NOTE:  In looking through this news post, I spot-checked the news articles and hopefully they all come up as well as planned.  There are more articles than there is commentary once again, because of the large amount of events happening.

I heard Glenn Beck make the comment on his TV show on the Fox News Channel yesterday that there is so much news happening so very fast that it is impossible to cover it all.  That was my feeling when trying to put a collage of news articles together a couple days ago.  I was out of town one day and so much more has happened that I am going to it is going to be difficult to keep it from getting long, especially since I usually add comments—or more.  I appreciate your patience as this site goes through its changes, adjustments, remodeling, and of course my own learning process in doing it all.  THANK YOU!

In part one of this week’s news post, I mainly covered what is happening in the Mideast. That of course is only escalating, but I will come back to it again and again.  It is headed to an explosion.  Today, I’m going to cover a few other issues that have a great bearing on our current lives.

Jesus in His “Olivet Discourse” (Matthew 24; Luke 21), gave a list of things that would all be happening at the same time in the terminal generation–our generation.  One of these has to do with escalated abnormalities with weather, earthquake activity, volcanoes, and the increasing aggressiveness of the animal kingdom, as well as other things.  I thought it is quite the interesting phenomenon recorded in a news article having to do with animals that can be dangerous, but are not naturally man-eaters.  This is one article of many, but it tells of tigers and elephants (of all things), actually eating humans.  The elephants in particular came in a herd and rampaged a village, killing people, destroying everything, and even eating at least one man.  That is especially surprising with elephants, which have been known to become quite aggressive, but never man-eaters.  I had saved the link but apparently had it wrong and could not put in on the blog for your viewing.

What is happening with the weather is nothing that is going to catch anyone by surprise, but the weather abnormalities are escalating by the day.  The extreme cold that is hitting numerous areas in the world is of no little concern.  Northern Mexico is said to have lost a huge percentage of its crop of corn, most areas between 80-100%,  as well as other food that we take for granted will always be on our supermarket nicely arranged and adequately sprayed with water to keep them fresh.    China is also very likely at this point to lose about 2/3 of its wheat crop, and it is the largest wheat producer in the world.  China does not import wheat, but it looks like it will be looking to purchase wheat like most other nations this year.

Sysco is raising its prices on the food items that it supplies all over the country.  I was rather surprised last week when purchasing a few things for dinner that I was putting together, and found a note attached to the little shelf provided for check writing, and in the note the grocer apologized for having to raise prices so much and so quickly, but said the reason had to do with the lack of adequate supply due to the extreme cold weather having destroyed many crops.  They promised to keep the prices down as much as possible.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember ever seeing a note like that at a grocer’s checkout stand.  It’s a sign of more to come folks.  Be prepared and try and be prepared. NOTE: This is a time to do the opposite of human nature though.  Let’s be generous with others, and especially don’t cheat God in your support of “worthy” God-ordained projects.  PRAY to make sure what you are supporting is something that God is involved in.  If not, your money is being wasted.  None of us can afford to be any less than the cheerful givers that God has asked us to be.

There is an abundance of information showing all of the natural disaster damage to crops all over the world, not the least of them being Australia and the multiple record breaking weather events, causing disaster that has really not even been estimated yet to any degree of accuracy.  Australia is a vast land with vast potential to meet the needs of a world becoming increasingly  urbanized.  Australia has made many comments to the media in response to what has happened to them; one of the being, “What next??” Another one just said,   “All these disasters, no worries!”

As far as other things that are developing, here is an article about the continuing of Chile’s earthquakes.  Several strong quakes were recorded within a 24 hour period.  Those of us that live in the US may not give it a second thought, but scientists are taking note.  What should be of note to Americans is the fact that the earthquake activity along the border between California and Mexico has never slowed since the 7.2 quake a few months ago. According to scientists studying this phenomenon, this is a major warning sign that something much bigger is brewing and will involve several intersecting fault lines when it does in fact produce a quake that is much larger than Californians already had last year.

The New Madrid fault is also more than just an item of interest.  The swarms of quakes, which are ignored by most people because they are not as noticeable, are a serious warning according to the scientists that watch them.  There are a multitude of articles that address this, but I have only included three because of the volume of items included in today’s news post. Notice the large amount of quakes! There is much that I’d like to draw your attention to very soon concerning the sharp increase in earthquake activity in locations all over the world, but will spend little time on it in this particular post.

I’m sure most everyone by now has heard of the disastrous 6.3 quake that hit New Zealand right in the middle of the work day.  So far, the latest figures I’ve heard is that there are 95 confirmed dead and still at least 200 or more missing.  It is suspected that about 100 may have died in one building alone, once it has been completely gone through. Christchurch was hit hard last year, but this “aftershock” appears to be worse than the original event.

Just for the record, I am expecting more escalation with quakes in 2011; frequency of events, amount of devastation, intensity of the quakes in general, and likely coming in multiples.  We have not experienced that that I am aware of.  Can you imagine a Haiti type of event in one location and then one like the Indonesian mega-quake / tsunami event in another location on the planet, but at about the same time?  It will happen, in due time.  I would like to mention one other quake.  The earthquake that happened at the Suez Canal was only a moderate quake, at 5.9 on the scale.  The thing that set it apart from any normal quake is the length of shaking.  It rocked and shook for a full 27 minutes!  I don’t remember ever hearing about anything like this before.  Hmmm!

Volcanoes are another part of all this needing to be brought up in short here at this time, but in much more detail very soon.  I know many of us have gotten to the place where it brings a bored yawn when things like this are brought to our attention.  Geophysical forces are something that typically are not worrisome to us until we are caught by surprise by a significant event, or we find ourselves running for our lives because of something that is threatening from close enough to earn our attention.  This is the case with volcanoes.  Mt. St. Helen’s thoroughly got our attention, but after all of the news had run its course, it was pretty much put into file 13.  Yet, volcanoes, and the threats they represent, should not be dismissed so quickly—no matter how long it has been since a particular volcano has erupted.  Volcanoes are the most violent force on earth.  They are more violent that earthquakes.

The last time I actually checked to see how many volcanoes are active on our earth, it was somewhere over 20 at least.  That may be a deceptive number though because I found that in Indonesia alone, over 20 of their 150 volcanoes or so have had their threat level raised at least one level in the last year.  That doesn’t even mention the multiple threats of the volcanoes in Vanuatu, which have become active seemingly as a group.  Iceland’s volcanoes are threatening one after the other.  The volcano Eyjafjallajokull that blew in 2010 caused multiplied billions in economic losses besides the fact that it nearly shut Europe’s air travel down for a period of time.  This volcano however has a “sister”  just twelve miles from it that generally goes off as well within a period of months or a couple years.  Lately though,  scientific sources have warned that there are other volcanoes showing activity—some of them significantly.  Iceland is a country loaded with volcanoes, and if there is to be volcanic activity on this earth, Iceland is one place it is quite likely to happen.  The latest scientific warning has to do with Iceland’s largest volcano.

But, when it comes to big, there’s always something bigger.  There are the “super-volcanoes”.  There seems to be a discrepancy between scientists as to how many of them there are on our planet, but it is somewhere around 6-8 or so.  The largest one in the world is Yellowstone.  The US happens to have two more in the lower 48 states as well.

I have read quite about Yellowstone and its geological history–as best that can be guessed at today anyway.  I have noticed several articles lately mentioning that Yellowstone is showing signs of coming alive again.  This involves earthquake activity underneath as well as other things including swelling of the surface.  This volcano is overdue for its typical blast, but geological times are much different than our very short human lifespans. Anyway, I am including one current article speaking to this.  I have also found reference to activity in southern Europe and in Germany as well–both of them being said to have super-volcanoes—at least by some scientists.   I’ll bring some articles up about them at some other time though.  Here is one I have in my files concerning Yellowstone.

There are many other notable things that have happened in the last few days, and I’ll list just a few more.

The potential of war, major war, is increasing by the day.  It will take a full post to give details, but for the sake of this post which I had promised to have out yesterday, let me just mention North Korea once again.  It seems that the rogue regime has completed a “space platform” from which they can now successfully launch long range ICBM type of missiles that will easily reach the west coast of America.  I for one believe they are going to do it.  It appears that they are about to do another nuclear test.  North Korea has a very troublesome agenda, and let’s not fall for the lie that China is also worried about North Korea getting out of control.  China is very capable of controlling North Korea, and is in fact doing  so.  I’ll repeat something I have said before:  North Korea’s #1 enemy is not South Korea, it is the United States.  That is also China’s #1 enemy, if the whole truth were told. This is something to keep in mind when we watch all of the political and international maneuverings.

Another huge issue that is affecting everything we do, and will get much more critical, has to do with the world economy.  Most of us don’t want to think about it, and we may even think that it is going to straighten itself out.  After all, we live in America and the land of the free and the brave will pull out of it as it always has before.  How can the American Dream be dead?  We have kids and grandkids that “deserve” to experience the best that life has to offer.  WHY??  Can anyone tell me?  America has allowed the cup of rebellion against her “Great Benefactor” to keep filling until it has now filled to overflowing.  Are we better than everyone else?  If God didn’t spare the “apple of His eye” when it got to this place, why would He do so for us?  I’m going to leave this subject for the time being, but as I’ve said more than once, I am thoroughly convinced that God showed me in 1996 that America had taken a turn that they were not going to turn back from.  You however don’t need to take my word for it, in fact please don’t do so.  Get your own answers from God.  He’ll speak to anyone if we want it bad enough.  The time we’ve been given since then is for God to harvest every last person that will turn.  The time has also been very busy as the machinery has been running full steam to complete what needs to be completed for all of the next steps to take place.  Please don’t ignore what is happening!  Don’t allow your many years of hearing God emphasize that time is very short be the very thing that convinces you to not see the forest for the trees.  God’s patience was a blessing for you and me!  Now, whether you realize it or not, or even recognize it, the message has changed!  The message is to you and me folks!  God’s love is incredibly deep for us, but He is still GOD, and is NO FOOL!  Also, he will fulfill every iota of what He has predicted will happen—in spite of us, if need be.  I for one have no intention of missing His generous warnings, promptings, and now maybe even the darning needle poking me quite hard in the rear…Please hear the cry in this modern wilderness by this old guy!  Please…PRAY!

The economy of the world is going down.  Period!  It has to so that the person the Bible calls the “Anti-christ” will easily be able to convince the world that it needs him and his miraculous answers to planet earth’s chaos.  The process though requires the American power to be broken—economically, politically, and militarily.  The shadow-government (who by the way really do exist), has the end of 2012 as its goal for a working New World Order.  It has been planned for a long time, and has been implemented in less obvious ways for years now, but has now come to the time of not having to hide its actions or agenda anymore—at least for the most part.  Time is not only short for Christians, but also for the elitists of the world.  One of the factors involved for them is the change coming at the end of next year in the zodiac.  Have I told you that it is a grave mistake to be involved in all the stuff associated with the horoscope?  It is linked to the demonic realm.  I won’t go into the facts at this time but will when I get a chance.  So much to do, yet so little time…

The head of the International Monetary Fund has been uncompromising on his statement that the American dollar needs to go.  The movement to remove the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve status is not imagination.  IT IS IN PROCESS! That does not mean much to most people, but pull up the economic posts I’ve already written and I explain in simple terms what this means, and how it will break us.  Don’t ignore this! One of the things that God does to a nation when they break their covenant with Him is to “make them the tail and not the head.”  This is found in Deuteronomy 28-30.  And…don’t toss these scriptures because they are from the Old Testament.  God did not throw the Old Testament out in favor of the New.  Jesus made it clear when He said that He came to fulfill the Old Testament, not throw it away!

By the way, all of the great sounding prophecies by people that are recognized as great leaders in the “Church” today, will not eliminate nor negate the principles God set into motion!  Many so-called “prophets” will be confronted with the false prophecies that they have polluted God’s people with over the last few years.  God doesn’t miss a thing.  That is made quite clear in numerous things that God said in the Old Testament.

The international economy is changing day by day.  The price of oil today went over $100, and it going to go up to $150-$200 a barrel, if not more.  The article I saved in my files just show where oil was as of yesterday.  The is how fast it is changing!  The Islamic world has at least four “choke points” available to them if they really want to keep the western world from being supplied with oil.  All they need to do is unite in their final agenda.  I find it interesting that this is exactly what is in process, and the Bible describes the events that we are seeing today, to the detail.

The global economy is going to be hit with at least a “one-two” punch. The price of fuel is skyrocketing and food is becoming scarce as well.  Bad combination!  This will bring immediate desperation to people all over the world.  Desperate people do desperate things, and they are easily conned into supporting a movement that promises them wonderful sounding things, but has an evil agenda attached to it.  This is already what is happening in the Mideast, and is going to spread all over the world.  China is facing its own “Jasmine” revolutionary movement, which is to involve nearly a dozen of its major cities, at the least.

I found it interesting to see that the German entity “Boerse” is in process of taking over the New York Stock Exchange.  It has been happening for a bit, but looks to be well able to pull it off.  The thing that hit me about this is that one piece at a time, American influence is moving overseas.

The problems don’t stop with the economy, although most everything in one way or another is going to be connected to it.  I found it interesting to find that the administration in Washington D.C. has sent out official notices to the military that they are to be prepared for food riots here in the United States—THIS SPRING OR SUMMER!  Did you hear what you read?  Information has also slipped out that the army has ordered mass shipments of rapid fire rubber bullets for crowd control.  One would wonder why that would be necessary in an educated and advanced culture of “peace & love” culture in America.

But then, when you see the news about what is happening in Wisconsin, with Ohio next on the agenda to confront its budget shortfall as well, one can see where this is leading! Several other states are in line.  46 states are facing a budget shortfall this year, conservative numbers saying that the states are least 160 BILLION in the red—so far! Some state capitals are leasing out their government buildings in order to save some cash. It goes on and on!

Authorities are saying that Islamic terrorists are slipping through our porous southern border.  We have now had have confirmations that some WMD’s been caught coming through.  The disturbing thing is that many have gotten through undetected!  The FBI says that there is a 100% chance of another terrorist attack at least as great as 9/11.

I won’t go on with this, but the reason for America’s swiftly growing overwhelming problems is because America as a nation has decided to kick God out, yet invite in every other demon from hell.  Can we really expect God to bless America with prosperity and when we want Him out of here?  America has been in the process of rejecting God for decades now, and we are now seeing the consequences of this.  Yes, there are still millions of Christians in America, but for the most part they are weak, asleep, and have lost sight of spiritual reality.  That’s why God has to call on a bonehead like me and others of my kind that are making themselves quite unpopular and pretty much viewed as “wild cannons” because of the message we are required to shout from the housetops.

So, much can be said about America too.  Some already has in past posts, but more is coming so if you feel I’m not hearing from God, you can tune me out.  It’s important to make sure though, because if I’m hitting the mark, you don’t want to reject the message, because it comes from the very Throne of God.  You decide.

I’m going to end this “news” post at this point because I ended up commenting way more than I had intended to.  If you’ve actually read this far…WOW is all I can say!  Most will have tuned out way back in the post—or decided not to read it at all…

God Bless, and Be Expecting The KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, soon.


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  1. Great commentary…… I’m looking forward to you going into more detail I can’t believe how fast things are happening. Time seems like it’s speeding up. God has given me a peace about it, I think it’s a blessing to be able to see the times we live in. I tell my friends we are living in Biblical Times.

    I look forward to your future posts.

    God bless you and your family, may the Lord return soon.


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