Most of us do some thinking about the new year every time our New Year’s celebrations have ended and the new year begins in earnest. For those of us who are older, we can remember how each year in the past few decades has seemed a bit more troublesome than the one preceding it—or maybe, it’s just that way for those who keep an eye on current world events and correlate them to what the Bible says concerning the end of the age. The years 2020 and 2021 proved to be a couple years few of us could have imagined. However, I suspect 2022 might make the previous two years look tame in comparison. 

What does this have to do with the House of Blessing and this Mideast Update? Quite a lot, actually. The signs of the times which have become quite obvious add a greater urgency for reaching souls than ever. Not only for HOB missionaries however. The same urgency should be shared by all true followers of Jesus Christ, no matter what part of the world God has placed us in. Time is quickly running out! 

As we look at the world today, we see Russia poised to invade Ukraine. While we are watching Russia, China is well positioned and has every intention of taking Taiwan, possibly even at the same time. Then we have Israel and Iran who are ready to battle it out. Any one of the three situations could be the launching pad for World War III. Some have said that the fuse has already been lit. Possibly. WW3 will be a war like none before it. Once it starts, it will quickly go nuclear and the devastation and loss of life will be catastrophic. it is all about to go down. 

While we are watching the buildup for global war, we are seeing the forming of the world government Old Testament prophets foretold millennia ago. We are accustomed to hearing about the United Nations, World Health Organization, World Bank, International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, and other international organizations, but it is important for us to recognize that they all came about in this generation—our generation, and they came about right about the time the reestablishment of the internationally recognized sovereignty of the nation of Israel after its worldwide dispersion of roughly 1800 years. Coincidence? Not on your life!

There is more…

After two years, the result of the response to Covid-19 (not the virus itself), we have skyrocketing inflation, collapsing supply chains, and the economy of the world on the precipice of collapse. A comment I read a couple weeks ago on the website UNSEALED, Gary, the author said, 

“If we step back for a minute, it all makes perfect sense. The timing is perfect. Of course we would see global governance in the same generation we witnessed Israel’s reemergence. Of course we would see unprecedented lawlessness. Of course the technology and infrastructure for the Mark of the Beast, as well as its imminent threat—the former via Iran, and the latter via the 2020-2021 Big Brother clampdown. The end of the age has come. And by any measure we are right on the cusp of the 2,000 year anniversary of every single major event in the life of Christ, as well as the establishment of the Church.”

Well said.

A professional source I have listened to for the last 8-9 years on a weekly basis is an agent who works for the Department of Defense. He has demonstrated a wide range of scientific knowledge, including geology of the earth, weather systems, and astronomy, among other things. Because of his position, he has access to classified information including threats the scientific community is well aware are coming toward our planet from the cosmos.  Although he has been careful not to cross boundaries set for him by his employer, he has been able to share an abundance of pertinent information including many subtle hints at things that he cannot come right out and say. He made a statement this week that I have never heard him say and it was rather stunning. Because he is a true follower of Jesus Christ, we might want to take notice. After describing numerous powerful ‘Perturbers’  (heavenly bodies not from our Solar System) headed in the direction of our Solar System, intermingling with it, and how they are exponentially speeding up and now already disturbing our sun and its planets, he said, “This is it!”  From what he and many scientists know is about to happen to the earth, but are not allowed to discuss publicly, he knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are now on the very precipice of John the Revelator’s foretold Apocalypse. It is at the door and it is important that we recognize it. 

Lately, Pastor R has mentioned to me a number of times that he knows we are now very close to the end of the age and the Lord’s return. He feels it, the HOB missionaries feel it, and the speed of the harvest coming in seems to show it. 

In Pastor R’s call this week he told me that because Omar, Sami, and Mussa and their large group of missionaries needed to take a few days to get healthy again, three other brothers are filling in for them. Their names are Osama, Reayad, and Saaber. They have already blessed 520 families with some food and supplies–at least as much as they had available. When they ran out, they just prayed for as many as came asking for prayer. Because the winter is here with storms, rain, and snow, many tents are, like they do every year, collapsing. Besides helping supply 520 families with what they had available to distribute, they also rebuilt about 280 tents for the people and buried 17 of their dead. 

Pastor R said that Mufiedah, Fadwa, and Sarah have come down with the winter flu or maybe a virus and have also separated themselves in order to get their health and strength back. Three of the sisters are taking their place so the work can go on. Their names are Lailah, Nooha, and Labibah. They, together with their team blessed about 330 families with supplies as they could and also rebuilt many tents and prayed for hundreds of people. I mention the names of both the male and female missionaries who are carrying on the work of the regular leaders so that we can pray for them by name. 

Ibrahim, Mahmoud, Akram, and their volunteers blessed another 280 families. Sahbanber and Mortadah did the same with about 65 families. 

Ministry and communion services continued all across the HOB communities. The ones above were the ones who were able to get word to Pastor R so we had some idea of how things were going for today’s update.

These are desperate times for many people around the world, not the least of which are in the refugee camps of the Middle East. In a short second call I received from Pastor R, he said that he spoke with brother Osama. He said that the desperation is very great and people have resorted to scavenging anything possibly eatable. Anything green on the ground is fair game. Some of the people have found a green grass-like growth that is kind of like spinach. It is eatable and they have been making use of it. The UN is virtually absent and the people are on their own. Many are dying, some of starvation, others of exposure or sickness. Osama said he ran into over twenty mothers who were trying to give their children away so that they didn’t have to watch them starve to death. HOB missionaries are doing everything they can to aid, especially the brand new believers. What Osama and others have described is heart wrenching. Some of the widows were able to boil some rice and then were able to distribute the rice flavored water for the children to drink. We pray that the Lord multiplies what the missionaries have to pass out. Our God has done it many times before!  

Pastor R sounded okay but he is dealing with an infection of his throat. Many are praying for him for the Lord’s healing touch. 

Thank you all so much for the help you have blessed the House of Blessing with. We especially thank you for your prayers. God answers prayer! 

In this special time slot our Father has put us into, let’s be faithful to share the hope we have in Jesus with our world. There is growing hopelessness among people everywhere, especially among our younger generation. Many of them must feel like they are running into a blind alley with a brick wall at the end and no escape. There is no hope in world leaders or their institutions. The Bible said this time would come and now it is here. Jesus taught us that when we see the things He warned would happen at the end of the age, to look up because our redemption is at the door. He also taught us to continue being the salt of the earth and continue letting our light shine to the last minute. Our job is to plant the good seed and water it. The Lord of the Harvest will bring life to the seed. His Word will not return void. Praise God!

For those that may feel that the earlier portion of this update was disturbing or too heavy, I’m sorry…sort of. It is not a popular message in our day—particularly in the West, but we need to know these things and live our lives accordingly. Most people are asleep or totally distracted from reality–even Christians. We only get to do this life once! We don’t know the exact time of our Lord’s coming for His Church, but we do know the season, and this is it. Be it 2022, 2023, or 2024, we know it is very, very SOON! 2022 has an ominous feel about it!

God Bless you all as you keep on keeping on.

Forever in His Service,

Jake Geier


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