The Mideast Updates are generally focused on what is happening in regard to the missionary work of the House of the Blessing. As most of the world knows, however, Israel was viciously attacked by the Hamas terrorist group and because of the extreme brutality and extent of the attack, Israel is left with no option but to do everything in its power to not only totally dismantle Hamas’ power structure but also but also its extensive military infrastructure. The IDF also hopes to locate 150-200 civilians who were kidnapped and dragged back into the Gaza strip including many women, children, and seniors. How many of them are still alive is not known.

The world, for the most part, was in solidarity with Israel’s necessity to respond in full force. It did not take long, however, for that to change — starting with the United Nations and working its way down from one world organization and nation to another.

The Middle East is today on the brink of a major war; a war which could easily morph into another World War 3. In the middle of the increasing hostilities are the House of Blessing missionaries and HOB’s extensive community of believers spread all across the Mideast. There is a great need for sincere prayer for God’s direction and protection in the days ahead. The unfolding events are not a surprise to God and He will use all things for His purposes. Jesus warned us 2,000 years ago that the generation that sees the Jewish people gathered from around the world to become a nation again, would see the things we are witnessing today. We are very near our Messiah’s return to call His people home.

Brother Talal has confirmed that he and those with him are still safe but they do not go out much. Most of the shops are closed anyway due to the dangers. He expressed his gratitude for everyone’s prayers on his behalf as well as that of the House of Blessing.

Many have asked about Pastor R’s condition and I’ve been told it has not changed. He is still hooked up to life support and in a coma. He is in his beloved Abba’s hands.

I must once again bring up a difficult subject. I have received an email, as I’m sure many of you have, to instruct donations to be sent to a new account under the name of Bara Saeed Hasan Tabari. Please ignore this email. Some friends of HOB have even received emails supposedly from HOB with the name Nasser added along with Talal’s name as authorized to receive gifts for the House of Blessing. Brother Talal has confirmed this is a fraud. Please be advised, Nasser is not authorized to receive donations for HOB, nor is Bara. Brother Talal is the only one authorized to handle and distribute funds for HOB.

Thank you all for your prayers at this very crucial time for all the HOB missionaries and the entire community of believers. These are very dangerous times for them. Yet, the harvest must be completed.

Forever in His Service,



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