Greetings to all of you:

This is a very quick update as of a phone call I just received this morning directly from Syria.  I am out of town for the weekend to welcome another grandchild into the world but brought my laptop with me.

Those of you who are on my e-mail list know of the continuing work done by House Of Blessing, based in Jerusalem.  This e-mail is exciting for me to send and I hope you will take the time to read the good things God has done within the last three weeks.  There are also serious needs for prayer which I hope to enlist you all to.  Thank You!

Three weeks ago I got the news that our friend R* and two others were nearly killed when they were surrounded by a band of 10 members of the terrorist group, Hezbollah.  The intent of the ten was to kill them but slowly and with maximum pain they could inflict.  All three were badly beaten with clubs and also stoned.  Not an inch of their bodies were spared the injuries.  None of the three were able to walk afterwards–in fact, hardly move.  Their followers managed to get them into a tent used by Miriam after she sold her little house to buy Bibles with.  As some of you know, she was brutally murdered by five men who slashed her up with knives and left her to die on the road because they caught her teaching others about Jesus.

I got a call and had the privilege of praying for all three men, two of them not being able to speak English but wanting to say something to me in person.  They had learned phrases in English right out of the Bible and spoke them to me.  I can’t even tell you how this affected me, but this old stoic German was in tears and could hardly speak.  God intervened though and I was able to pray for all three of them.

All three of these men were in wheelchairs and were taken care of by others that had found Jesus the Messiah through the ministry of R*.

Today I received a call telling me that several miracles came about.  Another large UN container was made available, this one being heavily loaded with food.  A great many people were blessed with this.  I might add–for those that have not heard this before, that the LORD arranged for a person with strategic influence to find Jesus as his Lord and Savior not long ago and has been able to direct 3 or 4 large containers in the direction of H.O.B. and those they are trying to help.

Another amazing thing that happened is that the other two men went home to their families, even though their condition was no different than that of R*.  One of them is the son of a Muslim sheik.  To make a long story short for this quick e-mail, they were both put on the spot and told that if their new-found faith is really of the true Almighty God, that this same God could also heal them and they expected this or they would not believe.

Both these men did not depend on God to do this in order to serve Him, and were quite reluctant to make a demand on God that might be seen as putting Him on trial.  They prayed earnestly for God to give them wisdom in how to handle the situation and both felt strongly to go ahead and pray in front of all of those family members who had gathered.  They then did so, and as they described it, it was like a powerful charge of electricity hit them both–knocking them down.  When they came to themselves, they found that God had intervened on their behalf and they got up walking and healed of their injuries.  Were all of their bruises and contusions removed?  I don’t know, but they had not been able to move their legs before this prayer!

As a result, 80 people on site accepted Jesus of Nazareth as their LORD and Savior!  These 80 are now already spreading the news of what they witnessed.  This is how quickly God is reaching any Muslims that will give God half a chance!  This is why Bibles are so very important for them to have available to give out.

R* is still in the tent where he has been staying for the last three weeks.  He is now able to begin moving one of his legs but is still quite incapacitated.  He is content to accept the fact that God wants him right where he is for the time being because he has his tent full of people all hours of the day wanting to be taught from the Word of God.  He figures God will set him free of his injuries when this part of his task has been completed.  Hundreds are being reached every day, and these hundreds are courageously teaching anyone that will listen–even if they end up brutally murdered.

R* has asked me to PLEASE thank everyone that has prayed for him and all of those working with him.  He says that he knows many lives are spared due to prayers from this side of the world.

My final comments would be a plea from my heart.  Most do not even know of what has happened to R* and those with him.  Besides the three that were nearly murdered, others were martyred.  The only thing that saved them was a larger group of terrorists that came through, shooting people right in front of these three men.  The ten attackers fled for their own lives, leaving the three for dead.

Many have donated towards Bibles; the least we can do is let them know that these Bibles have in fact been paid for and delivered.  The delivery of these Bibles also brought about this attack.  This however is what the devil does; we might as well expect these attacks.  We can’t allow our own safe lives keep us from caring about those in another part of the world that are paying the ultimate price while we enjoy a life that others can’t even imagine exists anywhere on this globe.

Please pray for R* and the hundreds being raised up to preach and teach.  Also pray for the tens of thousands that have been reached this last year–all doing whatever the can to serve the only true Messiah, Jesus Christ.

They of course also badly need more Bibles.  That need will continue from now on until the LORD calls us home.  Please don’t look at this as a begging for money.  It is an opportunity to show God that we are thankful for the abundance we have been blessed with, and how much we really do love Him–and those that He loves so much in a part of the world where He and His followers are hated like we can’t even imagine.

H.O.B., R*, and I would be so very blessed if you pass this information on.  These people deserve our support and prayers.  It is a command from the Word of God which we dare not ignore–no matter how inconvenient it may be.  None of these new believers are envious of the blessings we have; they are just grateful for every prayer and every dollar made available to make more Bibles available to pass around to the thousands that are wanting one to share with others.  20-100 share each and every Bible provided!  Hard to imagine, isn’t it?  Their Bibles are their most prized possession.  Our’s gather dust on the shelf too often, I’m afraid.

While they are putting their lives on the line, I’m asking the LORD to lay it on the hearts of many to help them in the way we best can from this side of the world–lots of prayer, and money for more Bibles.  We are going to meet these believers when we all arrive in the Lord’s presence!!  God Bless You all for helping in whatever way you can.  Time is of the essence; war is imminent and doors will close.  It’s now a race against time.

Thank You All!

Address to use:

3206 SW 45th Street
Redmond, OR. 97756

All donations are tax deductible and are put into a Stateside account for HOB within a couple or three days of receipt.


1 thought on “JERUSALEM UPDATE, May 4, 2013

  1. I will tell you how people here in America are. I started a stain glass business in Jan of this year. I wanted to give away free bibles. I didn’t have very much money so I took 33 dollars and bought bibles. I tell people they are free and they put it down and walk away, does this make since? Okay then you run into places that won’t allow you to put them in your booth, saying they are a by product. I bet I still have 25 of the bibles I started with. It makes me feel as if I am failing God. America doesn’t even care anymore. I etch bible verses on stained glass and sell then for 5 dollars, no one buys them. Put a butterfly out there and they will buy it. I don’t know how to do what God wants me to do. I feel so awful for these men dieing for our Lord and others that have it made totally ignore Him. I will gladly pray for them,it’s the least I could do but the most powerful. Thank you for all your post. I miss you writing as often as you use to. Thank you

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