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Just a quick update on H.O.B. and R* who is literally sacrificing his life for the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.

R* has serious injuries from the beating and stoning recently.  He appears to have received substantial injuries to his nervous system, as well as other injuries that are not being relieved yet.  He is still in Syria staying in Miriam’s tent; still confined to a wheelchair because he can’t walk.  He is using the time though to continue training many more leaders so that they can continue the work.  I am reluctant to share more that God has given me to know.

Please pray.  He has only asked for prayer so that he can get back out to where he can reach more of the very people who hate him and what he has to share.  Would to God that we all had that kind of commitment and faith!  As it is, hundreds are being reached every week.  This is no exaggeration folks.  All he asks for is prayer and more Bibles that these people treasure more than their own lives.

It seems very few have the drive to pray for this man who is half dead; yet God commands us to do so.  I’m afraid most of us are more committed to sports play-offs, golf, Hollywood’s discusting productions, and so on.  I could say more, but won’t because I don’t want to hurt those that are diligent with what God is asking of them.  Please folks, realize what “time” it is.  Syria is collapsing and WMD’s are being used in greater and greater amounts.  People are dying with white foam coming out of their mouths.  Those in the inner circles say major war is imminent with Israel, it’s border nations, and Iran–likely now within six weeks!

What have we done for the Kingdom of God?  What are we going to do in the next 6 weeks???  Let’s make the most of it!!  It affects our eternity, and the eternity of tens of thousands of people who are lost…

Please deny the demands of this dying world and fix your eyes on Jesus!!


1 thought on “Short Jerusalem Update–April 30, 2013

  1. Jake, I never let a day go by without having HOB in my prayers , I ask our Pastor every Sunday to pray for HOB also. May God help R and repair his broken body so he can go on doing this wonderful job in such a dangerous area. My eyes tear up as I write this, as I feel I know this wonderful brave man. May God help him and all these brave people. Thank you and Bless you for these updates.


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