Greetings All:

I received a special email this morning from Jerusalem, passed on by brother Youssef out of northern Syria, letting me know of a special need for prayer to share with all of you. Many of you readers have prayed for and supported the House of Blessing for a number of years. I am told that Pastor R has come down with a virus and he is very sick. He, as most all of the missionaries do on a daily basis, has been praying with many hundreds of people. Many of these are sick, including those infected with the coronavirus. It is not yet known if it is the COVID-19 that Pastor R has come down with. As HOB was looking into getting him into a hospital, he was advised against being admitted because of a number of people in the hospital who are infected with the virus and are critically ill. 

Youssef also said that six of the brothers, who had just finished evangelizing, bringing 800 Muslim people to a faith in Jesus Christ and praying the sinner’s prayer with them, have also come down with a virus, possibly the COVID-19. The names of these men are: Mouataz, Marouf, Raddi, Imad, Wisaam, and Othman. 

Please take Pastor R and these men before the Lord in prayer. We’ve seen many miracles happen. Let’s believe the Lord for another one. The harvest of souls is great and there is a great need for harvesters. 

On another note, Youssef also said that 18 HOB missionaries were just murdered as they were preaching the Word of God. Please pray for their families and for courage for those who have stepped in to take their places. 

Time is very short and our Messiah is at the door. Let’s all finish well with whatever task God has given us to complete. 

Forever in His Service,

Jake Geier



    1. Thank you all for your prayers. God has already intervened in a great way. Interesting story for the upcoming update

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