In the last update, I told the story of five men; a father named Suleiman, and his four grown sons, Majd, Mustafa, Refaat, and Aref. These five men had been raised Muslim but eventually became Islamic State (Daesh) militants. When in God’s providence their paths crossed with House of Blessing’s missionaries, Omar, Sami, and Mussa, they found that Jesus Christ was the true Messiah and then accepted Him as their Savior and Lord. 

Not many days after their own baptisms, Suleiman contacted Omar and asked him to return to his place for a day. When Omar and the other missionaries got there, they found a large gathering of Suleiman’s extended family. As it turned out, the entire gathering decided to follow the lead of Suleiman and his sons. 20 men, 30 women, and 25 children asked Jesus Christ to become Savior and Lord of their lives! In preparation for the event, Suleiman had already arranged a location at which everyone could be baptized. Ten of the HOB female missionaries aided in getting the women baptized while the men baptized the rest. 

The entire rest of the day was used to celebrate the occasion. Omar said that the entire group of people were very anxious to learn the ways of Jesus, their new-found Messiah! Time will be needed in which to disciple these new believers–especially in light of the belief system they have just come out of, and also, in light of the horrors they had been guilty of. Even some of the women had been involved in killing Christians–including members of the HOB community. 

Omar was able to leave five Bibles with Suleiman for him to distribute to family leaders among those gathered. How much God loves people–no matter what terrible past they bring to Him! What grace! What forgiveness! What miracles! God is good!!

For the rest of this update, things are much as they have been all winter long. One storm after another and after each one, hundreds, if not thousands of tents need to be reset or rebuilt. There are many dead needing to be buried as soon as possible. The winter sicknesses, including the COVID-19 virus attacks the most vulnerable and many lose the battle. Exposure is of course always a big factor.This is a fact all across the entire Mideast.

HOB missionaries continue distributing as much of the Oregano / mixture and the medicinal tea as they can. This is being given out to thousands every single week and the results continue to prove that Omar truly did hear from God about what ingredients to put together. Miracles come in many forms! These miracles also continue to be experienced every time the believers gather to celebrate communion. God is always present when His people gather to worship Him!

As most of us realize that the return of Jesus for His people, it is important for us to realize how urgent the hour is today. So many have no idea whatsoever of how critical the hour is we are living in. The ‘harpazo’ / Rapture / ‘Catching Away’ of the true followers of Jesus Christ is at the door! Are we ready? Are we watching? Are we praying? This is the time…!

Thank you all for your prayer support and also for the financial help for the House of Blessing. The needs are always very great. Once again, the month of Ramadan is near. It begins on April 12th and ends on May 12th. This has been a time of great harvest every single year. Pray that this year’s harvest will become the greatest yet. God answers prayer! Thank you all.

Forever in His Service, 



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