I have been compiling news articles from a variety of sources showing the unusual year that 2010 turned out to be. In light of many comments I made even before 2010 arrived, as well others who watch current events and see how they align with what the Bible has to say about the day we live in, I thought I should write at least one or two posts to give some of the highlights of the year, and their significance.

From what I’ve been able to determine, between all of the earthquakes, heat waves, floods, volcanoes, super typhoons, blizzards, landslides and droughts, the worldwide death total neared 300,000. The only year with near that many dead due to calamities, was 2004 when the major quake and tsunami hit Indonesia and the surrounding nations. Before that, it had been quite a long time since the world had experienced such a deadly year due to natural catastrophe.

Haiti was particularly hard hit because of the building codes being so poor, or non-existent in much of the country. The city of Port-au-Prince is a very densly populated city, and so between this major city being hit by this powerful quake and the lack of good building codes, the tally of destroyed buildings was enormous—as was the amount of people trapped.   A month later a monster quake, 500 times stronger than the one in Haiti, hit Chile.   The death toll was much lower however because of less people living where the quake hit, much higher building standards, and the people were not near as poor and crammed together in shantis as they were in Port-au-Prince. This earthquake was said to have been so strong that it rung the earth’s core like a bell and actually had a slight effect on the rotation of the earth.

Much is said these days about climate change, and I have no doubt that it is in fact happening. I am not a believer in the whole “global warming” hype however, neither do I believe that the climate change we are experiencing is man-caused. That is ludicrous. I do believe that mankind has done much to trash the earth, but we aren’t big enough to bring about global warming or cooling. There is more evidence to show that the planet is cooling, like scientists were convinced of 40 years ago, than for global warming.   Actually, my feeling is that we have greater concerns pressing than global warming or cooling.

The changes we are experiencing have brought some major weather events about. One system brought very unusual heat to Russia, with Moscow breaking all time records for their triple digit readings for days on end.   Many people were killed, and there were multiple massive fires.  Further south from Russia, Pakistan experienced its worst flooding in the history of the area.   The heat / storm system caused flooding that killed almost 17,000 people–more people than all the worldwide airplane crashes in the past 15 years combined. 62,000 square miles of the country was inundated in water. That’s about the size of the state of Wisconsin.

The number of major earthquakes has increased steadily, with 2010 showing a continuation of the trend.  I’ll get into the actual numbers in another upcoming post. Flooding throughout the world killed tens of thousands in 59 different countries.   Thirty people died in massive flooding located in and around Nashville, Tennessee.   Inundated countries included China, Italy, India, Colombia, and Chad.   Super typhoon Megi devasted the Philippines and parts of China with winds in excess of 200 mph.

Extremes in weather seemed something that played havoc in many locations around the globe.  Los Angeles broke the all time heat record with a reading of 113 degrees on September 27.  In May, a high of 129 degrees was recorded in Pakistan.   Many other places in the world experienced this, of course fueling more talk of “global warming”.   Heat was however not the only extreme that plagued the earth.   So did extreme cold weather, and in places where it shouldn’t be.   In the U.S. southeast, freezes plagued Florida that had cold-blooded iguanas becoming comatose and falling off trees. The of course it became the warmest summer on record in the same region.   As the year came to a close, the cold weather also came back, and with a vengeance.

Australia ended the year with snow showing up during Christmas, which of course is summertime in the southern hemisphere.   People had 4″ of snow on beaches where they would normally be sunbathing.   Australia also had a year of devastating droughts in some areas, and then at the end of the year had super-massive flooding caused by storms. Australia had an area inundated with water that is larger than the size of France and Germany put together.  The flooding is not over yet at the time of this writing.

In southern California they experienced devastating flooding right at the end of the year as well. The water came down in rivers, and just didn’t seem to stop.   One would have had to see it to believe it.   I watched several video clips that showed how fast the water level was going up in creeks and rivers, because the water couldn’t drain near as fast as it was coming down.  Providing the true description of what happened there would take a whole post or two.  It was devastating, to say the least.

A volcano in Iceland stopped air travel in Europe for days, disrupting the travel plans for over 7 million people.   At least two other volcanoes nearby are expected to do much the same, only much worse.   Somewhere around 20 or so volcanos were in one stage of erupting or another throughout the year.   New York had a rare tornado,  as did the Willamette Valley of Oregon.   South Dakota got the largest hailstone on record.   It was 8 inches in diameter and fell in July.   The winter olympics had a tough start in Vancouver, Canada because of not having much snow to start with.   At the same time the east coast of the United States was buried in snow.   In fact, the east coast was slammed by blizzard after blizzard, dropping so much snow that records were broken.   Travelers over the holidays in December had their holidays disrupted completely because air travel was grounded for days on end over a large geographic area.

In October, Indonesia got hit with a triple whamee. They experienced  a major 7.7 earthquake, a tsunami killing over 500 people, and 390,000 people having to flee a volcano that erupted.  All of this was within a 24 hour period.   This was after flooding, landslides and more quakes had killed hundreds earlier in the year.   Over 20 of Indonesia’s somewhere around 160 active volcanoes had their warning level raised during 2010.

In the United States, FEMA had recorded 79 major disasters by December 14th (which means that the final total was considerably larger by the 31st.).  An average year has 34.

Then, there was the man-made disaster of the blown oil well owned by British Petroleum. At least 172 million “admitted” gallons of oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico.   There is more and more information slipping out that is much, much worse than any of us can imagine. I’m not sure if we’ll ever really get all of the truth exposed.   From the top scientists involved, there is a whole different story told than what we get from the mainstream media.  Many are saying that at least 1/2 of the gulf floor is covered with the oil that was forced to the bottom by the additive that was put into the water to deal with the spill. More and more evidence seems to be surfacing showing that there is still a massive amount of oil coming out of a number of rifts in the bottom of the ocean that there is no way of stopping. There seems to be some evidence coming out that the gulf current has stopped entirely.   I will save this for another post, but the gulf current is the heat control for the planet. Between the current failing to flow as it normally does and the jet stream not following the normal patterns, the weather patterns are in a bit of chaos, and getting worse. There were some signs becoming apparent of the current slowing already in 2005, and according to some satellite images, the current breaks up by the time it gets to the outer banks of North Carolina.  The problem only gets worse from that point on.  More on that very soon.  There are many conflicting voices on this subject.

In this post I have only touched on one portion of many things that set the year 2010 apart from previous years.   I am in the process of putting another post together that addresses the strange bird, fish, and animal deaths which began to hit the news since around New Year’s Day or.   More statistical information will be provided concerning some stunning geophysical events in process as well.  Hopefully, many will come to realize that this really is a different time that we are living in.  There has not been one like it in the history of mankind since the creation of Adam, other than possibly what came about during Noah’s lifetime.  There is a reason why the Bible speaks of the last generation being like the days of Noah.

Remember this: God created the earth.  Man can try and push God out of modern society and culture, but the Almighty cannot be ignored when we live on a planet that He created—and controls. One of the most effective ways used by God to bring mankind back to a place of introspection, providing an opportunity to adjust our direction in life, is through natural phenomenon that puts the fear of God in us. The earth is His planet, and untimately He has total control of it.  He will shake things in order to wake people up, and the greatest shaking of all has already started to rev up.  God has no interest in the death of people, but what He intends for this creation, is not where mankind is headed.   He has made it clear thousands of years ago that He would ultimately intervene and set His creation, as well as mankind free from the consequences of his rebellion against his Creator.

No manmade utopia will ever succeed. This is because the root of the problem needs taken care of. This is why God had to step into the human race, take on the form of a man, and allow Himself to be sacrificed in order to provide mankind the means of true freedom.  We can experience living an eternity in God’s Presence as per His design—IF man will bow his knee to the one and only real God that exists.   More will be written into an article soon about all this for those that have the interest in knowing the facts as they really are. There really is a difference between religions. “Religion” itself is manmade, but God’s plan for man’s freedom is God-provided.  Jesus was not just a man, nor was He just a prophet or priest.  He was God in the flesh.   That separates Him from every other “religious” leader that has ever walked the soil of this planet.


3 thoughts on “The Year 2010: One For The Record Books!

  1. Jake, do you think that weather will play a big role in 2011 which will control the economics of US and other countries? In listening to several speakers about all the things that will be taking place around the world, when do you think that rapture will take place – in the middle of all these disasters? Is it possible that life will continue on normally after the ten years of judgement that John Paul Jackson mentioned, or do you think that the events of end times are immenient and the life we now know it is over?

    1. I believe that several things are imminent and are going to come into play into quick succession. Weather is a big issue, but can back off and then kick in again in a big way. Geophysical events are in motion more than people realize. I hope to point some of these out in a post here real soon. All of the animal, bird, and fish deaths are another phenomena that are a symptom of what is happening. I feel there are several tentacles to it all. I watched John Paul Jackson’s video as well. I don’t know where he stands on the rapture and I try to be careful with it myself because people make it such a volatile issue, but I believe that the rapture itself is going to set off most of the terrible events in the U.S. As weak as the church appears to be in America, there is still a pretty good percentage of people that live for one thing and one thing alone, and that is to serve Jesus. When they are pulled out of here, the country will collapse. I happen to feel we are very close to that. The country won’t disappear but will be forced to submit its sovereignty. It will become part of the fourth power, which the antichrist himself will initially rule as he tries to gain total domination of the entire world from, but never completely does. The U.S. military will most likely be incorporated into NATO. Israel is probably the greatest indicator of where things are at. We are just shy of a great war, but I don’t believe it is the one described in Ezekiel 38 & 39. It is a preliminary war that takes out all of her immediate neighbors. In retribution, I suspect the Arab league, plus Iran, under the umbrella of Russia, the war of Gog and Magog will happen right afterward. We may or may not see these.

      I do think we will see some heavy events, but not the actual wrath of God. The wrath of God has always been reserved for rebellious humanity, not God’s own. As weak and whiny as Israel was, God protected them from His wrath. We will be here just long enough to be able to provide guidance to the wave of people that catch the message that something heavy is really going on and want to make things right with their God. Then, the Bride goes home to celebrate for the typical seven day Jewish wedding feast days before coming back with the KING of Kings. That’s kind of how I see it. The rapture could happen very, very soon. I’m not so sure that John Paul’s whole ten years includes the bride–not if it includes the time of God’s wrath. I’ll explain that in some detail in some posts soon.

      By the way, I just got my first look at your site and I’m impressed! I’m going to have to spend a lot of time there! Very nice and good things there! God Bless and I’ll send people your way! It’s going to take me a while to get my site up to speed as I’m pretty much doing it on my own and I’m pretty inept!

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