The Middle East has been volatile for decades but is in a crisis situation.  There have been developments which have especially escalated to a fever-pitch within the last few days and threaten to immerse the whole region into conflict, in fact a series of wars that the Bible has predicted thousands of years ago.  Below are some links that show at least five major Arab countries that are watching a groundswell of protests that promise to turn more and more violent.

I will share a short commentary on these events at the end of this quick post to give a quick explanation of what is really behind all of this and where it is inevitably headed.

Egypt: Mubarak, leader of Egypt’s future is on the line

Day of Rage, Violence increases

Egypt imposes curfew.  Every effort is being taken to slow, if not stop the demonstrations before they are out of control.

Jordon: Thousands are also demonstrating in Jordan.

Huge Jordanian generators have been installed on the temple mount without Israeli permission.  Israel still has ultimate control over the mount but allows the Muslims to continue their worship at the Dome and also the mosque located on the mount.

Lebanon: The Lebanese government has been in turmoil since Hezbollah’s political antics.  Iran has been involved all along and supports any and all terror there.  Iran already has a puppet leader waiting in the wings.

Thousands also demonstrating in Jordan.

Iraq: Iran has been establishing a strong presence in the eastern front of Iraq.

Yemen: Yemen has been a known hot bed of insurgency, and has had numerous incidents with the army having to step in and try to control if not eliminate terrorist camps.  But, at this time, thousands are demonstrating in Yemen also.

Gaza: Gaza has been a problem for a while and I won’t go into details of all the details, but suffice it to say that Gaza will be part and parcel of the larger picture, which will only lead to a major regional war.  Multitudes are demonstrating against Abbas, the P.A. leader at the time of this writing.

Saudi Arabia: I only pulled one news article for this post, but it shows another extreme danger.  The conflict between the Sunni and Shiite segments of the Muslim faith is something not understood by a high percentage of the West.  Iran is Shiite and is the only Muslim country with a majority of the population on the Shiite side of the division.  Yet, Iran has the power to attempt a consolidation of the entire Muslim world.  This is high on their agenda.  Saudi Arabia on the other hand has a very nervous leadership.  They would be murdered immediately if Iran were able to get control of the country–which is their goal, not only for the sake of gathering all Islam under the same umbrella, but also to gain complete control of Saudi Arabia’s massive oil reserves.  The kingdom’s desperation is quite evident in the fact that they would offer their enemy Israel a narrow flight path over their airspace for Israel’s bombers and jet fighters when they decide they cannot wait any longer to try and remove the nuclear and long range missile threat from Iran.  The kingdom knows that they are in the cross-hairs of Iran as well, and has been gradually surrounded by pockets of Sunni settlements, towns, and even cities.

Tunisia: Tunisia, for all practical purposes became the vehicle for starting this chain reaction of rebellion in the Arab countries.  It is still dealing with the challenges of the overthrow of their existing government.

The things we are witnessing in the Middle East now is not something that is going to go away.  It may slow; it may even be stopped–although I really doubt it.  It will have its times of escalating and then slowing down, but ultimately the whole region will explode into a rather quick, but very violent war.  And…Israel will be the victor, and not barely.  This is a major regional war, that is really only a fore-runner, not matter how big it is, to the war found described in Ezekiel 38 & 39, called the Gog and Magog war.  The details to this conflict are more and more recognized to Bible scholars in the little book of Obadiah, Zephaniah, Psalms, and several other locations.  It appears that Israel will expand greatly; in fact to about the territory that the Balfour Declaration originally had guaranteed the up-coming fledgling nation

This war will primarily involve its immediate neighbors, although there may be a wild card in the mix.  I believe that this is the time that Damascus is turned into a heap of rubble as is described in Isaiah.  Israel has repeatedly warned Syria that it would hold the Syrian nation responsible for the actions of Hezbollah and Hamas, and come after them with a vengeance if any weapons of mass destruction are used.  This is the goal of both Hezbollah and Hamas, as well as other terrorist organizations that have their offices in Damascus. This Syrian city has become a snake pit with most every terrorist organization in the world having an office located there.

Israel will have to fight a five front war and will have to hit very fast and with an iron fist if it is going to survive.  The Palestinians are being used as pawns, and will be used to escalate the verbal, political, religious, and physical attacks.  The Palestinians that side against Israel will not survive this conflict.  The Bible spells this out clearly.

Why should we care?  After all, the Middle East is a long way from where we live, work, and play.  We are still way better off than the majority of the world, and it is difficult for most Westerners, especially Americans to see how this will ever change.  We have been lulled to a dangerous apathy and have pretty much fallen asleep, and even most Christian churches avoid the subject of prophecy.  How foolish, and how insulting to the Holy Spirit that inspired the entire Word of God.

The shepherds and dignitaries in most churches and organizations find it “inconvenient” to take a good look at what is happening in our world today.  Why do you think that God thought it needed to have such a large percentage of the Bible include prophetic warnings? I’ll have to say it again.  We are guilty of insulting the God that wants to care for us and bring us through times that might be very, very difficult.  We need to repent of this.  God will not ignore our arrogance that picks and chooses which parts of God’s Word we want to spend time on.  The other side of the coin is that many put too much time into the subject of end-time prophecy that they short other things that are crucial to our walk with God.

Could it be possible that the ones that are emphasizing this area of Scripture have been commissioned by God to sound the alarm because too many of church leadership are avoiding it?  This makes the voices of the ones trying to warn everyone sound like blaring, unpleasant, and unbalanced.  It is not a popular calling to stand on the wall and shout the warnings when most think that these things will not affect us here in the good old U.S. of A. Then there is the teaching that says we as God’s special people don’t need to think about these things because God will always provide for us, and it is a lack of faith to think on things that are not positive.  WRONG!  God gave us brains to use, and plenty of Scripture that tells us to think ahead, and prepare for the days of disaster.  The Bible says that the rain falls on the just and the unjust.  We have a way to deal with the things that come up, but that does not exempt us from listening to God’s instructions on how to be prepared.

I will write another post on this real soon, but let’s keep in mind that God never gave us any excuse to be foolish.  It is foolishness not to listen to Him and prepare for what He asks us to prepare for.

Many say:  What about W-2K.  That was a real “fizzle” and it got hyped up too much. True! Yet, for most, they took precautions just in case, and then used the extra food and other supplies obtained.  The world today has challenges that are monstrous.  Many of God’s people have been urged to move to different locations of the country.  Not all have been sent to the same locations, but God will take care of His own.  He will also see to it that we are placed where we can serve Him to the fullest possible–as He has designed for us to.

I will leave this post just where it is, with the exception of mentioning that we have known for years that there are sleeper cells here in America that are in waiting.  They are just waiting for the command to proceed.  This will most likely be one of the things that comes out of a conflict in the Mideast.  We should keep that in mind.

More coming very soon.  Keep watch for a post coming real soon having to do with the strange events happening with animals, fish, birds, as well as very troubling geophysical developments on our planet.  I have a reason why these things are happening, and I’m looking forward to the opinions of you, the readers.

God Bless, and Keep Looking Up!  The KING is coming–SOON!


4 thoughts on “News Page

  1. Wow! Ok…it was concerning when I heard that Syria is know under some type of internet lock down or something similar to that. I thought wouldn’t it be interesting if Damascus got into big trouble. I had no idea that Syria had an office for each of the terror groups of the world. This is really heating up and like I said before I love the saying “keep looking up”!! We need the Lord.

  2. Hi Jake
    I have been reading everything that you have written and studying the scriptures that you quote. Even though it is hard to read, I believe completely! The news tonight said something that I was not aware of. That 6 weeks ago that this all started in Tunisia with that vendor that set himself on fire. From there, people of that country started to protest and then many other things happened including protests or unrest in many other Middle East countries. Are you leaning the same way? Also, on the news tonight, I heard, all of our armed forces are gathering together in Nevada for practice sessions and coordination efforts on combat. Did you hear that too? Thank you for all of your hard work and sharing with us. Some of my friends just pooh everything that I have been trying to share — are you experiencing this too?

    Thank you

    1. This recent problem really got set off with what happened in Tunisia, but there were some problems in Morocco before that as well. I suspect that it is going to get worse and worse, spreading throughout the entire Arab world. The problem is bigger yet though. I believe that the seeds of war are being scattered all around the world and are going to begin to ignite all around. Israel however, is the center of everything really when it comes to Biblical end-time theology. Don’t let it get to you when people don’t want to hear what you have to say. This is very common, especially here in America. I’ve run into that for years. In my case, that is one of the things that God has had me keep warning people about. The thing that is more important yet is the fact that God is calling His people run to Him today. He will take care of His own, but way too many don’t even think they need anything from God. It’s sad. But Claudia, remember that God doesn’t expect you to turn a person’s thinking process. He just expects us to be faithful in spreading the message that God gives us to share. It’s not popular though, that’s for sure.

      Many more posts coming. I have a couple or three crucial ones in the next few days, maybe one tomorrow if I can get it done. I’m not sure. It takes quite a lot of research with some subjects. Thanks for reading, and commenting!

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