For those who have read the previous update, you will remember that an urgent request was made for prayer for Pastor R and several of the House of Blessing leaders. Pastor R had come down with a serious virus of some kind. It was not possible to determine if he was having a recurrence of the COVID-19 or if this was another virus of some type. On top of this, six HOB leader’s names were provided so that we could all pray for our brethren by name. 

Today, I have a story to share with you that we are undoubtedly going to hear more about in the immediate future. I received two very excited short calls from Pastor R in northern Syria where he has been for many months now. As the story goes, and his two attendants witnessed, Pastor R continued to get sicker by the hour. It did not take long for Yousef and Raddi to realize that their beloved mentor and friend was dying. Soon, his heart stopped beating, his face turned yellow, and there were no signs of life at all. His lungs and heart had both stopped. It was very hard for the men to say good-bye to Pastor R. After having done all they could to bring him back to life, and not wanting to say anything to anyone else yet, all they could think of doing was to cover him with a blanket and pray, pray, pray, and keep watch over him. They did this for three days!

And then something out of this world happened…

Pastor R on the other hand, found himself in a much different place than the wheelchair he remembered being in as he lost total consciousness. He described it as a most beautiful place, much like the place his good friend Nabil had described seeing in a vision while visiting Pastor R in his tent the night before he was killed some years ago. Pastor R saw lush vegetation, with beautiful trees, lakes, rivers, birds of all kinds everywhere, and children laughing and playing everywhere. He also said that he met some very friendly people who were very kind to him. Then, a very good looking ‘old man’ approached him and put his hand on his chest, a man with a very powerful hand full of great energy…

This is where we can bring Yousef and Raddi back into the story. They saw a ‘beautiful’, very nice looking old man appear, full of light and carrying great power and presence about him that lit up the entire tent with brilliant light. He said he had been sent to raise Pastor R up and then put his hand on his chest and told him to get up and walk! And that is what he proceeded to do— for a full fifteen minutes. As he walked back and forth in the tent, this heavenly being discussed many things with him. 

Yousef and Raddi were so thrilled to see Pastor R alive and walking they could hardly contain themselves and raised their hands in praise and worship to God for what was happening right before their eyes! Remember reader, Pastor R has been confined to a wheelchair since sometime in 2013. He and two other brothers had nearly been beaten to death and all three had ended up in wheelchairs. Pastor R had had another encounter with an angel since he was paralyzed and was allowed to get up and walk for a bit, but not for a full 15 minutes as he was allowed this time. In this first experience, he had been told that he was to stay wheelchair bound, and it was for a reason, but he was not told why. 

As this heavenly being spoke with Pastor R, he told him that he was doing a good job and that he was to go back and continue doing the same. His words were, “We are happy with what you are doing! Well done!” Naturally, a question that comes to mind is, “Who are ‘we’? Could this have been Jesus Himself in disguise, speaking also of the Father and the Holy Spirit? Or was this one of God’s messenger angels that we read about in the Bible and he was referring to other angels as well as all in heaven that may have some awareness of what was going on in the Middle East with Pastor R and the House of Blessing? I don’t know, and it seems that Pastor R himself is not sure. Personally, I suspect this was an angel sent to raise him back up—as was the case with Pastor Farid months ago, but I am only tasked with retelling Pastor R’s story. I was not there. 

After speaking with Pastor R and letting him walk for fifteen minutes or so, the angel told him to sit back down in his wheelchair, and he reminded him of what he had been told the last time he had been visited and allowed to walk. There was a reason why he was being required to stay in his wheelchair but it was not for him to understand why yet. That will probably not be made clear until Pastor R is actually in heaven permanently. There are many things that will be made clear to the rest of us that don’t seem to make much sense on this side of heaven either. 

As stated earlier, I am sure that we will learn more details about all that happened on that fateful day. My first call from Pastor R came about two hours after his visitation, and then I have received a little more information since. For those who know of Pastor R’s history, this story should not be too surprising!! 

One thing that has come out of Pastor R’s having been raised from the dead, is that it has caused great celebration, joy, and excitement among the HOB community of believers–as well as the refugee camp where he is living. It has caused a multitude of people coming, asking for personal prayer. There is a new anointing, new strength, and influence over and among the people. And, it is bringing in a great harvest of souls. 

The six brothers who we have specifically prayed for, made arrangements to come from their varied locations and sought Pastor R out. All six: Mouataz, Marouf, Raddi (a different Raddi than Pastor R’s attendant), Imad, Wisaam, and Othman were completely healed of the virus after Pastor R had laid hands on them and prayed for their healing. This is also the case with a great many others who came for prayer! This has once again caused many more to commit themselves to Jesus Christ, as the true Messiah. The are coming by the thousands!

God is doing amazing things in these last moments of the Church Age. Thank you all for your prayers, and thank you for your support. God is multiplying everything in order that this part of the harvest of souls can be completed. Jesus is about to return for His own! Maranatha!

For those who would care to donate to the House of Blessing, please see the home page. ALL funds coming into this website go to the work of HOB.

Forever in His Service,

Jake Geier


6 thoughts on “MIDEAST UPDATE…8/10/2020…”The Awesome Power of GOD!”

  1. Jake , Praise the Lord !! This is another miracle that has me thanking the Lord GOD as tears of happiness flow down my face in amazement of the power of GOD !! After all these years , I feel so connected to this wonderful soldier of the Lord. Amen and amen ! Thank you for this wonderful story. You and Anne are in our prayers every day as well as all of our HOB brothers and sisters.

    With love,
    Kevin & Cathy

    1. I find myself chuckling, remembering the excitement in his voice as he shared a few details of what had happened! It would be interesting to hear what Raddi and Yousef experienced during all those hours, and then when they watched the results of the visitation. Not something they’ll ever forget, for sure!

  2. Have been asking God if Pastor R had done so much on earth and suffered so much physically was it perhaps time for him to go home………what an answer!!!

    1. I have asked that question many times in the last few years. After this last event, I could not help but think back to the miracle Pastor R experienced when he had a missile bearing down on him. He thought he was going HOME, put his hand up in the air and shouted, “Glory”, and to his shock, the missile took a 90 degree turn and blew up just far enough away that the shrapnel did not hit him. It wasn’t God’s time for him to go home then, nor was it this time. Thank God we are all held in the palm of His hand and He controls the times of our lives, including our time to go HOME! God is good!

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