During the time that this website was down due to server issues, I did a whole lot of research reading, thinking, and of course praying to the Omnipotent One, that is not only All-Powerful, but has all things well under control.  That of course is quite contrary to human nature, especially when one has too much on one’s mind.  I get frustrated with the little things, things that in the big scheme of things are not going to be of much importance.  My laptop keeps tossing my printer installation away; and even when it is working, I keep losing the wireless capabilities.  Then, this happens, then that happens, and if not those, it is something else!!  Anyone ever been there?  But then I hear this still small voice inside that says, it isn’t all that big of a problem, Jake.  It’s not life-changing.  It’s just a nuisance, and you know…that is absolutely right.  Don’t sweat the small stuff!

But, that is not what this post is all about.  I had grand ideas for this post and the next three or so—and actually still have them planned, but have been directed to something else that I’d like to slip in before the other things I had planned.  Sometimes God does that.  I’m just going to type right off of the cuff, so I hope it is well enough understood to you the reader.

When I look at the news, it is overwhelming.  There are those that say the news has been overwhelming for a long time, but judging by the news articles that I’ve collected over the last couple weeks, there has never been a time like the one that the human race is living through today.  I was going to do a special news page and still may before the weekend is over, but not right now.  I also am in process of the second installment of “Are We Really At The End-Times?”  That will have to wait for this post as well.

There are a number of things that we as people really need to get a grasp on.  If we don’t, we are going to pay a very high price.  I am going to bring some of these things to the table in no particular order.

Whether we like it or not, we are living in a dying world!  It is not going to recover from its disastrous flying leap off the cliff of sensibility and sustainability into an abyss that none of us are even capable of even imagining.  It’s like we’re on a freight train that is being powered by a whole pack of locomotives, each having a 10,000 horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine.  It has already made the slow approach as is described by Bob Dylan’s song, “Slow Train Coming”, years ago.  It has made even a slower trip up the steep mountain track, but has crested, gained momentum as each car goes over.   It is now hurtling completely out of control.  To give you a good picture of what is happening, it is much like Denzel Washington’s latest movie, “Unstoppable”.  That was quite the movie by the way, for those that enjoy an occasional movie.  In case you think I’m dramatizing something, toss the thought!  It is much worse than any movie can show with the most masterful dramatization.  I’ll give plenty of proof when I finish the posts having to do with whether we are really at those days that Jesus spoke of.

Now that I have been really successful at giving a negative feeling to this post, allow me to go on.  PLEASE stick with me on this.  God wouldn’t asked me to write this if He didn’t intend for us to get something pertinent out of it for the present situation we are not only in, but quickly moving into.

To continue; not only are we living in a dying world which is hurtling into an abyss of horror, but those of us that are living in the United States of America are living in a quickly deteriorating and dying empire.  None of us like to hear this; in fact, most will choose to ignore what I’m saying.  That does not change the facts though.  How do I know this?  Several ways.

  • Our nation has lost its lofty and respected position in the world, in fact, in many places it has become a laughing stock.
  • Our formerly much desired “American Dream” has turned into a nightmare.
  • The economy of the United States is in shambles.  It is facing the situation that Greece, Ireland, and other bankrupt countries have and are facing.
  • The American dollar, which has been the “reserve currency” of the world since the end of WW2, is losing its value—much more quickly than we realize.  In fact, it is being said by the international bankers of the world, as well as the International Monetary Fund, that it will be replaced THIS YEAR!
  • The American educational system used to have bragging rights of being #1 in the world.  It is questionable if it even ranks average today.  Out of the top 34 industrialized nations on earth, the US came in 14th in reading, 17th in science, and a horrid 25th in math!
  • Our military, which was unquestionably the top in the world, by a long shot after the Soviet Union collapsed during President Reagan’s presidency, now is losing ground very quickly.  Our technology is successfully being stolen—or given away, our agreements with Russia and China are crippling us, while they are aggressively building up their war capabilities.
  • Our morals as a nation, which had not that many years ago been the envy of the world, now is not so.  America is exporting its immorality around the world.
  • Even though other nations have practiced abortion over the years, America originally would not consider the “taking of life”.  Now, since Roe vs. Wade, well over 50 million human beings have been sacrificed on the altar of the convenience of women, in the name of “pro-choice”.  This does not include all of the abortions that America has funded around the world.
  • Our nation’s affluence, wealth, and materialism has brought about the most shallow, selfish, self-centered peoples on earth.
  • Anarchy was something always seen to be an overseas problem.  It is now showing up on our streets, and we’ve seen nothing yet!  Wait until later this year!
  • Church attendance is going down dramatically, and the influence that the church world has always had in America has been lost.  By God’s grading standards, the influence in America has earned an “F”!

I could go on and on, but won’t at this point.  It’s important for you to know that I am well aware of America’s good points.  There are many of them, not the least of them being its generosity and its immediate response to any country’s disasters, even our staunchest enemies.  Yet, much has gone wrong!

America has failed to hold to the covenant it made with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob at its inception as a nation.  There was a very real, and powerful covenant made between the Pilgrims and the Holy God that planned this country and gave it its purpose.  He held up His end of the bargain, inspite of our gradual downhill run, until the cup of rebellion and wickedness was filled up.

God has sent numerous true prophets to warn the nation that it had taken a fork in the road that was leading it to certain destruction.  There have also been a multitude of false prophets that have attempted to contradict what the true message from God has been.  It has led many astray, and still is today.  They will pay a very high price for their falsehood as Balaam did in the Old Testament.  But, we the people should also not just blindly accept everything that comes out of people’s mouths, just because it tickles our fancies!  Most churches today are very guilty of presenting a very pleasant agenda—one that upsets no one.  We’re afraid to speak longer than 15 or 20 minutes because people may leave!  Yet, people ARE GOING TO DIE!  God will hold us accountable.  We are afraid to label real sin, “sin”.  We are afraid to warn people of what is in the immediate future because we don’t want to upset anyone!

So, someone says, I don’t really know what is ahead.  How can I tell people of what I don’t know?  God’s leaders today had better get hold of the horns of the altar and become as desperate as Jacob of old!  He was so desperate that he wouldn’t let loose of God until God responded to him.  We are wrong to expect God to answer us within the first five minutes our waiting to hear from Him.  HE IS GOD!  This is a message I am taking to heart very seriously myself these days.  I know I need more from God myself.  I intend to get more!  How about you?

When one reads Deuteronomy 29 and 30, it becomes very clear that God is the One that calls the shots, and He is the One that makes the requirements, not us.  God’s requirements of righteousness and holiness were not negotiable items then, nor are they now.  We quote the scripture that Jesus IS our righteousness, and that’s true.  Yet, we conveniently forget the abundance of Scripture that requires us to live up to the calling on our lives as Christ-followers.  It is wrong to elevate grace so much that we think it doesn’t matter how we live, because “God will understand”.  He knows how weak we are, and He knows the society that we are surrounded by.  He does not allow us to use this as an excuse, neither will God change His viewpoint for my sake—nor for anyone else’s.  HE IS GOD!

Eli was a priest in the Old Testament whose priesthood ultimately failed.  It was tragic.  He himself was a good man, it seems.  The thing that God judged the most harshly in his life is the fact that he did not deal with his grown sons, who were also priests of the Lord.  These men lived despicable lives.  The account is given in the Old Testament book of I Samuel.  All he apparently did was tell them that he was hearing bad reports, but did nothing about it.  Apparently Eli didn’t have enough respect for what God required to deal with the situation.  These sons of his had sexual relationships with all kinds of women, as well being guilty of other blatant sins against the Lord God.  They paid with their lives, as did their father.  It doesn’t matter if we think this is fair or not.  God doesn’t deal in “fairness”, He is “just”.  Justice was served.

The American Church has not taken its required strong stand on issues that show rebellion against the God of Creation.  It has failed for a long time now, getting more and more mealy-mouthed as time went on.  Justice is now on its way, and the Church is very guilty of failure.  American society is committing the same sins of every other empire that has fallen.  We were to be the “salt of the earth”, and “light on the hill”!  What has happened??

I won’t get into everything involved with this, but just speaking of the moral issue:  It started with a philosophy which said, “if you can’t find the one you love, then love the one you’re with!”  Then it became multiple partners, swinging, homosexuality, bisexuality, and other abominable lifestyles.  Bestiality is now on its way in.  You’re shocked?  We should be shocked, but it’s already making its inroads, and it won’t stop there.  I could go on…

Hedonism has taken a strong hold in America.  The worship of the Creator God has become very distorted and misrepresented.  The results are now obvious.  The majority of the western church is in the grip of apostasy.  This is the Church of Laodicea that is spoken of in the last portion of Revelation 3.  We can have God prick our consciences at times on Sunday morning when we are at church, but then come home and after watching TV for a little while, it is pretty much gone.  In fact, Hollywood is very good at making a hedonistic lifestyle look really funny.  2 ½ men is a good example with Charlie Sheen.  Our sensitivity has been destroyed and we need to get it back!

We avoid many scriptural passages because they make us uncomfortable.  This even applies to Biblical prophecy, which most churches in the country avoid with a passion.  It is our responsibility as Christians, not to skip any of the Scriptures.  We’re going to need them.   We need to take a good deep look at the parable of the 10 virgins that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 25.  It very much applies to us today!  We have a serious choice to make today in how we intend to live between now and when the Lord returns.  There is a Scripture that we need to pay a lot of attention to.  It says this:  “Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man”  (Luke 21:36 NIV) Please spend some time thinking that scripture through very carefully—word for word!  It’s a heavy one, if you get what it seems to be indicating!

This post is already quite long and I’m going to end it with some rather heavy statements.  Please hear me carefully.  I’ve been running into information for a while now that I’ve been sitting on because most people will think it belongs in some crazy conspiracy files.  Well, if you want to think so, that’s your right.  But, it might very well be at your own peril.  I’ll give many more details in a few days, but the word is slipping through from some of the highest sources that the American dollar is going to be brought down somewhere between March and July this year, 2011.  Initially, it is planned to devalue it 50-70%!  Can you imagine what that is going to do to everyone’s budget?

Meetings have been going on every two weeks in major cities all over the world hammering out the process of destroying the dollar and instituting the new world currency, which has already been named the “Bancor”.  It would be too easy to dispel these, what we’d like to see as wild rumors, except that there are way too many news articles pointing to this being legitimate.  Calls all over the world are demanding that the dollar be removed as the world’s “reserve” currency.  I’ve written about this before in some of my economical posts.

Top economists are saying this is a very high possibility, and very, very soon.  We know this:  the people will not be warned when it happens.  It will happen overnight or on a weekend.  Banks will be closed.  France’s Sarkosy is currently the president of the G-20, and he is calling for the dump of the dollar.  Russia and China already only do business bilaterally their own currencies.  The head of the IMF is also telling the world that the time of the dollar is over.  Take a look at some of the previous economic articles to see what affect this will have on us.  It will totally destroy the middle class.

The president has already warned the military to be ready for food riots here in the states by spring.  HERE!  Riots are already happening in Wisconsin over economic policies on the table to try and deal with the massive state deficit.  This is only the beginning.  The army has ordered rubber bullets to aid in crowd control, all over the country.  More on this in another post.  There are other telling things happening to indicate that this dollar crash threat is not merely fear-mongering, but the real deal.

From other information leaking out, the economic crash is step one of a very detailed and deadly plan.  Seven major cities in the United States are “scheduled” to be hit with dirty bombs later this year, 2011!  The names of those cities have been announced.    This will devastate America and kill 3 million people.  That is being said to be the second stage, with the third one happening in 2012.  America will then come under the “real” attack.  Full on nuclear war will then be waged against America’s other main cities, devastating the country beyond recognition.  After America’s back has been broken, it will be attacked by both Russia and China, with China offloading millions of soldiers via Long Beach, California and San Diego, to overrun the country.  The southern border is scheduled to be overrun by troops from Central and South America.

Enough said!  Is it all true?  We’ll see, but from the people that have come across the information, it is from people that they have known for decades, and have access to the absolute top people in the world—those that no one knows the names of, but who actually give the orders to presidents, kings, and dictators.  Their plans are nefarious, to say the least.

What should we do?  We can’t stop all this, but we can see to it that our relationship with God is where it belongs.  The World Government is being put together as I write this.  We are facing evil days, like never before.  Most people don’t believe that this is even possible!  That is foolish; the Bible says otherwise.

If you have ever gotten serious in your relationship with the God of Heaven, it had better be today.  I believe that God is about to pull His people out of here, but is your relationship with God beyond being only skin-deep?  A shallow relationship will not do.  Let’s please examine ourselves.  All our personal agendas are of little value.  All of the things that we put so much importance in, for the most part mean nothing.  Let’s find wht is of value, and prepare ourselves to stand before the God that paid such a high price to make our freedom possible.

More soon…


2 thoughts on “The Perils of 2011??

  1. As we witness the unfolding of bible prophesy, we are told to “look up, for your redemption draweth nigh”, Luke 21:28. I can’t imagine any human wanting horror to come into their life/world, but if you and I label ourselves as “Christian”, we should be wanting our Lord to return, Amen? So, I’m hoping we’re not in a group of socialites hoping for human magic to bring our world back to sanity. Let us rather pray for strength to help us endure what must come.

  2. Hey Jake,

    Good and “uplifting”article! And sadly, I agree with most all of it. I, too, read many news headlines every day from the “prophetic eye” and it is truly amazing what is going on all around us. — I don’t know if you noticed but when you mentioned News Headlines relating to Bible prophecy, my now defunct website had weekly headlines explaining to readers how they related to prophecy. Also, if you haven’t visited the “Rapture Ready” website, do so. They have daily news headlines of the same nature.

    There’s so many points I would like to comment on in this article but then this response would end up being longer than yours. — I totally agree with you on the condition of the American church. It is almost completely ‘Laodicean’ and we are aware of their ultimate fate. Also, the lack of prophecy teaching is appalling. The cause is obvious however. I’ve met with literally dozens of pastors and church leaders over the past several years and virtually none of them have a clue on how to teach it!!! To the point, today’s “semetaries” are not teaching it!!! Summing up, the banquet table is full of “Junk food”.

    One subject that I would like to discuss in private with you is the “americanization” of today’s church. Even though America was a great nation and truly blessed by God, it has only been around for some 230+ years and had specific roles to fulfill for the purpose of the overall prophetic picture. That now has been completed and with our current condition in which you’ve already fully described, we are not long for this world as we know it. — How long before the Rapture?????? Only the Father knows.

    It’s an adventure reading your thoughts. Keep it coming!!! The world needs to know this stuff.

    Serving with you in Christ,


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