You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power, for You created all things, and by Your will they exist and were created. Revelation 4:11

Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him. Psalm 2:12

Presently, I am out of state, and at the moment that Pastor R called me this last time, I had no paper on my person and so am going to have to give a quick summary by memory. 

Through some funds that were raised, the House of Blessing was able to acquire two truckloads of wheat sacks. By dividing the loads up HOB was able to distribute the available food to several locations. By doing this they were able to provide badly needed food to many thousands of people. Then, as is the usual practice, the HOB missionaries were able to share the love of God to the people, not only just with food for the body but also food for the soul. 

The responses to the preaching and teaching came in great numbers. Entire families committed themselves to Jesus Christ, the true Messiah of the world. Daily hundreds of families prayed the sinner’s prayer and joined the ranks of the people of God! This continued to happen over many days and was still happening at the time of Pastor R’s call. God was merciful and the available food started to be multiplied from the first distribution of food sacks until the time I received the call. What a testimony of the love of God this must be for those that witnessed the miracle unfolding! 

Pastor R also told me of an unusual event that happened to pass on to you. I don’t have many details, but as it was told to me, Omar, Sami, Mussa, and some others approached one of the mosques, asking if they could share. This happened to be one of the mosques that preached and practiced a more radical form of Islam, and it happened to be Friday, which is the normal day for Muslim men to go the mosque to hear sermons and for prayer. 

There have been instances when HOB missionaries have been given the opportunity to share some things but that was not the case this time. They were apparently promptly rejected and angrily told to get out. What happened next both shocked and saddened Omar and those with him. He said it looked like a lightening bolt came out of the sky and hit the mosque, setting it on fire and killing a number of those gathered within its walls. I don’t know how many casualties there were but it was enough to bring Omar and the others to tears. 

When Pastor R told me what had happened, he mentioned something that was different than anything I’ve ever heard him say. Pastor R said that there is a change happening. The event that Omar and the others experienced is a sign that the Age of Grace is swiftly coming to a close. I happen to agree with him. It is something that I myself have been sensing as of late. I believe we are going to see increasing demonstrations of this in the short days ahead. 

It was God who set a limit on how long evil would be given to run its course. According to the Apostle Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians, the Restrainer would be removed at the end of the Age of Grace so that evil could finish running its course. Who is this “Restrainer”? It is the followers of Jesus, the true members of the Body of Christ fulfilling the Great Commission by the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Our world today is running full-speed away from God instead of toward Him. Psalm 2 describes it well. It reads like this:

What fools the nations are to rage against the Lord! How strange that men would try to outwit God! For a summit conference of the nations has been called to plot against the Lord and His Messiah, Christ the King. “Come, let us break His chains”, they say, “and free ourselves from all this slavery to God.” But God in Heaven merely laughs! He is amused by all their puny plans. And then in fierce fury he rebukes them and fills them with fear. Psalm 2:1-4 (The Living Bible)

We are on the very precipice of The Day of the Lord. The purpose of this time is for God to judge a Christ-rejecting world and also to wake the Jewish people to a recognition of their Messiah, Jesus Christ whom they dismissed 2,000 years ago. Just prior to the Day of the Lord or The Great Apocalypse, is the sudden removal of the true believing Church, the Rapture / Harpazo. Are you ready??

Until the Lord takes us home, let’s continue finishing the tasks we’ve all been called to. Thank you all for your prayers and support of the House of Blessing! 

Forever in His Service,



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