I have referred many times to the persecution the true Church of Jesus Christ has endured for the past 2,000 years. And it will continue until our Messiah-King comes and takes over the rule of this fallen world. Statistics show that more Christians have been martyred in the last 100 years than in the first 1,900 years since the first Christian martyr, Stephen. Yet, with the fall of every believer, as with a seed planted in the ground, new life is brought forth. This has been the story of the House of Blessing since its founding. 

In the last update, the story was told of Omar and Sami and how they had been captured and tortured for three days by Hezbollah militants who had tried to break them so they would deny Christ. As you will remember, two of the militants had had enough after three days and decided to let the HOB missionaries go. In  order to do so, they had to tie the third man up and gag him so he could not call for help. These two militants then humbled themselves and asked Jesus to become their Savior and Lord. 

I received a short call from Pastor R a couple days ago and he added a little bit to the story. The names of the two militants who set Omar and Sami free are Maged and Samech. Their entire families have now been reached with the Gospel and they have now relocated into tents within an area where many of the HOB community of believers live. This makes it much easier for the men to receive some good solid Bible teaching and training in how to share the Good News of the Gospel with others. God is good!!

In all areas across the Middle East where the House of Blessing community of believers are located, the work of the Great Commission continues. Hundreds of entire families are reached with the Biblical account of who Jesus really is.  

Wherever HOB is located, the work of the missionaries continues. They preach and teach the people; they pray for all that ask for prayer, and they feed as many as they possibly can. The communion celebrations continue; in some locations five times per day so everyone has a chance. In all areas, the HOB missionaries take it upon themselves to bury as many of the dead within their locations of ministry as they are able. 

As winter is coming, the yearly battle with tents blowing over and then needing to be reset or rebuilt has begun again. Pastor R told me that northern Syria already had a strong storm come through. With this storm, the rain was not so much the problem. The wind was quite strong and hundreds of tents were blown down and had to be rebuilt. 

The House of Blessing has made a point every year during this season to share the true Christmas message. Regardless of what actual day Jesus was born, the message is what is most important. While sharing the message, HOB has always tried to show the love of God by sharing whatever they have to help with the desperate conditions most of the refugees live under. The need this time of year includes items such as coats, blankets, medicine, etc. Of course, the missionaries distribute Bibles and wheat as they are able. Pray with us to the Lord of the Harvest that He will provide what is needed this year for this special season. Thank you all for your prayers and financial help. God always multiplies the gifts!

In conclusion, Pastor R and his assistants continue to pray for up to 180 people that come to him for prayer. He has also met with many of the main leaders of HOB several times a week. Please continue to pray for Pastor R’s health. He still struggles with health issues but intends to continue his calling as the Lord gives him strength. That is the same determination we all should have at this hour! Jesus’ return for His faithful remnant is very near!

Forever in His Service,



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