September 4, 2016

Shalom Everyone:

After having received a second call from Pastor R in Syria this weekend, it became apparent that a short letter needs to be sent out, even ahead of the regular update that is in process of being written.

As a result of the miraculous provision of several truck loads of wheat, it was possible to feed an astounding number of people, who would likely have starved to death by now. Over 140,000 people were able to be provided for. The missionaries as well as hundreds, if not more, volunteer believers put in very long days in this effort. They helped distribute, prepare, and feed masses of people. None of the worldwide aid organizations, like the United Nations, Red Cross, or any others have been able to accomplish such a thing. It was Jehovah God, and Him only providing through generous people and hard working volunteers.

The most exciting thing of all however has been the numbers of people who have turned to Messiah Jesus as a result. Not only were the people fed, but they have also been hearing the good news of Jesus; His death, resurrection, and soon return. They have also learned about the good news of forgiveness of all sins and an eternal inheritance for those who turn to Him for forgiveness. There is no other religious belief system that can offer this.

Many hundreds have been reached in the different areas where the food was distributed. These numbers are now escalating…which brings me to the need for this letter. House of Blessing missionaries badly need Bibles. There are of course never enough, it seems, but when there are so many hundreds finding Yeshua as their Lord and Saviour, the need is only made greater.

There is a second reason for the need for Bibles being as crucial as it is today. There is a Muslim holiday coming up on September 12, 2016. It is called Eid al-Adha “Festival of the Sacrifice”, also called the Sacrifice Feast” or “Bakr-Eid.” It is the holier of two Muslim holidays celebrated worldwide each year. This religious holiday honors Abraham and his willingness to sacrifice his son as an act of submission to God’s command. In Islam, of course, the son was not Isaac, but rather Ishmael.

The House of Blessing missionaries have always been granted great success in reaching Muslim people with the message of the “true” sacrifice, namely the Son of God Himself being sacrificed on the cross for the sins of the whole world. This is a message that is contrary to what is taught by the Qu’ran, and so is also quite dangerous to share. HOB missionaries are however quite aware of their lives being on the line and have no fear of being martyred for the sake of the true Word of God. As always before, the Spirit of God will touch many thousands with the true message, but many Bibles are needed.

HOB is praying for a miracle that will make it possible to purchase 2,000 Bibles right away. This of course means that it is a miracle that must happen within the next three days or so, but we serve a miracle working God. After all, He just fed over 140,000 people! That was a tremendous miracle, as is every single one of the many hundreds who have as a result learned about the true Kingdom of God and now are Blood-bought children of God because of their acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice for them!

Please folks, pray and believe with me for this tremendous miracle needed. Time is of the essence. Also, be watching for the regular Mideast Update that is still to come out. Thank You and may the Lord greatly bless you all.

In His Service,

Jake Geier

House of Blessing; 3206 SW 45th Street; Redmond, Oregon USA 97756



    1. The most efficient way to make donations at this point is to send to the Redmond Oregon address. It is then promptly deposited into HOB’s U.S. account and is immediately available for their use in Jerusalem. This has been done effectively with checks from other nations, like the U.K., Australia, Canada, and other locations. May God bless you abundantly!


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