I received a short call from Pastor R this week with an exciting report to share. Over the last 9- ½ years, I have had the privilege of passing on first hand reports of the many ways in which the Lord has intervened in the situations faced by HOB missionaries. What has been unfolding in the past days is truly stunning, especially for those who have been watching it unfold. 

As most readers are likely aware, the Jewish fall feasts have been celebrated by Jews all over the world. This year Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) was celebrated on September 7-8. Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) was on September 16, and the celebration of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) began on September 21 and will be completed on September 29. Throughout the years that the House of Blessing has been ministering in Muslim nations, the new believers have been taught about the significance of the feasts. 

As you know, Sukkot is also called the Feast of Booths. Jews who celebrate Sukkot build small temporary structures, called Sukkahs, out in the open to dwell in for the entire seven feast days. Although it was impossible for HOB to build sufficient Sukkahs for everyone, Omar, Sami, and Mussah were able to put together about 120 units and have the crowds gather around them. On one occasion, it was reported that Omar preached and could be heard by a multitude of at least 10,000 who gathered to hear him. That alone is quite a miracle! In addition to the large crowd and the fact that he could be heard by all, there were multiple reports of people seeing angels strategically located all around the perimeter of the gathered crowd! 

As the Word of God was proclaimed, the joy of the Lord fell on the crowd and they began to pray and worship God as the Spirit gave them utterance. Miracles and wonders of all kinds began to happen all through the crowd. Pastor R said that people were instantly healed of all sorts of sickness and diseases, including cancers and other incurable maladies. What was experienced was much like what the first century believers experienced at Pentecost. Praise God!

This year, through gifts from HOB supporters, at least one load of wheat was purchased and distributed for the missionaries to celebrate God’s provision with the masses. Many would have to see to believe the feeding of hundreds of thousands of people from the limited supply. God kept multiplying the food as it was being distributed. What is more, the food kept being multiplied throughout the feast days. Pastor R also told me that these same extraordinary miracles were happening all across the Middle East wherever the HOB community of believers had gathered! 

One more interesting fact about the Jewish celebration of Sukkot. Not only was it a celebration of God’s provision and protection, it was a time to pray for rain for the coming year. This year, as the HOB community of believers celebrated God’s blessings in the midst of enormous crowds of Muslim Gentiles, God blessed them with rain, which is very much needed in the deserts of the Mideast. God is so good!! I believe the rain is symbolic of the unimaginable showers of blessings awaiting all of God’s people when He calls them home to the great assembly in Heaven! 

On another note, a way was made for Pastor R to briefly come home to his beloved Jerusalem. He was not required to take the vaccine on account of already having had the Covid virus and his doctor said that it would be too dangerous to his health if he were to get the shot. Pastor R said he was grateful because he didn’t want it anyway. While in Jerusalem, he is getting treatment for his specific health issues that he is not able to get in Syria.

But, the work of the HOB missionaries continues all across the Mideast. The House of Blessing has a very large group of missionary leaders and an even larger group of seasoned believing volunteers to help them in whatever way help is needed.  Please continue to pray for HOB and the enormous crowds of people they are embedded within. 

Thank you all for your prayers and your financial support. God continues to answer prayer and multiply the resources as we are faithful in our investment in His Kingdom.  God is good!

Forever in His Service,



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