  I am not interested in emphasizing the spectacular, nor do I want to drag anyone to the point of despairing of the future.  To the contrary…we are hurtling into a tremendous time where we are going to witness GOD’s sovereign actions in His dealing with a fallen world—yet keeping a very close eye on His very own Blood-bought family.

As a way of getting “back in the saddle” on this blog-site, I am going to make some quick comments that are intended to introduce the subject matter which I am going to go into detail on and download to the site.   In order to cover what needs to be covered, it will be necessary to put many more posts on line, and in quicker succession—especially now that summer is pretty much over (here in the northern hemisphere anyway).   The storm clouds I have been harping on for months have been gathering for a while now, but now we are facing the actual storm itself.  We have an incoming convergence of events that are going to have a dramatic effect on life as we know it.  This is no over-dramatization.

In the last few days I have spent a whole lot of time on the road, having logged nearly 1500 miles, visiting the extreme eastern border of the state, the western edge of the state where it meets the mighty Pacific Ocean, and then the metropolis of the Portland area, and all the areas in between.

I had an experience a few days ago that I will never forget and even though it is impossible to convey the intimacy and gravity that it left me with, I would like to share it with you.  I had taken a break from driving and was kind of lost in some music that I was listening to.  I was listening to one of my favorite groups and got to thinking of the time when the LORD calls His own to meet Him and then on to His hiding place provided for His own during the extreme times of judgment slated for this rebellious world.  As I listened, I started to pray as well as worship Him for Who He is.  As I did, I prayed words along this line:  “LORD, I’m so very much looking forward to hearing that Great Trumpet call.  Please call us home…”  Then what happened is hard to explain.  GOD cut right into my prayer.  It felt like He was sitting in the back seat but leaning on His elbows right in between my wife and I, watching the road as we drove.  His interruption to my prayer also seemed to come from the side, so that it would cut right across my own prayer.  I believe GOD did it the way He did so that I wouldn’t be tempted to think it came out of my own imagination.  He only said two words, but the earth itself could have stopped its spinning and the effect on me would not have been any more powerful or impacting.  He only said two words:  “VERY SOON!” He said it to me in a way that there would be no doubt in my mind that it was HE who spoke.  It was also said with such emphasis and power that I was awestruck.  It was an interruption of my own words to Him, and even though I heard Him within myself, it seemed to come right from my left side where I pictured Him leaning on the backs of both front bucket seats with His arms, thereby watching the road ahead just as we were.  It was absolutely amazing and impossible to forget.

You may question the experience I had, but I have heard GOD speak to me off and on before, and I know when He speaks.  The Bible says that GOD’s people would know His voice.   Here’s the point though.  Regardless of your theology or even view of life and how the future of this planet is going to unfold, this was a Word from GOD that He set in stone for me.  Did it have a date attached?  Absolutely not.  It did however tell me that events were hurtling to a conclusion—and probably much quicker than most of us think.

In telling me this, GOD was not telling me to move into a cave or some protected hollow in the mountains.  Now this is very important:  He was emphasizing again that we need to prepare ourselves to meet Him.  Many just half hear this and so it has little if any effect on them.  That’s tragic because that means that we have lost our AWE of Who He really is!  Not only that, we don’t care enough to let ourselves even go there!  That’s a sign of pride and arrogance.

I do a great deal of reading, studying, and listening to all kinds of speakers, theologians, scientists, leaders in our government, astronomers (not astrologers!), pastors, evangelists, and prophets.  The majority of those that call themselves prophets and so-called apostles are self-serving charlatans.  That sounds harsh but it is unfortunately true.  Of those that have proven themselves for many years and really do hear from the Almighty GOD, the message coming down to GOD’s people is this:  “Prepare the way for the coming of the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS.  Prepare your own selves without self-righteously examining everyone around you or comparing yourself with them!  AND, (GOD SAYS)…DO… IT… FAST!!” Jesus is now crossing the threshold and we are going to be standing before the GOD that paid the ultimate price for our forgiveness and freedom, as well as an eternity living out an inheritance that we cannot even imagine!

Folks, I have been hammered over the months and handful of years that I have been told by the LORD to bring this to people’s attention.  I’ve been told that I put too much emphasis on it; I’ve been told that it’s tiring to hear all this “gloom and doom”.  I’ve been told that all this “end of the world ‘crap’ is getting old.  I don’t blame people for reacting, but the only reason it is causing the negative response that it is, is because our western materialistic lifestyle is so heavily engrained in everything we do!  End time comments are quite upsetting!  By the way, the world is NOT going to end. We are just going to experience a radical change of dispensations.  Believe me, if we were living in grass huts without all of our entertainment, sports, expensive “toys”, and our pampered lifestyle, we wouldn’t react to this nearly so much.  But, as it is, people like me are usually held at arm’s length; in fact considered “loose cannons”!  lol.  Our message disturbs the status-quo and requires us to follow through with things that are quite uncomfortable—like recognize our total spiritual destitution without the blood of Christ.  It also requires repentance, and humility of all things!!  This is what Jesus is requiring of His own!  We have lost our first love!  We are so shallow in our walk that there is no power flowing through us, nor is there any supernatural peace and joy!  The bulk of Christian people look like overripe persimmons!  YUK!  No wonder the world around us wants nothing to do with us!

Well, I’m getting way off track but I think it was meant to be.  If these things are a reality, then we are in desperate straits and need a sovereign act of GOD to lift us out of this deadness.  Remember what Jesus said, “DO IT FAST!”

For those of you who have heard this most of your lives and walk out of the room when it starts—or bury yourselves in the TV or computer until it hopefully goes away quickly, I have an important piece of information for you.  Being tired of it here is a minor thing.  You will hear about your own arrogance and stupidity for having rejected the one and only ALMIGHTY GOD who loved you so much that He sacrificed Himself on the cross in front of a self-righteous humanity who couldn’t even see reality for what it was in spite of the fact that it was staring them in the face!! This GOD/man could easily have wiped the entire universe out at that very moment, but chose not to because then YOU and I would have no chance!  HE WAS INNOCENT!

So, don’t be a fool!  Some of us still choose to live and exist in circumstances that greatly offend the ONE who designed life and how it was to be lived.  Many have children who beg their parents to take them to church—and because of their own self-righteousness, pride or both refuse to do so.  Do we have any idea how much the GOD of creation loves children??  He said it would be better if an adult tied a great stone around their neck and drowned in the sea rather than being a stumbling block to these children that GOD loves so very much!  I DID NOT SAY THIS, GOD DID, argue with Him!! I’ll give you a clue, you won’t win that argument…never.

So, with all these thoughts right out of my heart and mind as GOD gave them to me, I’m going to wrap this post up.  It’s not the direction I intended to go, for sure.  I am back in the saddle though as far as making the most I can with this blog-site.  School is now in session again and I have much to write and catch you up with.  I also have much new material that you may or may not have become aware of.

The end of this year will be very tumultuous—unless GOD puts the brakes on.  I don’t see that happening now anymore, although I will never question GOD’s timing.  2010 broke all world records when it comes to catastrophes, etc.  2011 has already passed it as I said it would at the beginning of this year.  I’m not into sensationalism, but be prepared for monumental events in the next few weeks and on into 2012.  America has some of the biggest events on their way this nation has ever experienced.  All existing records will be broken, and not by a small margin.  September will be a very important month on GOD’s calendar for multiple reasons.  I will go into detail on the individual items on the docket in a couple days but here is an abbreviated list of things coming down.

  • Palestinians are petitioning the UN on 9/20/2011 for full independent and recognized statehood—while ignoring Israel’s requirement that Israel be recognized as the sovereign State of Israel, among other crucial unresolved issues.
  • Arabs by the multiplied millions are making plans to march on Jerusalem to enforce the petition, and participate in as much civil disobedience they feel necessary—including martyrs by the millions as has been threatened for months.  Just picture some of the demonstrations and marches here in the US, which were quite tame in comparison.  Then picture what happened to London recently, as well as Paris not that long ago; that was in “western society”, and not in the middle east!
  • A “day of rage” is planned for September this year.
  • September 21st of 2011 is a recognized world peace celebration, lol !
  • Libya is close enough to collapse that its take-over by the Muslim Brotherhood who is taking the reins all across the board.
  • The US will be down to less than a handful of thousands of troops in Iraq, and this will leave the opening needed for the two major factions of Islam to enter a monstrous war which is intended to bring the caliphate back.
  • The 12th Imam is due to make his appearance to the world any day now.
  • The rein of Assad is just hanging by a thread and will collapse as it was with Mubarak in Egypt—within days or very few weeks, it appears.
  • Jordan is very close to cutting ties with Israel now, and it will join with the new non-Israeli power in the region, Iran.
  • Turkey has thrown Israel’s ambassadors out of the Israeli embassy in Ankara and will soon join the violent forces aligned against Israel.
  • The monarchy of Saudi Arabia is due to fall, and it will do so quite suddenly, as well as Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait.  Yemen has already essentially collapsed and is being controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood behind the scenes.  All the other Islamic nations will follow suit in quick succession.
  • The US is turning against Israel more and more, even though it seems to look on the surface like they might still be Israel’s ally.  This is more and more of a smoke screen.  Biblically, this is foretold as well.w
  • The UN cannot confirm a sovereign State, but the UN security council can.  The US is the only member of this five nation group that has any inclination to help Israel, but threats have been made to Israel that this may not happen this time.  What is required of Israel is more in the political and international interests of America than the sovereign nation of Israel.  If the US allows this Palestinian State, it will be one of the gravest mistakes this country has ever made and I expect the repercussions within a day or two afterwards—and they’ll be serious.
  • The Jewish feast Hoshanah begins at the end of September.  This , has to do with several things but some of the highlights of it has to do with fasting, prayer, recommitment, and repentance.  It is called the Feast of Trumpets as well.  It is a feast in preparation for the Day of Atonement, ten days later.  This is a very significant series of feasts which the Feast of Trumpets introduces.  Just in passing by the way, the trumpet is blown 100 times during this time, and the last time it is blown is called the “last trump”!!  The feast of Trumpets also has to do with GOD’s judgment.  True humble repentance brings complete forgiveness and therefore the Day of Atonement provides the certification of absolute forgiveness, one could say.  There is also a rescue from catastrophe included in this fast/repentance/humbling one’s self/and atonement.  It appears that it may very well refer to the “Rapture”, which in the original is called the “harpazo”.  I know some don’t believe in the rapture, in fact some go as far as calling people who believe in it, heretics.  I’d be very, very careful about going that far.  The whole Jewish traditional wedding is used as a type of Jesus coming to get His bride unannounced.  See the parable of the 10 virgins in Matthew 25.  One of the definitions of the rapture is to grab by the hair and quickly pull one out of danger of disaster or catastrophe.  Hmmm!  I have a study that is quite detailed that with some editing will be ready to download on line.  It is long and so will probably need to be broken into two or three sections.  It will answer many questions, I’m sure.
  • Isn’t it interesting that everything going on with the UN, US, the Palestinians, and Israel is happening at the end of this month of September?  There are also unique and possibly rather ominous signs in the heavens at this very same time?  Even the constellations show the exact picture described by John the Apostle in Revelation 12—including the Great Red Dragon, which has never appeared in the same way before?  Much more on that later.  Also, this is the strongest alignment between Elenin, the earth, and the sun.  It’s not even sure that it is really a comet.  If it is, then it is a harbinger and is the first shot off the bow which has a number of other cosmic bodies coming after it has passed.
  • There are political / international alignments forming in preparation for all-out war around the globe.  These are going on while I am writing this post.  I will go into detail on this when I give a detailed explanation of what Jesus said in Matthew 24 in response to His disciples questions.
  • There are also crucial meetings being held to deal with the economy—not just of the US, but the whole world.  The world economy is in the condition that the engine of my best car was about two weeks ago.  It had lost its circulation, had lost its coolant, and was pegging the temperature gauge out.  My engine froze up within 1/8 mile of noticing the problem.  This is where the world economy is, and I must say that it is so by the design of an elite group of globalists that intend to form a world government that figure they’ll run.
  • There are also multiple meetings all over the world to bring the world into one great big religious conglomerate.  The Vatican is heavily involved in this as the Catholic Church would like to pull all religions under the pope.  I will have much to say about this subsequently.  It affects many of you, I’m sure.
  • The push to integrate man, animals, and machines has reached a fever pitch and is going to show its real colors within months.  Be watching as this is very, very deceptive and dangerous.  GOD said He would send a great delusion upon rebellious mankind at the time of the end.  We are there!
  • Man has been conditioned to accept beings that are nothing like mankind.  Hollywood has paved the way and history will repeat itself for the third time.  More ahead on that as well.

Believe me, there is so much more.  I believe that the first four horsemen of Revelation 6 have been released to set the world up for what follows.  You may not agree, but don’t throw the thought out too quickly.  I believe I can make a pretty good case for this.  Besides, it has nothing to do with your salvation or mine anyway.  I happen to believe that the Rapture will most likely happen at the sixth seal.  At that time, all hell will break loose, literally!  If the “harpazo” is real as I believe it is, this would be the time when our loving Father would pull His faithful ones out “by the hair” just at the last split second before the cataclysm erupts.  Just something to think about…

So, what should we do???  Don’t go looking for a cave.  Don’t spend your next 10 years savings trying to get a bomb shelter built, even though WWIII is on its way and there is sure to be plenty of radiation to go around.  How big is the GOD that we serve anyway?  He fed millions of grumbling and moaning Israelis in a very unforgiving desert—for 40 years!  This includes taking care of their animals!  Their shoes and clothing didn’t even wear out.  All I can say is that GOD hasn’t become impotent!!  But…it’s high time to start trusting Him with absolutely EVERYTHING now, as practice.  He will carry us through.

Should we fear?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Should be be glued to the news and every stick of information available?  No!  If we do, we forget to read GOD’s answer to all this.  We also forget how to live, don’t we?  Even though about 1/3 of the Bible has to do with telling us what is ahead, it spends more time on what the Christian life is all about, and how to effectively live it.  So, let’s do it.  We dare not ignore GOD’s instructions for life and our relationship with our GOD, but neither do we dare ignore all the information lovingly supplied to us for this very day.  Let’s not be fools and do so much picking and choosing what makes us feel the best.  We are to be mature and ready for anything.  In II Timothy is says that the Scriptures have been given to us so that we might become mature and lacking nothing.  Unfortunately most churches have their own agenda instead of GOD’s agenda—and so they are NOT complete.

Enough for today…Keep Looking Up. The KING is coming!


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