I ran into a short article written recently by Jan Markell, founder of Olive Tree Ministries, and decided to reprint it here. It’s well worth reading!



The Sons of Issachar were men who understood the times (I Chronicles 12:32). Today, very few people have an interest. The following e-mail represents hundreds that I get:

Jan, I am viewed as crazy just by mentioning how excited I am for the Lord to return and about the times we are in. It makes me nervous to even mention world news and events, or end-time prophecies, with anyone who claims to be a Christian. The reactions I get are so very negative. I haven’t found even one person at my church, work, or extended family who would be willing to discuss any of these issues.”

We are in the most biblically relevant times in history with the least amount of interest in them. We are in a season of exploding “signs of the times” with the most amount of scoffing (all predicted).

Everything is now accelerated. Everything is on overdrive—except the interest in all of these things. And as a result, the watchmen are growing weary!

Here are some potential reasons for this:

  • Way too many people are in love with this world. They cling to it and derive tremendous pleasure from it. And b-u-s-y has become the new four letter word
  • Coupled with this are the preachers who are telling people they can have their best life now. And that is their all-consuming goal.
  • Reality has become terrifying. Some are saying our life will never return to normal, whatever that was as recently as six months ago. And those voices just might be right. Life may have turned a dark corner in 2020.
  • Satan is the distractor! He is in a hyper-active mode keeping people from paying attention to how late the hour is. If they aren’t watching the times, he can lull them into complacency and keep people from even sharing the gospel. His goal is to keep people majoring in the minors.
  • Detaching from reality is a coping mechanism. Some can’t keep hearing, listening, and watching natural disasters, pandemics, riots and looting, persecution, and suffering. These things crush their spirit.
  • Many churches and Christians today represent Laodicea. This church was lukewarm and indifferent. It very likely was totally focused on self and self-gratification. If you are consumed with looking within, you cannot pay attention to what is happening on the outside.
  • Many church pulpits remain silent. If the pastor is not talking about the times, the sheeple feel they need not pay attention to the times! Too many pastors want to avoid anything controversial or cutting-edge. They will not address some of the stunning events taking place daily, even if the events have biblical significance.
  • God has turned some people over to a mindset that does not allow them to understand the times. He may have given some people you care about over to a reprobate mind (Romans 1). Four of the most terrifying words in the Bible are “God gave them over.”
  • The obsession with social justice has replaced the good news that the King is coming. It has also replaced the Great Commission and the gospel of salvation. Many would rather save the planet than save souls or talk about the Lord’s return.
  • Many Christians know they are not right with God and they avoid reality. If the signs of the times that we watch remind them their time is running out, they choose to tune out.

This recent email says a lot: “Jan, I am looked at like I am an alien just because I track with what is happening and relate it to the Bible. A few of you online teachers help me celebrate my alien status. I feel like a lonely goldfish in a bowl. So much of what the Bible predicted is coming true every day! Keep sounding the alarm.”

So what must Noah have felt like? He preached for 120 years and was totally ignored! And he didn’t have Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. He didn’t have a microphone or a pulpit. Finally the Ark door closed on a scoffing society.

It’s going to close again, but this time it will come by way of the Rapture of the Church. And millions will miss it because they didn’t listen to the watchmen. But some will, so don’t be silent.

Let’s seize this moment in history. Even the secular world is noticing that we are in unprecedented times.

And time is running out.

Jan Markell



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