(Just a quick note, I have found that two or three of the news articles below seem to sometimes not be available, then later they are, but I left them in place.)

I was looking back over the news articles that I’ve kept in a special folder in my computer, and it’s amazing how much has been happening.  I’ve been pretty conservative in the articles I’ve saved for later use, and yet in the last four days or so have set at least 50 or so news articles about major news developments.  I made a huge mistake in shifting things around in my laptop and then lost power along with internet connection a couple dozen times the other day and actually lost another 75 or more important articles.  Oh well, they keep right on coming!

In this news page, I would just like to leave a number of news links to look at, but for today will limit the commentary.  I’ll have plenty of that on another day.


Much is going on, and it is becoming increasingly violent and deadly as this spreads from nation to nation.  I’m sure the actual casualties were under-reported in Tunisia and Egypt to begin with, but the violence did not escalate as quickly as it is now.

One of the nations that has seen deadly force being used in the attempt to quell the chaos on the streets, is the little island nation of Bahrain, which is ruled by a monarchy.  Below you’ll find links to some interesting reading.

Deadly clashes in Bahrain

Thousands call for the toppling of the Bahrain Monarchy

If we lose Bahrain

Deadly clashes in Bahrain

I know there is a controversy over whether the US should be in all of the places that it is in the world, but sometimes it is worthwhile reading the thinking behind what is done. Oft-times we think things have a much simpler answer than they really do.  This is not an argument in favor or against on my part at this point.


Libya was beginning to show signs of trouble days before it actually hit the streets to any significance, but here we go!  I didn’t work on my blog-site over the weekend other than doing my best to keep up with the fast moving events, but I was taken aback at the amount of deaths that happened in such short order.   Moammar Qaddafi, having been in power for 40 years, has no intention of losing his grip on the control of the country.  He has sworn to fight to the last bullet.  It remains to be seen if that is what he is really going to do. Below are some interesting news links.

Libya helicopter gunships shoot on crowd, killing hundreds

Over 200 dead in Libya

Libya’s and Bahrain’s turmoil is by no means nearing an end.  We are watching Biblical prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes.


Egypt is heavily spoken about in the Holy Scriptures, and it will be in the news for the duration of the time that man struggles to solve his own problems while ignoring the only One that really has the answer to the whole human condition.  With Mubarak having left the country and it fallen into the hands of whomever is going to take over, quite a number of news articles are coming out.  Below are some that you’ll find interesting.

Mubarak condemned US administration for its actions, just before he stepped down

Saudi’s warned Obama administration to provide Mubarak an exit without open humiliation

Saudi’s blame US for throwing Mubarak under bus and the responsibility for much of the mideast chaos.  The kingdom by the way is in process of revisiting their relationships with their allies, and are presently upgrading their relationship with Iran!  NOT GOOD.

Saudi king threatens to bankroll Egypt with the 1.5 billion in aid that the US is threatening to pull.   Much more is going on with Saudi Arabia and the gradual coming together of the Sunni’s and Shiite’s of Islam—for a common purpose, #1 to destroy the “great Satan”, America, and then of course the “little Satan”, Israel.  That will come up in a later post.

Israel’s take on what is really happening in Egypt


Jordan is doomed but doesn’t know it yet.  It also has a peace treaty with Israel signed by the present King Abdullah, which is the son of King Hussein that signed a treaty with Israel in 1995.  I have posted quite a bit about Jordan but will just include some articles today. Jordan is making the fatal mistake of now calling Israel their enemy, yet Israel has never been their enemy except when attacked.  Queen Raina is also becoming the brunt of much criticizm, and is part and parcel to other complaints of the public—whether legitimate or not.

Assorted critical mideast problems

We’ve already established it pretty clear that the mideast is moving toward a horrendous major conflict—designed to break America’s influence, and destroy it if possible, and of course obliterate little Israel.  Below are some articles having to do with different things going on, but that you’ll find interesting, I’m sure.

Iran’s president says once more that the US and Israel will soon be, not only of no significance in the mideast, but be destroyed as well.  Iran makes it real clear that they don’t intend for Israel to survive very much longer.

Iran has two warships planned to go through the Suez canal so that it can enter the Mediterranean Sea and dock at a Syrian post.  Israel has made it clear that it might have to act on this.  No Iranian warships have been allowed through the Suez canal since the Iranian revolution in the 70’s.  The United States has also taken action and boxed the Iranian ships  with a nuclear aircraft carrier and four support ships.  This does appear to be a temporary measure as the latest reports I’m seeing as I type this is that the Iranian ships are being let through.  This report has changed several times now, so we’ll see tomorrow what has really happened.

The signs are becoming clearer as time passes for the formation of a new Muslim caliphate. Israel sees how the dominoes are falling which can only lead to a devastating mideast war. As a proof of this, there are now rumblings in Morocco as well.  It appears that George Soros is involved, as he was in Egypt and other locations.  It appears that there are things going on behind the scenes that none of us is really aware of.  It is disturbing to see that George Soros and possibly even the State Department is working with some evil players on the mideast playing field.  It has been said many times, and here now again, that Khomeini of Iran is pushing for the total removal of the US from the area.

There are many other interesting things that have developed these last few days and will be included in a second news page which I will post on Wednesday.  The second page will include the threats of unrest here in America.  I have several articles that you will find enlightening.  The second news page will also include much on what is happening with the world’s weather, earthquakes, as well as other disasters.  I will include articles that show what effect that is going to have on the world economy.

In the next news installment, there will also be articles about North Korea and recent developments there.  I do want to include at least one more news article concerning the New Zealand earthquake that just happened.  It is apparently classified as an aftershock to the 7.1 quake a few months ago, but has brought great devastation to Christchurch and surrounding areas.  This quake happened right in the middle of a busy business day and has caused considerable structural damage as well as 65 deaths—so far.  Current reports say that there are bodies still not removed.

Much is happening in our world today.  There is no arguing the fact that things are escalating.  Jesus made the statement that we should watch and be aware, praying at all times that we might be worthy to escape the things coming on the world, and stand at the feet of the Son of Man, Jesus.  NOW is the time, not tomorrow!


1 thought on “News Page, Feb. 21, 2011: Looking Back At The Last Few Days…Part 1

  1. Just incredible. Thanks to your tips to me about where you have gotten a lot of your news sources along with some that I had already been reading on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis, I have read a lot of what you post about before you post about it. We really are living in the last days and it is becoming more and more evident everyday as prophecies are fulfilled in the headlines of news agencies across the globe. I am anxious for the return of our Saviour!! I know mankind will have to go through some horrendous, never-before-seen, disasters and conflicts but these are simply birthing pangs before the earth is reborn again and Christ sets up His kingdom here on earth to banish sin and all that goes along with it. Now is the time to set aside all petty worries and problems, repent! and recognize Jesus as the lover of our souls and the true King of Creation.

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