Over the past 7+ years I have had the privilege of writing these updates for the House of Blessing, God’s answers to prayer and His miracles have come in many forms, but year after year God has proven His presence with His faithful missionaries. Many stunning miracles have been witnessed; even the dead being raised before the eyes of onlookers. There have been other times when God took food that was not nearly sufficient for the needs of the people and multiplied it as it was being given out.

Over the past seven years, between 3,000-4,000 from the HOB community of believers, a large number of them having been trained through the HOB School of Ministry have lost their lives sharing the Good News of the Gospel. There have been several occasions in which HOB missionaries were kidnapped. Most often they experienced brutalities hard for most of us to imagine. Of course, we always pray for the Lord to intervene and allow them to be released. Many times the Lord chose to take them home but other times, He has intervened and saw to it that they were either found or they were able to escape their captors. Today, I am able to share the good news that our God once again intervened and His captives were set free!

Three House of Blessing missionaries that have become well known by the readers of these Mideast Updates; Sisters Mufiedah, Sarah, and Brother Omar had been jailed several months ago as they were sharing the Good News about Jesus. For quite some time now, there was absolutely no word as to where they were or what had happened to them. But, God’s people prayed and continued to pray for them. We also prayed that the Lord would especially empower them to even be able to minister the love of God while confined. God’s people also prayed for God’s protection over them. But, for months there was no word. Then, I received a call from Pastor R that all three had been released!

At this point, I don’t have many details but what I have been told is that during their incarceration, they were able to reach quite a number of prisoners as well as Syrian soldiers with the Gospel. Finally, the miracle we have all been praying for happened and the decision was made for them to be released. One problem however was that each of them had a fine that had to be paid. If I have the information correct, each of them had a fine of about $750.00 USD that had to be paid in order for them to be released. This is of course not money that any of the three had. But, then there is God!

A most unusual thing happened. God laid it upon the hearts of these new believers, both prisoners and soldiers who had just become believers themselves, took it upon themselves to raise the money so that the three missionaries could be released. The money was raised; Omar, Mufiedah, and Sarah were released, and they immediately went back to the work of the ministry they were so committed to and had been taken from.

The last word I received is that Mufiedah and Sarah immediately went back to ministering to the needs of the many who are being affected by the continuous fighting between the warring parties in the Idlib area. Brother Omar went back to his responsibilities with Sami and others of the HOB leadership.

For those that pay attention to news from the Middle East, the chaos and suffering is continuing in the Idlib area. The House of Blessing does not involve itself in the politics of what is going on, but they do what they can to aleve the misery of the people, and most importantly, share the love of God with them. Please keep Omar, Mufiedah, and Sarah in your prayers. We don’t know what they went through in the past weeks, but I’m sure they could use continued healing from the Lord.

In other areas, the work goes on as it has before. All around the Mideast, in the HOB communities of believers, the School of Ministry teachers continue training for the work of the ministry with those who are able to attend and in areas where it is possible. This includes in the Deir Ezzor region in eastern Syria where the former ISIS militants are eagerly learning the Word of God. The wives and children of these men are also being taught and trained in the ways of God. As we look at the miracle that God did in reaching the hearts of people who had formerly been killers, we are amazed. But, isn’t it a miracle when any human being experiences the regeneration performed by the Holy Spirit? It is a transformation that lasts for eternity!

The love of God continues to be demonstrated in all areas. This is through continued evangelism, helping feed the starving, ministering to the needs of the sick and dying, and distributing Bibles and Bible studies far and wide. Wherever it is possible, special communion services are being held. In all areas more and more people are experiencing the love of God and the peace that comes through spiritual communion with Him. This peace of mind and soul will not bring world peace to a Christ-rejecting world, but it will carry each of God’s true children through whatever circumstances they find themselves in. Jesus did say that we would find tribulations and trials in this world but He has overcome the world. As we have become one with Him, we will also overcome the world and no matter what evil rears its ugly head.

As we continue watching the development of events in the world, particularly in the Mideast, we see Bible prophecy continue coming together and fulfilled, just as the Scriptures has foretold. The build-up for major prophesied conflicts is continuing as I write this update. These things must come to pass. Knowing these things must unfold should however not cause us fear. God has given us a spirit of power, love, and a sound disciplined mind. We know we are going Home soon! Praise God!

In conclusion, please continue to pray earnestly for our brethren in the Mideast. People are being treated every day for injuries received by the incessant, indiscriminate bombings. Men, women, and children by the dozens are being treated and ministered to, and the dead are being buried as soon as it is physically possible to do so. Pastor R, Pastor Farid, and others are individually praying for hundreds every single day and God continues to answer prayer. God is good!

Many heartfelt thanks are sent from the House of Blessing community of believers for the generous gifts from caring fellow believers from around the world. Every little bit makes a great difference. “Little is much when God is in it.”  

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Forever in His Service,

Jake Geier


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