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Sorry I’ve been a bit remiss in writing lately, but it is summer you know!!  With apology in hand and your acceptance graciously received, I move forward with great anticipation as to the coming prophesied events unfolding before our very eyes. — Hallelujah!!!  The Lord’s glorious return is so very near!!!

But …. back to reality for a moment.  On a recent side trip to the coast, my wife Robbin and I did a bit of shopping and happened to drop in to a Christian book and supply store.  After just a few short minutes, I noticed that the contents in the store were very limited as compared to some of the others that we’ve visited. The book options were mostly focused on the newer popular ministries such as ‘Instant Wealth’ or ‘How You can be a Better You’. I could find no commentaries on Bible prophecy or individual books of scripture. They did however have an abundance of cheap jewelry, book-markers, yellow pens, movies at exorbitant prices, and of course the cute license plates that can be displayed on your car. — Not to be rude, we did purchase a couple of yellow markers.  As I went to pay for them there was a middle-aged lady and a much younger girl at the counter waiting to accept my funds.  Upon receiving my receipt, the older lady handed me my change and also a small book with a red, white and blue cover. Immediately, because of my keen sense of wisdom, I realized that it must be about patriotism and how America fits into God’s plan.  So, without hesitation, I asked the obvious question and without missing a beat, she confirms my suspicions. I then told her that I really didn’t want the book and (my mistake) told her that after much study and prayer, I’d become a-political and felt that America may not play as big a role in the end times as many might think.  I then received a stern rebuttal as she proceeded to tell me, and anyone else standing in the near vicinity, including the young girl, how wrong I was and that I should read this free book and learn the truth ——— which provides me with the perfect opportunity to answer some of the comments generated by my last commentary, “War or Witness”.

As you may recall, I talked about how a large portion of the evangelical movement has become very militant and believes that America’s destiny is to be the world’s protector and will assist in ushering in the golden age of peace and prosperity that is soon to come to the world. — Rest assured, I am thankful and truly blessed to have been born here and thank God for it often.  As I mentioned before, I served in the military and have seen much of the rest of this fallen planet and do count my blessings……………………. But after considerable study and seeking God’s wisdom, I believe America came into being for two specific reasons: 1) To send missionaries throughout the world to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, and  2) To oversee the ushering in of the state of Israel in 1948 and to be its protector going forward.  Granted, America was founded on Christian principles and, up until recently, tried for the most part to follow those guidelines.  But let’s be honest for a minute and look at just these two issues and how America responds to them today.

To start, for the first time since 1948, we have a president who does not stand with the state of Israel.  In short, our government has walked away from its ‘unconditional’ support of the Jewish state.  I truly believe that as long as America supported the state of Israel, God’s supreme protection would hover over this land – But the minute that changed, our days as a powerful and thriving nation would change.   We’ve seen that protection removed and look what’s happening all around us …. record heat, cold, tornadoes, fires, drought, floods, economic chaos……………………. coincidence??? I think not.

Truthfully, America has been in existence for some 235 years and has done great and wonderful things throughout its history, but Christ walked the earth some 2000 years ago, not to mention all those who preceded Him.  Going forward, when studying prophecy, America is not specifically mentioned as being a main player in the final analysis.  I think America may be around for a while longer but will continue to fade on the international scene, the cause mainly being economic failure.  If the current trend of turning our backs on God’s chosen people continues, it will be shorter rather than longer.

As for the state of our nation’s spiritual and moral condition, it is unprecedented as to its rapid deterioration.  Since the 1960’s, we have plummeted in both areas. One of the pivotal points in all this was when we began to remove God from all of our public displays, when prayer was removed from schools and public functions, and the like. This is the period in which the true ‘separation of church and state’ took place.  I do know that the two subjects we shouldn’t discuss in public is politics and religion (and we’re doing both), but I want to spend just a brief moment on this issue.  As for the political side of this ‘separation’, I couldn’t care less.  But it does concern me when it comes to our Christian walk if and when we should ever become involved in the political process. …….. So to start, I went to Webster’s dictionary and looked up the word ‘separation’.  The most apparent definitions were: being separated; break apart; division; living apart; disunite; to severe; not associated……………. Now, for a moment let’s pretend that I am going to run for office.  If I’m elected, it won’t be so bad.  I only have to leave the Lord at home each day to wait for me because he’s not allowed at work.  That’s not so bad.  After all, I can spend time with Him some evenings and most always on Sunday mornings………………. You get the point. Like I stated in my last commentary, you can’t have it both ways!!  You either are or you’re not!  Either you accept it all or you don’t!!!  No matter how much you look at this, if you are TRULY a Christian, you cannot separate Christ with any part of your life.  You are either all in or you’re out!

Going forward, we must understand that nothing on this earth, including America, is going to change the course of God’s plan concerning this fallen planet.  Jesus tells us that many ominous things must take place (Matthew 24:6) just prior to His triumphant return.  In fact, He says that they will increase in number and intensity as we approach this day.  He compares these events to ‘birth pains’ (Matthew 24:8).  Talk to any woman who has experienced childbirth and she will confirm this fact.

What we as individuals and churches must do is once again trust in the ultimate power of prayer.  Our main purpose in our time left is to pray for those who are lost and caught up in the chaos of these times.   As many of you will agree, it seems that we have entered into a stupor regarding the power of prayer.  It seems that whenever we face trouble, the last place we turn is to Jesus.  Instead we turn to psychologists, counselors, books, friends — everywhere but the Lord.

So I say to each of you and the church, instead of focusing on buildings, entertainment and the like, we need to return to the simple truths of God’s word and to the sheer power of prayer.  We need to turn our faces to the ONLY saving source that exists, that being our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”  Also, John 14:1 states: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me.”  And finally, Luke 21:28 says: “When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

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